Apple airs new iPad 2 commercial - If you Asked

Apple has released a new commercial titled "If You Asked". Interestingly, the word "iPad" is never used. Instead, the iPad is shown with apps relating to specific types of people while the narrator says what those people would call the iPad 2 if you were to ask them.

If you ask a parent, they might call it intuitive. If you ask a musician, they might call it inspiring. To a doctor, it's groundbreaking. To a CEO, it's powerful. To a teacher, it's the future. If you ask a child, she might call it magic. And if you asked us - we'd say it's just getting started.

To watch the commercial, follow along after the break!

Leanna Lofte

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There are 51 comments. Add yours.

Justin says:

Interesting video, a little surprised myself 'iPad' wasn't used.

seb_or_sam says:

Such a well made ad. Hats off to apple for this one. They just kill it with advertising every time.

Trevor says:

Ok, let's name those apps/technologies! I'm especially interested in the cost of making an iPad the vehicle for first seeing one's child. And then you're 90% of the way to broadcasting it live to relatives.

Rene Ritchie says:

No people. No laps. No fingers. Interesting... (Oh, still magic!)

Chris says:

at least its shown in the real world and not in front of Chroma key.

Joe says:

If you ask anyone who knows anything, it's still a big iPod Touch.

rujeffinme says:

joe u must know everything... I must not; I cant even understand why you're commenting on an iPad article when you to speak ill of it, when you have all the pretty wanna-be's lined up for you. Don't mind me I dont know anything... juz sayin'

Chris says:

Hes right though and the touch is just a small ipad.

Bafallo says:

Hey, yeah, it weorkd for me Have you tried to restore and do it all over again? =)Other than that; I've sadly got no other idea :/Hope it works for you too, though =)

Michael Scrip says:

-- "If you ask anyone who knows anything, it’s still a big iPod Touch."
And that's still great for Apple... since they also make the iPod Touch.
The iPod Touch is the best selling iPod... and the iPad is the best selling tablet... coincidence?

Joe says:

The iPod Touch is great, but if I want one with a bigger screen it should do more for me. The iPad should not run the same operating system as handsets.

Michael Scrip says:

Do more? Like what?
You do realize that apps made for the iPad are different than apps made for the iPod Touch.

Joe says:

The iPad should be more like a MacBook rather than an iPhone.

ongre10 says:

I picked up an iPod Touch last year, a magnificent device. Because the Touch is so good I chose to return a Xoom and am waiting for a new iPad2 64gB that is on order. Apple will own the tablet market for the next few years, then the others will catch up. The loser here is Microsoft. They would be smart to have a division to create Apps for apple and android products today.

Linnete says:

it's a COMBINATION of all piesnlyoan dancing like dtulua said it's all for marketing purposes and when we mention HULA everyone associates this form of dance with piesnlyoan dancing come on now stop discriminating why don't u juss holla at her and put in a few requests about the hulaing if ur gonna be all anal about HULA & TAHITIAN booty shaking..geez get a grip so much for being POLYNESIAN:/

Ryan Moser says:

Joe that's so 18 months ago..

Joe says:

I'll stop saying it when it stops being true.

yodaxl7 says:

iPod touch is technically the 2nd mini tablet. iPhone is the first mini-tablet. That's the truth.

websyndicate says:

Actually if u wanna get technical the iPad came first per Steve jobs so the iPod is a small iPad. anyway Joe your level of intelligence is obviously low. All I can say is sorry you just dot get.

Joe says:

Actually if "u wanna" get technical the original iPod Touch is almost three years older than the original iPad.
You'll have to use proper spelling and grammar if you want me to understand your comments, since my intelligence is so low.

robCal says:

What he is saying, is that Steve Jobs admitted that iOS was originally designed with the iPad in mind, because they had that idea before making the iPhone, or the iPod touch... But the industry wasn't ready for a device like the iPad, so they made a Phone first

Earless Puppy says:

To Bin Laden it's untouchable, you're dead... :)

Marsha Leigh says:

Does what a good ad is supposed to do. Moving - inspiring. Makes you want it. It must be very affirming since after it came out everybody was "why would I want this?" ~

mrgerbik says:

if you ask me...
i'd say its...

RobCal says:

These commercials always take over the room when they come on... I think that the fact that apple doesn't even say the name of the product speaks volumes.. Apple is on it's way up with this one, I see a lot of similarities in how they marketed the iPod line in the early 2000's... Tablets are soon gonna be defined as iPad, or that other thing that can do the same stuff almost?

Jim Washok says:

Brings to mind the old Sprite commercials, but with a twist that too many analysts, critics, media, and others just don't seem to get...
"Specs are nothing. Benefits are everything. Obey your want."
For those who have studied advertising/marketing, you know these ads speak way more volumes than having a robot play with a Droid phone while spouting off a plethora of features (specs). Apple thinks different. Don't like it? They don't care and neither do we iPad/iPhone/Mac owners that prefer purposeful excellence in design in the products we use.

wdiggums says:

to me? it's I-unavailable. to most of the world it's I-unavailable. why pound out ads when there is no stock?

RobCal says:

Even better... People always want what they can't get.. Most of the time they can't get it because of price(I.e Mac computers), but with the iPad being priced competitively, the only thing holding people back now is the stock. With them being low, it makes it even more of an elitist product.

Lokanin says:

Apple have used the same exact strategy for years - lot of hype (marketing) and very little stock in the beginning. thats why they get people lining up on the opening day and newspapers reporting it.
Works every single time so why change it.

DRHughes says:

Apple always has the best commercials!

jgr627 says:

If you ask me I'm glad I'm on the right team (team apple) n if you asked me one more thing I would say yes @Joe is a douche bag......BRING ON THESE APPLE MAGICAL COMMERCIALS

Joe says:

Why is everyone who doesn't love every single aspect of Apple considered a douchebag? It's not healthy to blindly adore everything a company does. Apple is a company built on being rebels, which is something it's fans have forgot. I like Apple, and that's why I challenge them to be better.

Adam S. says:

Joe. I agree with you. Not being negative or anything but the iPad is a larger iPod. I have an iPad 2 and an iphone 4 and I love them, however I would never get an iPad and an iPod.

kris says:

i think you made a point about apple being the rebels. i remember having a powerbook and i remember people asking me why would i get an apple because they will be extinct. now look at apple. i might not like everything that apple makes but i still suport apple and its products. count me in on the ipad2. i get mind this monday. sure i might have and iphone4 and an ipod touch4 so why buy an ipad2? reason can be shown with this commercial. ill be using mine for school and it will come handy since im a nursing student.

CPAmember says:

They are still not able to meet thier consumer damand. Why would they think that it needs to be increased!

ongre10 says:

Because people like me are willing and able to order one and then wait impatiently for a month until it arrives.

Jonatha Charles says:

This ad absolutely nails it, because it can releate to everyone and more than likely tunes in with their thinking.
Of course, people will continue to bash. Enjoy being prescriptive.

Ronn says:

I saw the commercial last night. It made me feel all warm inside. J/k. It does get everyone's attention. Very nice Apple!

Jenna Jameson says:

Ipad has become somewhat iconic to the point where the word "ipad" is not needed in the commercial.

Cuden says:

I work at retail sales. When a customer asks what a Playbook, Zoom, Galaxy tablet is. I tell them it's a touchscreen tablet. They instantly say "oh like an iPad?" 9/10 cases. So when people who never used the iPad refer it to a larger iPod touch it's due to their lack of understanding.

Joe says:

I've used an iPad several times, and I owned an iPod Touch. That's why I'm able to make the comparison.

Colin says:

Until I read the summary from TiPb I didn't notice the work iPad wasn't used. Very awesome job, Apple.

miguel says:

"...and if you ask us, It's just getting started."
I like that, with their Upgrades every year. Means this S^&t, just got real!
Might be the same thing as iPad, but they did enough to change it. Not dramatically, but enough because it is the thinest Tablet around. For Reallys though... iPad 3 is going to be feeding us, and taking care of your Children.

Tobias Funke says:

Got a new one:
"If you asked how much it costs, you probably can't afford it."

blacktone says:

If you ask me, it's NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.

Helen says:

Just nticoed the No Flash I will not be replacing my netbook with one of these until they support flash.If they never support flash I'll never get one.Anyone else feel like me?

mrsFAB says:

If you asked me.... I'd just say join the cool kids and buy one!

Tony Allen says:

Saw this ad on TV for the first time last night, and knew "magic" was afoot.
I guess its a nice ad, but I did just get my iPad back from my grandparents who borrowed it for a few weeks on vacation to see if they liked it, they got frustrated about the whole flash thing, with pages showing up telling you it can't be displayed due to a missing plugin, or just not showing up at all, but overall they liked it.

Sandrabarber6 says:

Can someone tell me what apps they are playing the musical and doctor ones

Araceli says:

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