Is this a screen shot of an iPhone running iOS 5?

TechCrunch has got its hands on a picture that may well be from an iPhone running iOS 5. The picture shows a notification bar at the top of the screen, under the time. The notification bar shows two new twitter mentions. Now this could very well be a fake; based on previous information that Twitter may be baked into iOS 5. We don’t know and neither does TechCrunch at this stage.

They do note that the iPhone shown could be European; as the weather icon shows 23 degrees and sunny rather than the US 73 degrees. The icons are in the correct out of the box order, however, the camera icon has changed to black from silver.

What do you think? Is this real, fake or really fake? Let us know in the comments!



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Is this a screen shot of an iPhone running iOS 5?


Only thing that bothers me about that is, if you tap that, it's sure to open the twitter app BUT, how would you be accessing previous notifications? Is it the same "use it or lose it" notification system just less intrusive? I'm positive Apple wouldn't copy the drag down curtain from android so...I'm not sure how I feel about it.

My guess is that if you have more than one notification then a list would drop down and therefore show the outstanding notifications. That being said, it has to be the real one first, right!

You can easily tell that it is fake if you look at the facetime icon it is green rather than the silvery colour it is now in the newer versions of iOS.

I think he's referring to the bar being silvery as opposed to green, what he doesn't realize is that thought its green with facetime and phone calls, its blue with tethering and red with skype other voip calls. So the fact that its grey doesn't make the pic fake, it just means that notifications are grey.

Took them long enough to do a notification bar. My android phone has had it for forever. Personally I don't think that apple would put integrated twitter. I would belive that this may be a new jailbroken iPhone widget. Just my opinion though

We know your android has had it forever.. Apple does things on their own time.. Seems to be working for them..

Welcome to The IPHONE Blog, troll.
We are VERY aware that your ANDROID phone has had it for a long time. That's why we're talking about this. It is something we have asked for for a long time.
By the way - which Android anti-virus do you use? Maybe someday we'll need one on the iPhone... Not.

i think this is how notifications will look when you're in an application - so that it doesn't bother you. they will either have an app to show all of the notifications or a gesture to bring it up.

Calendar icon also shows that this screen shot could have been taken yesterday as well. Sunday June 5th.

Helvetica on the clock and icons and Myriad on the notification text? No, I don’t think so. Fake, really fake, I say.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the battery percentage, only previously available through jailbreaking.
I wonder if that means apple has added it for iOS 5, or just adds to the fake calls.

i have it on my non-jailbroken iphone4.
settings => general => usage => battery percentage.

Actually, the guy was right - tehcnically it's NOT a screenshot, it's a picture/photograph of the screen...but hey, that's not the point of the post anyway...

No, he wasn't right as he misquoted. The article headline is actually "screen shot", i.e. a shot of a screen, not "screenshot" which is something different.
But, that's not the point of the article, so carry on :-)

If we are going to get stupid about this then technically we wont ever know without asking as this could be a screen shot thats being viewed from the camera roll lol

A long shot... but regarding the camera icon, maybe it will differ in colour depending on the colour of your iphone, to match the back plate of the device... i.e. black icon for black iphone, white icon for white iphone, and silver/grey icon for ipod touch and ipad.

"however the camera icon has changed to black from silver" in this pic, the camera icon looks black to me ~

Why Twitter needs to be integrated to a phone OS anyways?
The font at clock is the very same since iPhones exist... also on the picture!
Temp on weather is the same everywhere in the world. Don't dream too much :-)

Oh, but they HAVE to. And, it will be MUCH more magical than theirs. AND, probably not work as good, or look as good, but no one will be allowed to complain about, lest they be jumped on by the fanboys on here. This will be ANOTHER trickle out upgrade, like always. There will be things in the beta that everyone will love that will be gone by the gold, and we will be waiting on IOS 47 to get. Don't beleive me? Go back in this blog. It has been around since before #1, and read all the posts about "wish lists" for each new OS. You won't be able to tell them from today's posts. And after today, it will all start all over again. Maybe next time??........