Apple and Nintendo Partnering to Develop iPhone Games?


Oh boy. My hands are already sweating...

"With the iPhone days away from being launched Nintendo has apparently begun working with Apple, licensing a limited amount of content for the new phone," reports. Noheat reports, "These exclusive games will be released on the iTunes Store at a $29.00 price point a few months after the iPhone launches. No word on whether Nintendo will be distributing iPod versions of these games."


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Apple and Nintendo Partnering to Develop iPhone Games?


FAKE... its a common thing to do for websites to get hits. Think about it, do you think AT&T would agree to this?

Hey, here's a great iPhone game called iWhack where you get to “hammer home” the success of iPhone by whacking Steve Balmer (Microsoft CEO and iPhone critic) every time he pops up on the screen.
More fun to come!