iPhone 9.2 beta 3 - highly stylized iOS device icon or iPhone 5 leak?

iPhone 9.2 beta 3 - highly stylized iOS device icon or iPhone 5 leak?

AppDated.de noticed that Apple was using an odd looking iPhone icon in iPhoto 9.2 beta 3. Was it meant to be a stylized, generic representation of an iOS device, or was it a slip up, revealing the form factor of iPhone 5?

Only Apple knows for sure, but since AppDated sent it to us this morning, you folks have kept sending it to us throughout the day, so as payback we're asking you -- is this iPhone 5 or is an icon sometimes just an icon?

[AppDated.de thank Moritz!]

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There are 22 comments. Add yours.

fbrunel says:

If it's true, that would be a great update. Apple is generally very precise with it's iconography, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Musta Haque says:

does support the elongated home button rumor..

Brad_Linder says:

The title of the article should say iPhoto, nit iPhone.

Audiefitradi says:

Larger screen & mysteriously shaped home button (or not a button) :)

mbp1915 says:

Or....... same size screen with smaller casing.......?????

Tina Vane says:

I hope fucking not...that iphone is already to damn small

Chris says:

iPhone is small enough.

Nick Potts says:

What if the button was also a fingerprint reader!

FlopTech says:

Interesting. Could be just a placeholder until after the actual iPhone 5 is rolled out. It's still only a beta of iPhoto 9.2, and it's simple to change an image in an app.

Chris says:

Why would it be a place holder?

FlopTech says:

Well, in case Apple actually wants to hide the next-gen iPhone design, they could put in temporary fake images and update them later. That's paranoid, I know, but Apple is very secretive.

dloveprod says:

Yah, looks like a bigger screen.

Uri says:

I think you are looking too much into it.

Chris says:

If it is the new iPhone I don't see the edge to edge glass that everyone has been crying about wanting...

Aidan Ferre says:

it could be i work for a major phone network in the UK and a memo came down saying no holiday for all of October as a major phone release is on the horizen

Andrew McCreath says:

If that's the case, doesn't it look REMARKABLY similar to the Samsung phone now?... or is that just me?!
So why did they go to court with them? Industrial espionage, or are something(one) else?

Shrike says:

Just stupid. Why would the iPhoto developer know anything about the new iPhone? They wouldn't.

Christopher says:

Um... Since they are both Apple products?

riley9dy says:

The iPhoto software would have to correspond with the new iPhone software/hardware... So yea they would know.

Audiefitradi says:

If you concentrate enough, it looks just like Samsung Galaxy 2!!