Twitter designer finds Facebook for iPhone imitation decidedly unflattering

Twitter finds Facebook app flattery insincere

Facebook for iPhone, which previously took heat for making their Places icon a little too 4-squared, is now being called out by mobile designer Bryan Haggerty for copying Twitter's photo sharing UI.

Seriously Facebook?

Ok Facebook, enough with the flattery.

Though TechCrunch points out Haggerty was at LinkedIn when LinkedIn's mobile app looked a lot like Facebook. Twitter for iPhone is no stranger to flattery, however, as back when it was still Tweetie, it's "pull to refresh" feature was so intuitive it quickly spread to other apps and even web frameworks.

At a certain point, a "best" way of doing something gets discovered and for the sake of consistency and user friendliness, it makes more sense for that "best" way to become a standard. (See Lotus vs. Excel). Whether or not the Twitter photo sharing UI qualifies as something so good it should become a standard, we'll have to wait and see.

[@bhaggs via TechCrunch]

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Reader comments

Twitter designer finds Facebook for iPhone imitation decidedly unflattering


Might just be me but I find a LOT of iOS apps all look the same, so much so that I could blindly name apps and claim one ripped the other off without even looking.

Have you ever used the tools in the iOS SDK? Everything is made from built-in controls. When you have two apps that preform similar functions they are going to have the same form. They didn't copy anything. They didn't have to, the tools and the small screen push everyone in the same direction.

Copy-cat is a very general term in the IT industry. So how can an app or a utility can be apart from this term. If an application is successful in the market, then each brand wants to have such type app and go behind to chase the same developers who made it.

Hold on, so a developer is suggesting that any app with a title bar, blank screen, and OS keyboard is copying their "design" ????

Cancel and Submit at the top. Check.
Keyboard at the bottom. Check.
Typing area at the top. Check.
Those are all no brainers. Apps that don't do that are confusing.
That's 90% of the screen. How can it not look similar!
Then you need a row of icons for your functions, the choices are above the text or below it. Most apps choose below it, even though it's between the text and the keyboard (which I think it's a little weird); while computer apps generally put them at the top....

Actually I think you are reading that in the wrong way, he's saying that your comment is what gives America a bad name to the brits? Jumping in when you don't know the facts. You obviously don't know what happened with the riots, yes it was very stupid but it was a protest which turned ugly but you clearly do not know the full story.

Ok guys... you can do the same but changing de aestethics... these arent built-in components... its a flawless copy... i really dont care... but, its a copy!