TiPb TV 21: The 2011 Comicon mobile survey

TiPb Nation, Comicon finally hit Montreal so Rene and I hit Comicon to find out just which mobile device -- iPhone, BlackBerry or Android reigns supreme with geeks and nerds, cosplayers and booth babes alike! From Batman to Electra, Greedo to Garfield, I asked them all which cell phone they used, and the answers may surprise you! (Especially how many didn't use one at all -- what's up with that, data rates on Krypton just to high?)

So sit back, grab your popcorn, hit play, and see if the iPhone is strong at Comicon!

TiPb TV 21: The 2011 Comicon mobile survey

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Reader comments

TiPb TV 21: The 2011 Comicon mobile survey


Haha...nice. :-D Love the blue streaks Georgia. :-D
It does show the "I see more [iphone|android|blackberry|etc]s in my area" is not a valid metric, from the other thread last week or so.

Who doesn't make the average of what ? Comicon people don't represent the average of comicon attendees. And canadians are no different ? They don't represent the average of canadians ?
Wow, I'm lost here.
All I know is that the hot girls that we see in the video do represent the average montrealer girl.
And that I know. I live here. :)

We know who he (the president) is. That's why we want him in prison! If you knew the facts, and can think rationally, you'd agree unequivocally!

Not surprised by the number of BlackBerries. Montreal is in Canada, RIM is a Canadian company, yada yada.
Or is that Yoda Yoda? :-)

Not a single palm phone. Very telling. Not surprising in the least but probably a rude awakening for the Webos Taliban that insisted for a long time that webos phones were selling great. A ok o.s. but it really never caught on. And two years on i've only seen three others in real life.

That looks so fun. My area is prodominutely iPhones. I Push it on a lot of people, but I have not heard any complaints. Why weren't you dressed up Georgia. Where was your batgirl mask. Lol

i love how the closer was "take that kevin!"... my name's kevin >.>
and Georgia looks really good in that zelda shirt lol

Georgia is a cutie. First time I have seen her in video.
Also, what's up with all the blackberry people? Seriously?