New iPhone and iPod SKUs show up in Apple's inventory system

Two new iPhone and three new iPod touch SKUs are now appearing in Apple's inventory system. The new iPod touch models most likely represent the rumored white iPod Touch in 8, 32, and 64GB flavors just like its current black counterpart. The current iPod touch has the internal codename N81. These new SKUs are labeled as part number N81A which probably indicates an incremental update, or more likely, white iPod touch models.

The new iPhone SKUs appearing are labeled under the N90A codename. The current iPhone 4 is known internally as the N90 so this would most likely point to a minimally updated device. It may even indicate an 8GB version which is what Apple did when they knocked down the price of the iPhone 3GS last year. The N94 codename has appeared in the iOS SDK quite a few times and is probably the major iPhone upgrade we should hear about during the October 4th event Apple has scheduled. According to rumors, the iPhone 5 should bring with it some significant internal hardware changes so we doubt the N90A is the device we'll see on Tuesday.

What do you think we'll see come Tuesday? Just a new iPhone or white iPod Touch models as well?

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

New iPhone and iPod SKUs show up in Apple's inventory system


We''ll Just Have to wait and see...Im although very curious whether this phone will be 4G. Now that will be a big change

Apparently you know more about the new iPhones than everyone else...So please, enlighten us as to what the new iPhones will and will not have....I mean, since you seem to have all the inside news.

I'm glad you have a time machine and where able to go forward in time to the iPhone event.. So jealous... Unless your an Apple engineer then don't pretend to know things. What you meant to say was, " MY OPINION is the new iPhone will not be LTE"

Don't want 4G. If you check, it's is not available all around the country. Just in a few areas. Got a 4G card from Verizon for my computer and it didn't work. would not even switch to 3G. Will wait on 4G.

Since there is so much speculation going on, let me throw mines out there. lolz. This new iphone will have an a new re-design in comparison to the iphone 4. We well see this new iphone be re-released with better specs in 2012, most likely with 4g/LTE. There you go!! lolz.. I love speculation.

No surprise there. Why would they add the new models (i.e. N94) to inventory prior to the announcement? Apple knows not to feed the bloggers.

I cant stand this site for about a week or two before apple has a press conference everyone just becomes retarded and starts argueing calling eachother trolls and fanboys. I can't wait to beat up one of pricks and taking your iphone5.