Poll: Are you getting an iPhone 4S?

Simple poll for a complex question -- Are you getting an iPhone 4S? Apple has introduced it, you've seen their Let's Talk iPhone song and dance, you've watched the demos, you know the score. Have you already decided to hit the order button or go line up? Are you waiting on reviews to see how it really matches up against the competition? Or is this simply not the new iPhone you were looking for?

Vote in the poll and then please share your thoughts as to why in the comments below!


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Uri Kelman says:

I will be getting an iPhone 4 for my wife for only $99

Corlynn says:

If Rogers will offer me the iPhone 4S for new-contract pricing (like they did last year with the 4) I'll upgrade. If not, I'll wait till the next phone (unlike the iPhone 4, where I'd have bought it at full price if they hadn't).

Mszczepaniak says:

Cant wait to get my iphone 4s for $18 with a new 2-yr contract!

andsoitgoes says:

What inappropriate favors are you doing to get it for that price?? ;)

Chris Fink says:

bought the Galaxy S2 on Sunday! had it reserved the day b4 release day @ my local Best Buy. Apple fails HARD. Android phone makers must be laughing themselves silly at this Apple fumble. SOOO happy with my choice, but this makes me just shake my head & chuckle some more as i hold my beautiful Android phone that has already made this new iPhone obsolete!

tazh89 says:

got the s2 and apple have not really innovated at all...android does voive control just not as elegantly an and there are apps such vlingo on the market that does similar stuff..siri features can easily be upgrade on android via software...was expecting more...il be happy with ip4 with ios 5 and am sure jailbreak will bring siri to ip4...looks like the next phone is prime

DiamondDNice says:

not obselete but i gotta agree. there was very little improvement. Apple is doing what Sony did. Underestimate the competition. And if this is the Cook direction wow i'm glad i sold my apple stock over 400. i'll wait and see when and if it's a good time to get in after the stock movement settles.

valkraider says:

Yeah, Apple fails HARD. If by fails HARD you mean makes more money than anyone else in the industry and is worth more than any company in the world, than yeah - Apple fails HARD.
Back in reality -- it is a good improvement on the iPhone 4 - which is still currently the number one selling smart phone, and will continue to sell really well. Heck, the ancient iPhone 3GS is still selling really well - and will probably fly out the door now with it's "free-with-contract price:. Make no mistake, the iPhone 4S is going to sell a shit ton. I already know two Sprint customers who have pre-ordered and are dumping their 3 month old Android phones...
Sure - it is not the most amazing thing in the history of man kind - but does it have to be? The big thing is that iOS 5 is coming out, that is way bigger than the new spec-bump iPhone 4S...

Eric Bodrero says:

no, but it could have at least improved the screen size. apple now has the second smallest screen. only RIM's screens are smaller. 3.5 inches? get with the program, apple. it's time for a major overhaul of your screen size and iOS.

Steve says:

Actually, the BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 has a 3.7" screen - so, yeah, even BB has a bigger screen.

RNCCRN9706 says:

I just got an IPhone 4 with Verizon back in Feb! With the iOS5 update I'm sure it'll be fine

Jeremy Little says:

Not the iPhone I was looking for. I wanted a bigger screen and sleeker phone all around, but I NEED to upgrade from my 3GS real bad. So I'm still pre-ordering

Rylan Carpena says:

Definitely, disappointed, Rene. Even though you told us to set our expectations low, we all knew we were secretly hoping for a 5 with a bigger screen. I'll stick with my old 3GS and buy a new iPhone if I absolutely have to. :(

Ebrandwein says:

My feeling exactly. Better camera and voice input. Neither particularly appeals to me.

Mjmesiti says:

Yep sticking with my old 3GS. Will wait to take advantage of replacement deal when iPhone 5 comes out. Otherwise if I buy now i'll have to wait 2 more years. Maybe they will go back to a July release next time. Only 10 months to wait for the 5.

Jstellmaker says:

if you wait 2 years the iphone 5s might be out LOOL

James says:

Yes, since my wife and I are on sprint and fed up with our blackberry curves. The question will be the 4 or the 4S. I personally want the 4S since I like taking lots of photos. My wife might be content with the 4. Either way we are upgrading later this month.

valkraider says:

Go with the best you can afford. Technology moves fast, no need to start one generation "behind". There is a pretty big jump in performance between the two, it might be worth an extra $100 to get the 4S if you keep phones for a few years.

Efraim Lebovits says:

Will wait out the iPhone 5 - this is a minimal update and the iPhone 4 is perfectly fine for me!

fastlane says:

Why would the 6th iPhone be called iPhone 5?

MiracleMan says:

Don't get hung up on the name. Other than a rumored larger display, the 4S is pretty much everything rumored for the new high end phone. What we didn't get was the "mini - cheap" phone. But then a 3Gs for Free and a 4 for $99, well that is the mini.
Now I won't be getting one because I have another year left on my contract. But, one son is due an upgrade and will probably get one and we may move my wife to is 3GS or get her a 4.

gilbyrocks says:

I never understood the desire for a "budget iPhone." Whenever the new model iPhone comes out, the older model automatically becomes your "budget" iPhone. The budget version is built-in to the product lifecycle. This has been happening since the release of the 3G.

DiamondDNice says:

some people, don't have $200 or $300 or $400 to spend on a mobile phone.

gilbyrocks says:

that's why they get the old version at it's new lowered price: free iPhone 3GS or $99 iPhone 4. Automatic "budget" versions.

BoldSpice says:

Because a lot of idiots really think that Apple is going to follow what Android does. Apple is known for high end quality, not bargain bins.

DiamondDNice says:

for me that was the number 1 above 64gbs which was two. so it's a major disappointment for me.

Dave says:

not the thing I'm looking for wheres the teardrop design i phone 5 ..........

gilbyrocks says:

The iPhone 4S is is like getting a Go-Bot for xmas when you were hoping for a Transformer. I'm passing on this one.

Thom says:

I have to. I lost my iPhone just last week. I'm going through withdrawls

Rayman2170 says:

Only if sprint has unlimited data for iPhone 4s

Jeremy Little says:

Oh AND I'm getting an iPhone 4 for my wife. FINALLY getting her a smart phone.

Dantv says:

Has Apple jumped the shark....The stock price sure says so...

FritzDaCat says:

I like it-- Specifically the new hardware, the 8mp camera and 1080P video but I'm under contract for another year. Will buy the iPhone 5 next year.

frontrowfred says:

I was a little nervous when I bought my Sensation, but after watching the iPhone event I feel pretty good about my choice. Man, I was really hoping for something grand. Oh, well.....

frontrowfred says:

What a let down, I was ready to give my daughter my Sensation and I get the new iPhone, she is going to be just a little dissapointed when I tell her the new iPhone is not what I want.

NEO2126 says:

waiting on untehtered jailbreak of iOS5, and reviews...

Edmarvin says:

No iPhone 4S for me. Galaxy S 2 here I come.

tazh89 says:

you wont be dissapointed

BoldSpice says:

it's android. coming from iOS you will be disappointed.

tazh89 says:

i have ip4 and got an s2...i am not dissapointed at all going from an ios...s2 is faster and smoother than the ip4 and does not lag like many other androids...i would agree if it was some other android phone

Nicholas Stark says:

I know I was. That's why I came back.

Chris Fink says:

i got the S2 on Sunday & LOOOOVE it! :) already rooted it too, to remove the junk bloatware, just cuz i can! haha. you will be really happy with your new toy!

Robert White says:

A better camera & tweaked hardware do not an upgrade make...

*safe solvent™ says:

funny, that's EXACTLY what it makes for me :)

Chaatiecakes says:

I'm not eligible for upgrade for another 8-14 months anyway. My iPhone 4 is such a huge improvement over the iPhone 3 I had before that. I think i can wait until the next quantum leap.

No new ihpone4S for me says:

The only feature not available to the iphone4 is Siri, which is connectivity intensive and still somewhat beta. For most games and normal photo/video needs the iphone4 processor and camera will suffice. There is no new form factor either to the 4s. For me this means I gladly wait until iphone5 comes along...

tazh89 says:

am sure siri will be on jailbroken iphone 4 via a tweak just like how hdr etc was put on the 3gs

Charles says:

It's more of an incremental upgrade to the previous iPhone 4... I'll be waiting for the 5 with hopefully a different form factor and larger screen

Scott Balun says:

Not eligible for an upgrade until Feb '12, so I will be waiting until then to procure the 4S. But I'll certainly be obtaining the 64GB model in Feb.

POP3Y3 says:

Well after following a blog on a different site I will make my decision later. But just wanted to say listening to the TIPB live feed was painful, unprofessional and embarrassing. I had to leave. I could not tell what was actually news or idiotic horseplay. The 4 of you should never do a feed again.

Chris Fink says:

next time, opt for the very professional & accomplished live-blogger, Jacqui Cheng from ArsTechnica. http://arstechnica.com/author/jacqui-cheng/ - they had some new live-blog technical issues today, but i always go there 1st for the events. very capable, quick, on-point, witty, & goes the farthest of any site i've seen, to make you feel like you're there. my fall-back today was the engadget live feed. they are always a good 2nd to ArsTechnica. of course... this is just my own 2¢... take it with a grain of salt. :)

Sir Brian says:

Iphone 4 and the Iphone 4S are still the best devices available. However, I have the Iphone 4, and without LTE, the Iphone 4S is not worth it, imo. However, if I didn't have the Iphone 4, I'd be all over the Iphone 4S. Still the best screen and best battery life in the business, now with OTA syncing, backup and restore, etc. Plus Imessage. Hopefully, next year, I can get an Iphone5 or 6 with LTE.

Danny Hernandez says:

I wanted to jump ship on Sprint to go to Verizon, but no new iphone means I'll stick with my Evo until an iphone 5 comes out.
And for what it's worth, I'm aware that Sprint has the iphone now... I just wanted to leave cause they suck.

Jessica Moss says:

Yes! My mom as elegible for an upgrade. So she'll get the 4S and I'll swap the sims and she'll take my 4. Since we staggered our contracts I can get the new iPhone every year and still pay the lowest subsidized price! Win Win!
ETA: I'm getting the 64GB Black!

Travis R says:

Well this saves me a tough decision. I figured a new iPhone wouldn't be LTE anyway but a redesign after 16 months would be extremely tempting. Now it's a no-brainer...wait for an actual new phone! What a disappointment but hopefully they'll actually get the next phone right: quad-core (it's in the iOS5 code) with 4" screen and LTE, June/July 2012???

Enzo0789 says:

Imma just have my friend get his friend to take one off the back of the truck and sell it to me. An save my upgrade in feb for the next gen

jim swanton says:

only because of Siri... and the fact I sold my iPhone4 in anticipation of iphone5....

bfkane says:

bottom line, a shit-ton of people will upgrade. everyone's all pissy pants right now, but they'll be online pre-ordering. android users,...is your giant screen good on battery life. go find an outlet, i know its dying. is it a tablet or a phone? there's a new android phone every day and each one is the SAME. they're obsolete the second they come out.

tazh89 says:

my s2 is great with battery thank you

Cliffy says:

Had my SGS2 on battery for almost two days with very frequent use - phone calls, texts, internet browsing, downloaded Gun Bros (143Mb) on HSPA+, played gun bros for a while, download some other apps, and used my camera flash as a flashlight for a while. All this and I’m just now having to charge it after nearly two days on battery. My wife doesn’t use her iPhone 4 as much I use my SGS2, and it lasts her about a day.

Speters3 says:

Right now I'm running an ancient 3G (not 3GS, 3G)... so I was pretty much going to buy whatever they put out. The 3G can barely cope with iOS 4.x, and of course didn't pick up on a lot of the features of it at all.

Xandroid says:

You're full of crap, you probably never even owned an android. I had both, I'll take android over your iCrap anyday. Not to say that I don't like apple, I do REALLY. I think their phones are great and i would buy one for my grandma (since they're soooo easy to use). But for my personal choice, it'll be an Android, over and over again. Apple is just falling behind and not providing enough options, and their fanboys are getting uglier and dumber. Btw, the battery on my phone lasts longer than any iphone out there, just saying.

Cliffy says:

“there's a new android phone every day and each one is the SAME.”
But the iPhone 4 and 4S aren’t the same? What about when they released the 3G and the 3GS? So Android phones all look the same but when Apple releases a phone that looks EXACTLY (literally) the same as their previous model, that’s somehow different? Glass houses my friend…glass houses

Suzannesstud says:

Wish I could, lost my second pre due to hardware failure a couple of months ago so I had to upgrade to get a new device. I know Sprint won't offer a deal on that. I could if I pay full price without contract, but I couldn't see spending that much yet.

Mdrforce says:

I'm going to pass on this. This upgrade was not worth them waiting this long to release the phone. I hope they do not wait a whole year to release the iPhone 5. Now that I think about it, I didn't like the 3GS either...

Tys says:

I'll pass on this one. A larger screen was all I really wanted.
I might reevaluate when the jailbreak comes out (so I can change the little Siri microphone to HAL's glowing red eye), but likely will wait for iPhone 5 or 6 or whatever comes next.
Now to wait for that retina display iPad!

Hodgez says:

Now we know the real reason why Steve Jobs stepped down.

kritter217 says:

I'll be getting it because I still have iPhone 3G. Was eligible to upgrade to 4 a few months ago but decided to hold out for the 5. Disappointed.

melb_guy says:

My iPhone 4 contract doesn't finish until the end of July 2012 so I would not have brought an iPhone 4S, even if it had even more spectacular features. iPhone 6 in 2012 for me!

Schmoocorn says:

hmmm. not allowed to post my opinion here? you removed my comment about you guys acting like idiots on your live feed? can't take criticism? tsk tsk...

Danny Hernandez says:

It wasn't removed... I still see it under "Selbo"

pegasusl says:

Sorry Apple..... There's just not enough there to tempt me to upgrade from my 4 without an "s", to an upgrade that has a "better camera".
Steve got out on a high it seems leaving on the back of a "New" phone before everyone got disappointed with a "upgrade" that just didn't hit the mark.
iOS5 gets A plus top marks from me, BIG thumbs up!!!
BUT.... iPhone 4S gets an F minus, even BIGGER thumbs down!!!

Suzannesstud says:

Wish I could. I lost my second pre due to havedware failure so had to use my upgrade a couple of months ago to get a different device so I know Sprint won't give me a deal to get the iPhone 4S. I could pay the full non-contract price, but I can't see spending that much right now.

RocketmanNY says:

My 3GS is up in December. The rumored iPhone 5 (new design, bigger screen, rounded edges) would have been an automatic choice. The 4S however is NOT a slam dunk. Will now be looking more seriously at the competition. Disappointment.... :(

EagleyeSmith says:

Only thing I want is the voice-recognition, sucks that they're making it exclusive to the 4S. Either way, I'm holding my iP4 for two years just as I did with my 3G. I'm more excited about iOS 5 + BiteSMS + TetherMe ... just for starters. Whoooo!

DiamondDNice says:

i haven't decided. i'm on sprint. waited more then a year to switch to the next iphone. but i don't know now. i really wanted a 4 inch screen. And it would suck to buy this and not bealbe to upgrade again for almost two years. Especially when in one year they'll probably finally have a 4 inch screen phone.

tazh89 says:

lol the leaked nexus prime screen was more innovative and bigger than the 4s

GreenDize12 says:

I originally bought the iPhone 4 and then sold it and went back to my 3GS because there were just so many issues I had with the phone and the design was just something I wasn't feeling.
I returned to my 3GS in hopes that I would be seeing a different design this time around. While I'm glad the screen size is the same (I do not want a 4-inch screen), as well as spec bumps, sadly it's still the same design. I will be upgrading to the 4S, unfortunately, only because I dont even think my 3GS can't handle life much longer, and I've invested too much in apps/iTunes to move to another OS.
If not that many people aren't going to be upgrading than thats even better because that means there won't be another pre-ordering mess like last years delimma.

Danny Hernandez says:

That whole segment about how fast the phone is compared to other "4G" phones was pretty lame. Stop trying to mask that your phone isn't 4G.

Calavera302 says:

You do know that no one is really 4G, right? Officially, 4G is 100Mbps downstream at 80mph, and 1Gbps standing still. No one's even close to that, so everyone is technically still 3.5G

tazh89 says:

one good news that comes out of this event is that the next iphone most certainly will be a redesign lol

Ron says:

It's not compelling, exciting, or even interesting. It's sort of expectational, evolutionary, tweakish. I believe I'm going to pass on this one.

Zsk8er1 says:

Yup this will be the first iPhone I won't buy. iPad 2 specs the camera and Siri is just not enough to make me buy it. Its sad to break a tradition but Im hoping that apple will notice the drops in sales and bump up their game.

J. K. says:

waiting for the 5 - and want the aluminum body - nothing else is a deal maker for me -

Tyson Trogdon says:

My upgrade date is February 25th, 2012. We'll see how my 4 is doing at that time. I just passed the one-year mark with it the other day.

Nee_m_d says:

I hate the feel and shape of the Iphone 4. I was hoping for a more curvy 3GS-like Iphone 5 - maybe thinner and definitely lighter. The 4GS is even slightly heavier than the 4!! What a disappointment ! No new Iphone for me. I'll just upgrade to IOS5 and see how it works on my Iphone 3GS. :( :(

Omari James says:

I'm getting the 4S for the function of the flash drive. I needed 64GB since the iPhone 4 and that was my major concern and reason for waiting. The iPhone 4GS or 5 next year may be nicer but thats how it's always going to be so I'm not waiting this time or i'll be waiting forever, I'm getting the 4S now and two years later i'll upgrade. I use to be obsessed with having the newest, I had the 3G and 3GS but now I don't care.

Tornado says:

The masses would stride past Apple. No new iPod Touch too (cosmetic changes notwithstanding).

jayydoggy says:

Very very very disappointed. This sucks ass. No bigger screen! Same old crap. The sad part I'm a huge apple fan. Sorry apple I'm getting me a phone with a bigger screen. IPhone 4sucks ass

D Rey Reynolds says:

all i wanted was a bigger screen and an aluminum back...... thats all...... epic fail apple.

tazh89 says:

i guess apple didnt live stream the event cause they knew it wasnt worth it

KC says:

I'm in. I passed on the iPhone 4, but after a while started craving better display, front-facing camera, and better speed. Now the 4S offers the same, all upgraded from 4. Just what I'm looking for in an iPhone. I doubt I'll wait for a 5.

Johnny Bane says:

Whose going to start the first rumors about the specs for the new iPhone 5 and get everybody all excited and following stupid stories for the next 15 months. I can't believe I got sucked into this mania, only to be left wanting TWICE for the much hypothesised new phone. If iPhone had received a major update I might well have been a life-long customer. Now I'm thinking about looking elsewhere when my contract expires in a couple of months. Shame! But hey, its just a piece of kit, i'll get over it!

andsoitgoes says:

Being in Canada I still have extra time left on my contract, so buying one now would really not be the best option. That, and I got my iPhone 4 just barely a year ago now.
The 64 gig, faster processor and SIRI functions are really cool... But cool enough? Realistically I'd need to get the 4S for cheap or free. I could go and buy extra iPhones to resell them, but again, is it worth the work?
And is it fair to take iPhones out of the hands of people who want one? Or would I just be leaving extras to have the bigger poachers to get?
As far as my feelings toward apple on this, they did it with the 3GS and the same brouhaha happened, yet the 3GS did quite well. I honestly believe thIs means apple is going to take the time to make the iPhone 5 a seriously killer phone.
This allows the people on 3* version to upgrade to something decently better and allows those who have a 4 to be able to take a breather before feeling that Apple urge to upgrade to the newest and best. I know that's how I feel right now :)
And although the form factor is about the same, the speed increases and such ARE welcome changes. They did this with the iPad 2 and boy did everyone whine and complain about the lack of upgrades and changes... But look at the adoption rates. I upgraded and passed down my iPad to my wife and kids, giving me a newer device that will just have to take the place for higher process-needing apps that won't run on the 4.
I know I just had a circular discussion with myself. Shut up :P

valkraider says:

Can't upgrade yet... AT&T still has my left nut.

Rowanova says:

I was seriously hoping for a larger screen size, 4" would have been sweet. But nothing new. Update the iOS and tell us how great it is, after waiting for 16 months, only to get the same thing.
I'm not due for an upgrade yet, but I'd have went for it anyway if the 4" screen were part of the new package. Instead, I'll wait for the iPhone 5. And hopefully not nearly another year and a half. By that long, even I may be on Android.

claustin says:

The only thing i'm disappointed about is the same screen size. I was really hoping for the edge to edge 4 inch screen. I like the iP4 design. It makes it super easy to put on those full body screen protectors. Yeah, disappointed about the screen though. Also disappointed they added the 64GB option at a $100 premium. It should have taken the 32GB price point after having the 32GB option for like 3 years now. I'll get one if I can't enable Siri via jailbreak on my 4.

valkraider says:

That always happens. It spikes before the announcements as everyone is hyping everything and expecting ponies and ice cream. Then after the announcements it falls as everyone complains that it doesn't come with ponies and ice cream. Then a week later everyone has forgotten and stock keeps on it's seemingly endless climb.
Bah humbug.
Maybe I am just bitter as I sold all mine a long time ago at $119 due to divorce and haven't been able to get back in the game..
I have never seen a product announcement from Apple where half the people didn't take to forums to bitch that it didn't come with ponies and ice cream. No matter how good the product may be, if you had your heart set on ponies and ice cream - you will feel let down.

Rosenys Torres says:

I have a 3GS, i'll be upgrading to the 4S... if I had the 4, I wouldn't bother.

Shado21027 says:

Way to suck Apple. Gimme a f'n break!

Cliffy says:

Here is my thought on the whole iOS 5-only-on-iPhone 4S thing:
The current hardware of the iPhone 4 (including its 3G connection) is more than enough to run Siri. Hell, my Nexus One on an EDGE connection can do voice commands like Siri does, so why the exclusivity? This may not be a novel conclusion, but I think the exclusivity to iPhone 4S is solely to coerce people to buy the 4S who otherwise wouldn’t. I mean, how many iPhone4 owners would really upgrade to the iPhone 4S if they were getting Siri in the new update?

Nicholas Stark says:

I'm going to slap iOS 5 on my iPhone 4 and call it good. I'm still under contract and don't feel like shelling out that kind of cash.
Though I will admit, Siri does look pretty amazing.

Doug says:

gonna snag an iPhone 4S 11/18 when I'm eligible for an upgrade through AT&T... gotta hang on to that "unlimited" data plan.

Jason says:

I'm more interested in the iOS 5 features than the new hardware, so I'm going to see how iOS5 runs on the iPhone 4 and look at upgrading if necessary afterward.

Michael Farrell says:

I have a 3GS and the battery is terrible. I'll upgrade but I think Apple messed up on this one. Their belief in not looking to the public (focus groups, surveys) is going to bite them in the butt this time.

fastlane says:

Why would the 6th iPhone be called iPhone 5?

fastlane says:

Why would the 6th iPhone be called iPhone 5?

fastlane says:

I'd ask you to explain, but since you'd never be able to, I won't. (rolls eyes)

valkraider says:

1: iPhone
2: iPhone 3G (named for the wireless technology term "3G")
3: iPhone 3GS (basically same as a "3G" but faster, so added an S for "Speed")
4: iPhone 4 (the 4th iPhone so they called it 4)
5: iPhone 4S (basically the same as a 4 but faster, so an added S for "Speed")
Based on this pattern I would think they would call the next one a 6. The thing is this, Apple tends to name products just the names - like iMac. There have been like 30 iMac versions, and they are still just iMac. MacBook. MacBook Pro. MacBook Air. They don't change the name every time they enhance the product. Even the iPod basically keeps the same name mostly. The iPhone is the deviation from that normal Apple way. I think eventually they will move from having a new name every version, and simplify it a bit. I never liked that they tied the "3G" to the name because that was a technology that was out of Apple's control and seemed an odd choice for a product name. As a result people call the "4" "4G" because they don't know any better - and the whole mess around what is and isn't actually 4G doesn't help either.

Kingdavidfive says:

No 4G no bigger screen no new back why couldn't they just include these new features in the iOS update. I will not be purchasing the 4s because it's not worth it I'd rather get the iOS 5 and stick with the iPhone 4 until something better comes out. Big let down on this one i can't believe it's not even 4g and how long do u actually play games on ur iPhone and with all the apps that we have to increase the picture quality what's the use of the new camera

trevor says:

imgoing back to blackberry. enough games and apps and now its back to business and back to blackberry

Guest says:

Wish I could trade in my 4 that I bought a few months ago..

Gstephusibm says:

No. Was waiting for next release regardless of the form factor released on 4October

Joebin says:

"fail" "underwhelming" "disappointing".... wait til the 4S gets into the consumers hands before dissing it. A lot of people said the same thing when the 3Gs came out in almost 2.5 years ago. It's still selling. What other phone maker can say that they're still selling a 2 and a half year old model? The 4S will do the same. It will be the phone that sets the standard for the competition. Nobody makes their new tech features work together and easier than Apple. Nobody.

Haydenbe says:

To me it seems as if Apple is playing the arrogance card

Clara says:


Jeremy P says:

Because the newer phones are faster.
SGSII does 21Mbs down, although I doubt AT&T can handle that. And as for LTE, well, it puts HSPA+ to shame.
Of course, the iphone couldn't actually have LTE, because the battery life is so bad right now. Maybe in another 15 months...

roofus says:

I feel cheated waiting this long (3gs) for upgrade, give us something revolutionary like you've been doing for almost ever. Dont sell us average you profit monkees, apple means more than that and you've done well making revolutionary products. Only reason the 3gs worked was because the 3g was snail like speed and the 3gs was still way ahead of its competition. Make something good when you only release 1 phone every year.....extremely dissapointed with this new iphone :(

Taylor says:

Epic let down from Apple! I have been an apple fanatic for years, and own many iOS devices, but this will be the one I pass on. Give me something that at least matches the competition! I didn't wait 15 months for a revamped iPhone 4...

Chin Haow Lim says:

Frankly speaking, who the heck will talk to a machine? I know siri is smart, but it just makes the users feel like a dumb

Jstellmaker says:

I'm starting to think the "s" stands for SUCKER!!

Blah says:

Bigger screen would have sold me. I sold my iPhone4 because of water damage and had anticipated an iPhone5. This announcment is making me stick with my backup phone - iPhone 2G. Yes, the first iPhone.

Timcox3 says:

Won't be buying a 4S. Too similar to the 4. I'm thinking the "S" stands for "SAME".

Hgout says:

Is this why Apple sued Samsung?

Drive says:

Why is it that its only apple users that are classed as fanboys when android users bang on (and on and on...) just as much as everyone else?
I'm sticking with my 3GS until I see the reviews, not keen on cheap feeling samsung phones or cheaper HTC, I'd rather have an apple product because they have far superior build quality.
This 4s does everything that people wanted out of the iPhone 5, just in the iPhone 4's skin....and that's my only issue. I don't like the feel of the iPhone 4, I much prefer the asthetics of the 3GS but I'm not gonna be able to run this phone forever as it's so far out of date.

Danny Herran says:

Switch to Android. You wont regret it.

QU477R0 says:

It has all the specs we were looking for in a true iPhone 5, just without the larger screen. People just love to bitch about Apple, makes them feel better about their over compensating 4.5 inch android phones

QU477R0 says:

Apple just became the most valuable company in the world a month ago, and has cash reserves to literally buy out the US government. Not sure that is the same position Nokia and Blackberry were in.

Tom says:

The iPhone 4S is obsolete before it even came out. When you are touting specs that were around 5-6 months ago, you did something HORRIBLY wrong. The Galaxy S2 was released internationally in May of this year. Has a top of the line AMOLED screen, dual core 1.5gHz processor, 8MP camera, great battery life (that I'm pretty sure is removable), voice recognition technology.... need I go on? All those specs are the SAME on the iPhone 4S, and I don't think it is as thin and sleek as the Galaxy S2.
This phone SHOULD have set the bar for the next year, but instead it is equal to a phone that came out 6 months ago (not even equal, as I said, the design is thinner and sleeker than the iPhone 4S plus better battery life) Instead, it will get blown away completely by the Nexus Prime that will in all likelihood be announced next week.
To those of you who don't see this, feel free to have the wool removed from your eyes next week when the real cutting edge phone will be announced by Google/Samsung.

Mr. Buttersworth says:

I still have a iPhone 3G, some I'm gonna get the iPhone 4S.

Raymond Romero says:

Other: satisfied with my iPhone 4 and my contract isn't up yet.

TheHiker01 says:

Waiting for iPhone 5 with LTE. Only way to go.