"Let's Talk iPhone" event video now available

Apple has posted their streaming video feed for the Let's Talk iPhone event. So if reading all the live blogs and news still isn't enough for you, you can hop on over to Apple's events page and watch the keynote address for yourself.

To summarize, here's what you can expect -

  • The normal facts and figures Apple always gives us
  • A revamped iPod Nano and an addition of a white iPod Touch
  • A recap of what iOS 5 will bring come October 12th
  • Introduction of the iPhone 4S
  • New features including Siri and many more

When the YouTube and iTunes versions show up, we'll add them in. Meanwhile, hit the link below to watch the keynote for yourself.

Apple Events

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"Let's Talk iPhone" event video now available


The live blog was super boring. I can't imagine sitting through that. They could have cut that down to a half hour.