Sprint now allowing iPhone 4 pre-orders, iPhone 4S tomorrow

Sprint has started allowing customers to pre-order the 8GB iPhone 4 in either black or white flavors for $99.99. Sprint will also begin pre-orders for the new iPhone 4S starting tomorrow, likely at 12:01am PDT.

According to the description on Sprint's website, pre-orders will be available "while supplies last" and will ship to customers by the 14th or 15th of October. Customers planning to pre-order may want to head over to their website to secure their order in case supplies run dry.

Sprint will still offer iPhone customers unlimited data with plans starting at $69.99, and this may have some impact on new iPhone users trying to decide on a carrier, given the likes of AT&T and Verizon no longer offer unlimited data plans.

Will you be pre-ordering your next iPhone from Sprint?

Source: Sprint

Andrew Wray

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There are 13 comments. Add yours.

Kylekoz17 says:

12:01 pdt? why not eastern?

Redshirt says:

My guess is the pre-order servers go through Apple at some point, and they're Pacific time.

Track02 says:

Do you have to pay the $10 premium data fee?

Isaw79 says:

yes, their lowest price would be 79.99 for unlimited calling to ANY cell phone, unlimited text, unlimited data and 450 mins to call landlines. Beats Verizon and ATT hands down!

Rayman2170 says:

I was considering switching to sprint, until I saw this line in the fine print of their 'everything' data plans for iPhone.
"Premium content/downloads (games, ringtones, songs, certain apps, etc.) are add'l charge."

Isaw79 says:

Any carrier would charge you for that stuff. I've been with Sprint for the past 4 years and had absolutely no problems with them. I'm switching from the HTC Evo to the Iphone.

Kevinj247 says:

They mean premium content supplied by sprint like ringtones and ringbacks premium content could also mean those texting services but that's on all carriers

Rayman2170 says:

Thank you for clearing that up. It didn't specify SPRINT premium content. They should defiantly reword that sentence right there.
I might get it on sprint when my contract expires this December. It just doesn't seem like too big of an upgrade for me. and I guess I've put up with AT&T for over three years. I could probably go one more.

rustymini says:

I always read fine print b/c they won't tell you.

geeze louise says:

Can you surf and talk on sprint and verizon with the 4s?

tuscanidream says:

No. It's one of the limitations of crappy CDMA networks. It doesn't matter what phone.

David Estock says:

You can surf on Wi-Fi while talking via CDMA.... so yes?

free stuff without surveys says:

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