Siri on iPhone 4S video hands-on reviews

Siri on iPhone 4S video hands-on reviews got their hands on an iPhone 4S at the Apple media event in the UK last week, and now applemastertouch got an early hands on as well, and both put Siri through its paces. Highlight:

Q: I love you. R: I hope you don't say that to other mobile phones.

Nice. Check out the videos below.

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Reader comments

Siri on iPhone 4S video hands-on reviews


Pretty sweet on the Siri video. It seems like they were debating if you have to push the mic button every time for it to know when to respond. Is that the case? would Siri not start processing after you stopped talking? It seem like ti did a few times. Will there a guide book I wonder?

Haha, I guess you can change it just like with the current Voice-Prompt. On the normal iPhone 4 you can have the Voice-Prompt speak ANY language, including US English and British English.

Scottish, Welsh, and North Irish people are not british either, so it is a british accent as well. Welsh are Welsh, and they don't like being referred to otherwise.

Britain = the island where England, Scotland and Wales are.
The British Isles = includes the islands around Britain such as Ireland, the Isle of Man etc
Hope they are working on an Irish voice as I don't like either of those accents! And I'm sure lots of English people would agree!

The guy is german, english is not his first language so it's understandable.
But yea pretty awesome review lol.

oh. the guy that said "future?" If so i get it. Yeah if english is not his first language he actually speaks extremely well and should be commended. I used to be able to speak spanish pretty well but after never using it for like 20 years i totally get embarrassed trying to talk. unless i'm drunk like that guy on big bang when he talks to girls. but i surely couldn't do a review in a second language. Hell i can barely write in my first.

Wow! I can't believe how snappy it is. It really responds fast.
Can't wait until Friday. I know I'm going to be refreshing the tracking information all day...

The guy in the second video kept pressing the Siri button so many times,lol. You don't have to do the that. He pressed the siri button, asked a it to do something then pressed it again,lol.You Just have to press it once or do it hands free. But anyways, it sounds like there's gonna be different voices and accents for Siri. So when I get my iPhone 4s, I'm gonna try customize the vocie to Jarvis from Ironman from a voice cpu software I have on my cpu. Cause who wouldn't want Javris!

this is really cool stuff. I thought the voice control was pretty good on the 3GS but this is nice. i wonder how does it stack up to the Android voice control. only downside to this is that it requires data...

It isn't the processor, it is Apple, Siri has been running for ages on the Beta iphone 4 until Apple pulled it.
The processing is done in the cloud so the phone does nothing anyway.

definitely a great feature, can't wait to have my iphone 4s, but im wondering if eventually siri can detect the languages instead of selecting one, for people who sends emails, sms, etc. in different languages, it's not practical to be switching from one language to another, or maybe siri can switch it for you?

looks like siri will get old pretty fast. cmon guys, how often are we going to ask for the weather, places to eat, etc. it seems like a gimmick right now. don't get me wrong, it will be the future, but for now, it seems pretty lame/not useful. the only place where it can be useful is dictation, hearing incoming texts while driving...i will still get one for the better camera and faster processor though. i just can't picture myself using siri as often...maybe ill be proven wrong on oct 15...(After 1 day of playing around with it... ;) )

Nah man, not lame. I use it on Android when I'm driving to send texts [or email]. Any time my hands are tied I use it and it is VERY useful.
I reinstalled Vlingo to give it a try [was sweet last year but Siri-like in the latest build]. I think I'll start using it much more as it is faster.
"Update Facebook. Testing out Vlingo."
I'm not comparing here one to the other but since I don't have Siri I figured I'd play w/ what I do have. :)
Point is...useful is relative to your needs and it is very useful to me.
I actually do Vlingo as disservice by saying it is Siri-like since it has been out for about as long as Siri [the app], I think.

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