404: Firefox NOT Coming to iPhone, Sorry Kiddies


The folks at Mozilla are still fuming mad over Safari-gate. The developers behind the popular open source browser Firefox stated flatly that no efforts will be made to port Firefox to iPhone, blaming Apple's Gestapo-like restrictive software license.

So this means I can't look forward to a browser that consumes half my memory and grinds to a halt on AJAX-heavy websites? Tragic.


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404: Firefox NOT Coming to iPhone, Sorry Kiddies


It's obvious you aren't very internet savvy, otherwise you'd have a different outlook on Firefox. It might be heavy but it's extensibility far out weighs any negative consequences. First thing most people do after purchasing a mac? Install Firefox.

Yep, you've outed me - I'm a n00b. I just happen to build websites for a living, develop web technologies that you use every day within your very browser but wouldn't understand, review technolgoy, build complex interfaces, you know... n00b things.
The point I was making is that Firefox is imperfect at best. FF3 beta 4 looks promising, but I still see lots of legacy code and interface conventions that gives the browser a clunky f
And I happen to use Firefox as my browser of choice on Windows, but not Mac... not anymore. Safari 3.1 has finally put Apple ahead of Mozilla in my opinion. It's leaner, meaner and overall faster than.

Absolutely agree with admin,
Firefox is great on the PC, well last time I looked, mainly because it's a far superior alternative to the atrocity that is IE.
Safari 3.1 has added some great tools over from WebKit that are indispensable, such as the Web Inspector window. Tools like this that used to make Firefox THE choice for web developers are now available and in some ways better on Safari.
On the Mac, at the moment, and on the iPhone of course, Safari is ahead by quite a margin.

I wonder if you realise that the whole tone of this blog entry, plus your response to "John", is both negative and aggressive. It's almost as if you want to badmouth Firefox just because they badmouthed Safari.
While I don't disagree that Firefox on the Mac can be quite slow at times, and it uses a lot of memory, it has many useful plugins that Safari does not.

Maybe it's not as good on Mac, but still Firefox is the #1 browser on Win and Linux-Systems. Just look at the profiles of your visitors.
Guess you're scaring them away by bashing a great free and independent project.. bye bye..

I wonder if you realise that the whole tone of this blog entry, plus your response to “John”, is both negative and aggressive.

Apparently you don't realize his response to me was negative and abrasive. Life lesson number one: You get back what you give out.
I concur. FF is what I use on both Windows and Linux (on the rare occasion I use that OS).... and can the fear mongering. People come to this site for iPhone news and commentary, not Firefox developments.

Hey guys, I know this may be slightly off topic, but I just heard that Apple is in development of a short film to advertise the launch of the iPhone 2.0.
Has anybody else heard about this?
I'm really excited!

I have heard something about a 2.0. A friend of mine mentioned it the other day to me. What short film though, like how long? Is it a commercial or a film?

IPHONE 2.0 commercial are you serious? Thats gonna be awesome I wonder what they are going to do for it? Does anyone know?? I know its off topic but I just got my tax return back and am looking to upgrade my old IPHONE to the new one. If anyone knows anything about the new commercial and what features it will showcase I would be very happy to know.

Perhaps the good folks at Google is getting ready to launch their own mobile device and Firefox is its default browser.

I wasn't even looking forward for a FireFox browser on my iPhone. I just want those Safari crashes to end. Maybe Apple can actually fix that anytime soon. We say how long it took for the SMS messages fix to be released.

I agree with admin 100%. Safari runs so much better on OS X 10.5 than Firefox does. On Windows; however, I HAVE to use Firefox before I use that IE crap.

that's very sad. iPhone should must do something to resolve this license issue. Otherwise this matter may cost higher to apple in future...

I'm not dispaonted with this entry, from a guy with a blog called "Elitist snob" (I beat you: I'm french).
As a guy who also build websites for a living, I use Firefox on a daily basis : Webdevelopper toolbar, Firebug, etc. - Not so useful on a mobile device, I must agree.
But this immature fanboy tone doesnt really serve your cause.

GOOD. Firefox has been such a shitshow lately on Mac, I'd rather have even Safari over FF. I recently switched to Flock hoping they might have fixed some Mozilla bugs, and it's about 50% better but it's no prize either.

Firefox 3 beta 5 consumes LESS memory on a Mac than Safari 3.1.1 It doesn't launch as quick on a fresh boot up of a computer as Safari does but on my Mac with a few configuration adjustments in Firefox, I find that Firefox 3 beta 5 renders webpages slightly faster.

@Admin: Apparently you don’t realize his response to me was negative and abrasive. Life lesson number one: You get back what you give out.
Ok, but look at the picture of your post and even the contents. You're just inviting negative response from firefox users. Learn the lesson before you teach it to others. Sure it's your blog, but don't say someone is being negative first when they are only responding to your negative post!
iPhone has no Java and now no Firefox ... man it sucks balls when you have 10 years old technology with a license worse than Microsoft. I guess ya'll just going to entertain yourselves with blog posts like this

I feel the article itself was negative/abrasive to begin with, I agree with John and feel he was merely responding to the admins ignorance/arrogance

I'm working on a firefox iPhone port guys
And I'm adding some of chromes features that I loved
I'm doing it in my spare time so it'll take a couple I months :(

I'm working on a firefox iPhone port guys
And I'm adding some of chromes features that I loved
I'm doing it in my spare time so it'll take a couple F months :(

This post has been nothing but blatant Firefox trashing. Never bothering to take this crappy blog seriously again.
FYI, john's statement is perfectly acceptable.

I'm better than you. I use Firefox. Why did I even come to this mediocrity of a blog. Check your writing. It's boring. I don't even remember what you wrote about Firefox. (Just that you somehow don't like it.) The comments are very entertaining though. So I thought I'd help by adding more comment ketchup to your crap blog.
I'm better than you. I use Firefox.

Kent Pribbernow,
your argument for monopolization of browser technology, is it limited to the Iphone platform?
Opera mini is not happening either. Zero competition for browsers is not going to be helpful for Apple. Android had Opera mini, before it even had a device and is not stuffed with corporate crap ideas. I hope the sane alternative will win.

I have no problems with FF3 on the Mac. It is ever so slightly less responsive than Safari, but definitely more extensible.

I can see a few issues with this article. For one, safari only works better On a mac because, like IE on a Pc, it Is constantly devouring system resourses in attempt to appear faster than it is.
One qustion:
You claim to build web applications and do programming, and that you do this all on a mac...
How does it feel to write programs for 1% of computers in the entire world?
Oh, and If you want to go on a credentials battle, let me slap mine on you:
3d modeling, rendering, animation, and voted top ten in the world at it from the google community.
-all of which require that which a mac just can't provide- software that isn't dominated by application Nazis....

"Yep, you’ve outed me - I’m a n00b. I just happen to build websites for a living, develop web technologies that you use every day within your very browser but wouldn’t understand, review technolgoy, build complex interfaces, you know… n00b things. "
First of all, spell checkers are amazing things. Just because you can't type a single paragraph without a typographical error in it doesn't mean your computer should suffer you to.
Secondly, your sad attempts at humor are lost to us all, and if you'd have taken the time to read the article, being the "expert" that you are, you'd see that his argument was well founded. But I guess you're too busy being an "expert" to pay attention to any of those technical "internet" things. Douche.

Wow, Admin develops websites , so he's no noob? My next door neighbor develops websites, but she' a clueless grandmother, too
By this brilliant logic, I assume Admin is a teenager.

I could care less if FF is slower, it saved me from bogus sites more than once, which is the main reason I use it (on my Mac, which is the standard platform in the film industry). I also prefer its interface, but that's secondary.
I'm interested in a workaround, if I can find one.

Yeaaaaa haven't used firefox on a mac can't say it's better or worse. But attacking firefox isn't going to help your cause... Also I've seen myfox on cydia don't know if it's a true port or not but it's a definate check out for any firefox fan. Also apple does allow fullscreen browsers so apple probably just rejected it cuz it's well competiton

The author here is clearly biased against Firefox, because Firefox users who use Script Block/AdBlock Plus (WHICH YOU WONT FIND ON SAFARI/IE) aren't getting bombarded with tracking cookies and annoying pop ups/scripts, and losing his revenue on his site because of that.
Firefox is awesome for the fact of it's open source and user developed plugins/addons/themes. No other browser are you going to find the ability to block virtually all ads (AdBlock), disable all scripts (NoScript), syncronize all your bookmarks to an online server public or private (Foxmarks/Xmarks), or change your internet browser to look like a Nintendo with Megaman sprites (Megaman theme).
Power to the user.
Oh, and if it's lagging up your machine, UPGRADE IT, doofus.

John is right. Not sure what planet these Safari supporters are on (or which computer company they work for), but Firefox is vastly superior, even against Safari on Macs. FF is much quicker than safari, is able to run much more programs than Safari, and is much more user friendly. Other facts: Safari sucks for playing so many online movies and games. Apple needs to abandon it like a blind date and use FF.

Wow I didn't know there were Firefox users who had the blinding sentimental stupidity that infects so many other bigoted simple-minded microcomputer users.
I guess once a piece of software reaches a market share threshold, idiots start using it too.

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