Apple misses iTunes Match launch deadline

Apple initially stated they would officially launch their iTunes Match service by the end of October. We previously heard they would be launching the service this past Saturday. Seeing as the developer beta expires today we are wondering whether or not we will see an official launch or developers will get another seed. As of this morning there was nothing new in the developer portal and nothing official has been announced or shown up as an update.

Perhaps last minute bugs or issues are causing a delay in the launch of the service. How many of you are anxiously waiting to sign up for iTunes Match? Or are you planning on using the service at all?

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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dloveprod says:

There are still a few bugs, they should delay it a couple more weeks.

cosbin2 says:

I agree, they just have too many bugs in iOS 5, plus I'm surprised at the number of apps that's are not officially iOS 5 ready.

Johna says:

is there a list kf bugs you could share with us?

cosbin2 says:

Im getting a boat load of app store crashes, and still glitchy is icloud. I get "please enter password for email" and unable to send mail. One email, which was send last Thursday just arrived into someones yahoo mail business account today.
Zite for example has a bug, which I reported to them for ios5. I'm just used to seeing apps say, updated for ios5 in the summary pages, and I see a fair amount that don't say that. Maybe they did it weeks ago??
I don't know what a kf buglist is, but I do have all my idevices set to send data to apple, so I hope in general this will help. If I could post up the app crash list from the device withouth showing any private confidential info I'd gladly share it...

Bravo says:

The launch of iTunes Match has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with iOS. I can't even image that is is any of the same teams are working on either. I am concerned that Apple over promised and does not want to under deliver, but they have by missing their launch date. Lets hope this is not another White iPhone. That took and year... I am more surprised that Apple just let the beta grind to a halt for developers. At this point, everything APPEARS to be in limbo. I will be quick to signup as soon as it is available, whenever that will be...

Proof says:

Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Slow down, learn to correct your spelling mistakes.
  2. If you must type fast, learn to use spell check...most phones and computers have this function.
  3. When in doubt, have someone proof read you document or simply don't send it out
chihuahua says:

I've used it for a month, very unreliable. It's going to be great in time.
I assumed they would miss the release date and hope they are patient enough to wait until the bugs are fixed. Reviews would be poor if they released it today

fastlane says:

You have no idea what is going on around here, do you?

FlopTech Engineering says:

Ship it late and customers complain a little. Ship it "on time" with bugs and customers will hate you. Take your pick.

Duane Draughon says:

That is the reason I like Apple so much. RIM would have just shipped it with 20 million updates.

rj5570 says:

I am a developer and I have been using the Beta since it came out. Its been inactive since last Thursday and I have been missing it immensely! It is a huge game changer for me :)

Carioca says:

This has been the year of delays and missed deadlines at Apple. At least with the iPad and the iPhone they delayed the announcement.

leicaman says:

What delays? And if you say iPhone, I'll point you to the dictionary definition of rumor.

Carioca says:

Rumors aside, Apple always took pride on their regular schedule and efficiency. That is what generated the rumors in first place.

Carioca says:

Rumors aside, Apple always took pride on their regular schedule and efficiency. That is what generated the rumors in first place.

felface says:

I might sing up for itunes match if i knew what it qctually fricking does! I'm comfused about what it does you sign up for it and you get your music without it taking up space i get that but i don't understand is it streaming? Do you pick a song and it downloads it? V. CONFUSED

fastlane says:

Yeah... Apple should get a web site going so people like you could look these sorts of things up.

Felface says:

Give me one spelling mistake!

TonyPatron says:

You made a type-o on #3. Maybe you should have done #3. Hee hee.

Vlad says:

NO. Apple doesn't miss deadlines. Ever.

Carioca says:

Rumors aside, Apple always took pride on their regular schedule and efficiency. That is what generated the rumors in first place.

Mike 'Nibbz' Neborak says:

I want to use it, I'll wait but I don't want to. I hope it works in a way that is convenient and doesn't rack up data. I was grandfathered into my Verizon's unlimited plan but still.