Apple: 15,000 iPhone Apps, Half a Billion Downloads

Head over to yet today? If you haven't seen it already, a new hero image has taken it's place boom smack in the middle of the home page and it's announcement couldn't be more mind-boggling: the App Store now includes over 15,000 iPhone applications, and iPhone users have downloaded apps more that 500,000,000 times.

Considering the App Store only launched 6 months ago, we're reminded of what Steve Jobs said last quarter -- that, in all his time at Apple, they'd never seen platform growth or attachment rates this fast and this furious.

How many apps do you think you've downloaded?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple: 15,000 iPhone Apps, Half a Billion Downloads


Great post! Kudos to Apple. What I'd like to see now is a more manageable way to filter through those 15,000 apps to sift the wheat from the tares! How about a more robust filtering method?

I'm hoping many of these apps will be axed when Apple includes their own versions with the iPhone. The "To Do" apps alone make up at least 3,000 of them. :roll:

Any one want to guess the free vs. paid ratio of the half billion downloads? My estimate is about 5:1, and I think I am generous.

I've downloaded nearly 100, about 75% of them free. I wonder if we'll ever see something similar on the desktop? Sure it'll never be the "only" source on a desktop, but it'd be popular IMO. Maybe Apple could trial it for widgets in Snow Leopard.