Case-Mate POP! Case with Stand for iPad 2 review

"If you want your iPad 2 to finally be able to stand on its own, then the Case-Mate Pop! Case is for you. "

The Case-Mate Pop! Case with Stand for the iPad 2 brings the same blend of protection and kickstand-enabled performance to the iPad 2 as it's younger, smaller sibling does for the iPhone 4S. And like with the iPhone version, that's a very good thing.

Available in two-tone black or white, the Case-Mate Pop! Case with Stand for the iPhone 2 is composed of hard, protective rubber shell and soft, easy-to-grip rubberized sides. The shell feels strong and can handle any minor impact that might otherwise scratch or dent your precious iPad. The sides are what make the difference for me, however, as they really let you grab a hold, and keep a hold, on what's sometimes a slippery device.

The stand folds out from the back and does a great job either staying open or being closed. However, unlike the iPhone version, there's no ability to set an angle in between. You either have to keep it closed, set it open, or watch it flap about. Awkward.

The Case-Mate Pop! Case for iPad 2 does a great job protecting the back but the sides feel a little loose at times. I've seen this on numerous iPad cases and while it might just be that these materials don't hold up well over long surfaces like the edges around the iPad's 9.7-inch screen, I still wish they'd figure that out.

But this case is really about the kick stand, and how it lets you put your iPad 2 down yet keep watching your movies, following your recipes, reading your books, typing your notes, or any other of a dozen activities.

The Good

  • Offers good protection for the back and sides
  • Material provides for excellent grip
  • Stand works in either portrait or landscape mode
  • Rubberized edge keep the stand in place

The Bad

  • Edges could be slightly more form-fitting
  • No angle adjustments options for stand


The bottom line

If you want your iPad 2 to finally be able to stand up on its own, then the Case-Mate Pop! Case is for you. Wonderfully grippy, nicely protective, the Case-Mate Pop! Case for iPad 2 is everything you could want in a movie-watching, note-typing, kickstand-packing accessory.

The giveaway

Simply leave a comment below telling us how the Case-Mate Pop! Case for iPad 2 could make your life easier and you're entered to win one of your very own! Giveaway starts now and ends Sunday, February 5 at midnight PT. U.S. shipping address required for delivery.

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