Apple now selling iPhone 4 handsets made in Brazil

Apple now selling iPhone 4 units made in Brazil

It looks like Apple has started selling iPhone 4 units from Foxconn's new Brazilian manufacturing plant, which has been up and running since late 2011. According to photos released by Portuguese news site Meio Bit, the iPhone 4 handsets in question appear to be the lower-end 8GB models, with stamps indicating they may only be just a few weeks old.

Gizmodo Brazil previously took a few photos showing Foxconn's Brazil's production. In addition to producing the iPhone 4 in Brazil, Foxconn plans to build 5 more production facilities in the surrounding areas to help with growing demand for the iPad among consumers.

Since Brazil also imposes very high duties on iPhones and iPads imported from China, it's conceivable that switching to local production could eventually eliminate those fees and bring iPhone and iPad pricing more in line with other regions, making the devices more accessible to Brazilian markets. No such price reductions are evident yet, however, so there may be other factors involved that require additional time to sort out.

Source: Meio Bit via MacRumors

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Reader comments

Apple now selling iPhone 4 handsets made in Brazil


lol you can tell the picture was taken with an iPhone 4. I remember that annoying blue blob in the middle of pics :)

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Is spite of the tax breaks given by the Brazilian governemt to Foxconn, regretably the iPhones made in Brazil have exactly the same price as the ones made in China.
This is a political sham played by the government, which promised to bring the factories so prices, some of the highest in the world, could be lower. Now the official line is that it is Apple´s fault, since it decides the final prices of its products. Just for comparison, the unlocked iPhone 4 which sells for US$549 in the US, sells for the equivalent of US$1000 in Brazil.

The price change isn't going to happen over night. Apple has to get the supply chain filled with product from the Brazilian plants and direct them to the right places. Prices may also still be higher because of tariffs on importing the parts to build the products.

Does anyone besides me think that expanding manufacturing outside of China with the ability to sell at the same cost may be a warning to the Chinese government/courts (those being the same thing), that the Proview litigation had better be decided in Apple's favor or it might cost China a lot more than it will cost Apple?

It is at least proof that Apple can manufacture wherever it chooses, contrary to the argument that it can only manufacture in the Far East.

This factory is so new it does not even appear on Google Maps. StreetView of "Av. Caminho de Goias" shows a dirt road with nothing, but the same view from Anhanguera road shows the factory still under construction.
This proves that Foxconn can build a factory and start producing iPhones in a little over a year, as I said before, contrary to the common belief that this can only be done in China because of the supply chain. If it can be done in Brazil, it can be done just as easily in the US as well.