Apple investigating new iPad Wi-Fi problems, will replace problematic units

According to a leaked internal AppleCare document, Apple is currently investigating Wi-Fi problems with the new iPad. The issues appear to relate to problems with not only poor Wi-Fi speeds but also connection drops and, in some cases, the inability to even see a particular network.

The internal AppleCare document, leaked to 9to5Mac asks for contact centers and retail stores to “Capture” iPad 3rd generation Wi-Fi only devices if they exhibit any issues relating to Wi-Fi. We assume that capturing means a replacement device for the customer and the problematic device being kept by Apple.

The Wi-Fi only version of the new iPad is the only version affected by these problems according to Apple.  4G LTE models do not seem to be troubled by the same symptoms; many are speculating that this is down to the exposed antenna area at the top of these models. This also marks the 3rd year in a row new iPad models have had reports of Wi-Fi issues.

Have any of our readers experienced any Wi-Fi related problems with their new iPad?

Source: 9to5 Mac

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Reader comments

Apple investigating new iPad Wi-Fi problems, will replace problematic units


I have a 3rd gen 4G LTE model. I was experiencing an odd issue yesterday. I would turn WiFi off in settings and enable cellular data. I'd use my iPad for a few minutes then do something else. It would go into sleep mode and upon waking it somehow had WiFi turned back on. This is the first time I've noticed this issue, so I'm not sure if I should be concerned yet or not, but thought it was strange. Happened multiple times.

Wifigate? To quote Rene, let´s add this to "the list of blow-out-of-proportion non-stories consumers have had to endure since the new iPad launched on March 7. What’s next, LTE boiling water? Retina displays causing sun tans? Dictation leading to scratchy throats?"
The new iPad is perfect, you´re wi-fying it wrong.

Exactly. Apple can't get anything right when it comes to wireless communication. iPhone can't make phone calls reliably and iPad can't handle WiFi. When people pay $500+ for a device, they expect it to work. Is that too much to ask for? No, it's not my WiFi as my other products have no problems connecting to my WiFi. I have a very good Linksys router.

I have a wifi iPad 3. It fails to recognise my wifi hotspot on the iPhone once a while. Hopefully this will lead to some solutions. !

There are two kinds of people in articles like this.
1) My iPad has had some weak wifi signals and I am slightly disappointed in my new expensive toy.
2) I have not had any issues so that means that no one is having them and these rumors are nothing but lies and slander.

I wonder if it has to do with the type of wifi (B/G/N)?
My fiance has issues with the N band wifi if she goes into my garage (40 ft from the router)? My iphone can pick the same wifi up from across the street.

My wifi only model has dropped my home wifi signal unexplainably on a few occasions (and on each occasion, repeatedly). Assumed it might be related to my new AT&T u-verse router that I acquired at the same time, but I haven't noticed a similar problem with my phone. Hasnt yet become a deal breaker, but i suppose ill keep an eye on this issue. Fwiw.

I seemed to have found a "flaw" as I would describe it in mine where if you hold the iPad (mines a wi-fi only ) in portrait and with both hands grip the bottom front and back with ur thumbs meeting at the home button the signal degrades significantly. I went to apple and got a "fresh" unit today as I was able to replicate the problem to a genius technician. The new one does the same but all in all I don't hold it like that and I am very happy with mynipad otherwise. If anyone else has tried this please let me know. I am emailing Rene my findings as I do believe it is strange and possibly worthy of reporting or making a video of.

AT&T at Starbucks if the very basic. I think that is some of the problem. The hot spots are on the low end. I have the same issues with an iPhone 4S. Just did a speed test with the iPhone. Ping 54ms, download 0.12 Mbps, and upload 0.41Mbps. There is no one on a computer except me at this time. That is pitiful readings, but what do you expect for free. At home the iPad flys, no problem.

I've noticed this when using mywi. The iPad 3 just kept losing connection and I could only get it to work by rebooting my phone. The iPad also intermittantly told me the password I use for mywi was wrong. The doesn't happen with my laptop nor iPad 1. The iPad 3 seems fine on regular wifi.
Also, how do I leave comment using the imore app so I don't have to switch to this old tipb app to comment?

I had problems with my new iPad wifi. I've searched on many websites, and I found a very simple solution, guess what, it works! Now my iPad is perfect. It's about some cases makes by Pong Research, they have a new technology for fix iPad wifi troubles.