RIM shows off BlackBerry 10 -- What they'll be putting up against iOS 6 and iPhone 5!

RIM shows off BlackBerry 10 -- What they'll be putting up against iOS 6 and iPhone 5!

At BlackBerry World 2012, RIM has finally given us a sneak preview of their next generation BlackBerry 10 operating system. It won't be released until later in 2012, likely pitting it head-to-head against iOS 6 and iPhone 5,1, and a lot can change, but here's some of what we've seen so far:

  • Highly gesture based. That'll be quick for power-users who become familiar with the system, but RIM will have to work hard to make it discoverable enough to get new users on board.
  • Sliding layers of information. Something that looks like an extension of Twitter for iPad, you can slide the screen aside to see notifications behind, slide layers over to get more information, etc.
  • Virtual keyboard. Looks very BlackBerry, works to "learn" how each individual types so it can personalize the experience. Presents words you can "flick up" to enter. (See CrackBerry's coverage of the BlackBerry 10 keyboard.)
  • Time travel camera. When you take a picture, it records frames before and after and you can pick the perfect shot from that period of time. Be interesting to see what resolution they can get out of that.
  • They also showed off what looked like the BlackBerry 10 versions of FaceTime and AirPlay, on both phones and the PlayBook, stressing their ecosystem play.

Right now there's only the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha to actually get hands-on with, and again a lot can change between now and "later this year" when they release, especially in so competitive a market. A lot of their initial keynote sounded like something straight out of CrackBerry Kevin's smartphone hierarchy of needs. Whether they can focus, target, and most importantly, ship, remains to be seen.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Will BlackBerry 10 make RIM competitive again? Anything you see in BlackBerry 10 that you'd like to see in iOS 6?

Source: CrackBerry.com

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Not says:

Really? Did you watch a different video than the rest of us did? lol
This won't win any awards. The problem RIM and everyone else that's trying to be the new thing is this.... none of them have something NEW and refreshing when they come to market. They all have a copy of something. What they need to understand is that first to market with something that revolutionizes a market is the company that reinvents that market and leads it. It's as simple as that. Wheels are no longer amazing just because someone makes a new looking one, but the guy who made the first one revolutionized/invented that market.

Jack Bauer says:

Wow you're ignorant.
Everyone has got a wheel. It's all about the hubcaps now. And looking at the bb10 software, and functions no other phone has, I'd say they've got some pretty sweet hubcaps.

Collapsed says:

I'll totally buy this phone when it will appear. I'm willing to change my iPhone&ipad for a BB 10&PlayBook

siddo_d says:

because he wants to....

sean says:

Its not even a proper phone it's a developer phone that will not be available to consumers... its just so they can try apps on them these phones will not be on sale

ATInsider says:

Why? Because the new Blackberry 10 hardware should be enough to blow Apple's iPones out of the water IMO. Don't talk about the iPads, they don't compare to the superior Playbooks that will do laps around a overpriced iPad(s).
Apple? Why pay for the name? They lack so much... Yes I owned both BB7 and iPone 4, sold the iPhone a few months after I got it, no thanks,

taz says:

and what it wont be competing against android 5.0 and wp8 right..guess only ios 6 lol

Darkmx2000 says:

Impressive! But at the same time it looks very similar to IOS interface wise.

iJobs 4 says:

Similar?? You must be smoking something really strong if you're serious about what you said.

Darkmx2000 says:

Explain to me what you saw in that video thats any difference from what's already out from IOS, and Android? There's is nothing there could or would make me want to jump ship. I have no faith in RIM anymore.

Loren says:

That was not very impressive video. If that's all they have then they are in trouble. Plus, I could live with out the flashy colors and edits.

Taichou says:

Impressive, yes.. but we have seen this befor with RIM. showing us something a new device (BB Playbook) will be able to do but when it is released it is not able to deliver on the goods.

Mister-E says:

They did deliver the goods, a year late, but they did.

ATInsider says:

If this looks and feels like you are using a Playbook but a smaller version, then this should be a big win for RIM.

Sandy says:

Not sure about anyone else but that typing function looks like it would take longer than just typing the words out...not so impressed with the Blackberry thing...

Dean says:

The predicted word appears at the next letter you would be typing so you dont need to change the direction of your finger, just swipe up if its the correct prediction and it completes your word. It's much faster than any other predictive text IMO.

iPhoneDon797 says:

The predictive word gesture is pretty neat I must admit. I would it would take a bit of practice though.

Trini-34 says:

Sandy, you are stating that the keyboard looks harder to type on? That's the same thing people said about the iphone's keyboard and you all provde them wrong. Predictive typing will be hard for someone who DON'T DO but very easy for someone who DOES... figure that out!


I'm sure this will be released in summer '13 in typical RIM fashion and be behind the times. Hope they can deliver

genzero says:

Shouldn't the upcoming iPhone be referred to as 6,1!? iPhone 4S is the fifth gen.

arin.failing says:

nope... the iphone 4S was an iteration, if you will, of the fourth generation iphone with efforts to add a few, albeit substantial, extra features and specs.

OnlyOneJK says:

It will just be called the iPhone. Just like the new iPad. Moving away from numbering system. We can argue about generation as long as we want, but all signs are pointing to "The new iPhone"

Tyson says:

With that y theory the iphone 4 would be the 3rd, since the 3gs was an iteration of the 3g.

Moose1331 says:

I didn't find it very impressive. It looks nice, but so do iPhones and Androids. If that's the "feature video" then they're going to miss the mark. Nothing groundbreaking there.

Exwindz says:

Id buy one.
The BBM and RIM Email is the best bit, and a lot more practical for me than stuff like FaceTime and all the apps. Although Sky Go is one of my favorite iPhone apps....

Simon Sage says:

I just hope RIM doesn't ditch physical keyboards. The virtual keyboard is neat and all, but physical keys are right now a defining advantage of BlackBerry.

KungFuGrip says:

I agree, although the thought (over at CB) appears to be that the initial release of BB10 phones will be touch screen, followed by '13 releases of the physical keyboard devices - namely the flagship device, the Bold.
For everyone else, I understand the hesitance to believe this will be actually delivered on-time, but let's just wait and see. And to those automatically dismissing anything that's not iOS or Android, well... smh... grow up.

scottae316 says:

Great observation, there is enough room for 4 ecosystems in the smart phone world. I have used iOS, Android, and Palm, I presently use BB7 and WP7.5 and am thinking of coming back to iOS depending on what the next iOS/iPhone brings to the table. People are different and so should the phone os's. If iOS works for you great, if WP7, fine. We need choice to drive these os's and phone manufactures to continue to innovate. That is what the original iPhone did to the smartphone category

Analog Spirit says:

Exactly. The more, the merrier. I've used BB, WinMo, Android (Eclair), and iOS (in that order). I'm currently "dual-wielding" both my iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1 and my GSM Galaxy Nexus on Android 4.0 ICS. I like them both, for different reasons. I've been wanting to add a WP7.5 device to my little collection (especially a Nokia Lumia 900), but I'm waiting for WP8. I'd even consider a BB 10 device, based on what I've seen in this video. I like all the OSs; each has its ups and downs. There's room for 4, at least. Maybe even more someday. More choice and competition in the mobile marketplace drives further innovation and benefits us all.

Premium1 says:

By the time they release it apple will have already copied everything and say they revolutionized it and try to sue RIM for "copying" them

Blue says:

Nah, Blackberry probably stole tho all from iOS 6

Coach Albino says:

I suppose that "flick up" thing is interesting but not sure there's enough there to get me overly excited. I just typed out a large text on my iPhone and probably got 2 words typed out correctly and 0 typos by the end of it. Love that.

arin.failing says:

wow... i like that the phone looks like some of the iPhone-without-a-home-button concepts. if blackberry can pull off the completely gesture-based phone (with great success), then, yeah, i think that competition will heat up. i'm a complete Apple fanboy (and will never ditch my iPhone), but this phone looks really cool.

DDS0728 says:

Remember...the actual phone used in this video is only the Dev Alpha demo unit. This is not going to be the final phone design. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product launch. I have an iPhone and a BlackBerry PlayBook, and if they can deliver a half-way decent phone...I'll definitely jump on the BB10 train. An iPhone and iPad are two separate (awesome) experiences...but a PlayBook and BlackBerry device combo creates a totally unique way of communicating that is really amazing. I can only imagine what that experience will be like with a new BB10 device. Not hating on Apple....but I'm also not discrediting or counting out RIM just yet.

cardfan says:

Would have to see more but looks interesting. It goes without saying that iOS is looking pretty dated. But when even BB starts boasting of better screens than the iphone.. Let's just say Apple better have something other than Siri up its sleeves later this year.

Spade says:

"It goes without saying that iOS is looking pretty dated."
Actually, I would have to challenge that assertion. I don't hear this kind of opinion at all from regular folks. It only seems to come up in the tech blogosphere bubble, which is hardly representative of the population at large.
I'd greatly appreciate some further explanation of what, precisely, looks so "dated" about iOS, and which other UI paradigms look so much more modern in comparison.

Trexwarrior says:

^^^^^^Watches too much big bang theory... lol

tlo07 says:

There is no such thing as "too much Big Bang Theory"!

BruvvaPete says:

I don't see anything that has changed with the iOS user interface since the launch of the iPhone. I also believe it's dated and that's not taking anything away from the phone's cabailities

yankle says:

probably wont have an email client at launch :P

kidmac13 says:

For anyone watching this video that didn't actually watch the keynote speech, there's a lot more than just an updated keyboard, as stated in the article. And as a Blackberry user(who also has an iphone) id say its more than enough to be excited about, even more so if that's not even the finished product.

jsigler says:

I'm not a fanboy of either phone, I have an iPhone and a BB Bold 9930. I love things about both phones.
In the video I see some good things. If they deliver something similar it will be hard to say that one is light years better than they other unless you bleed Apple cider or Molson beer.

Lizander says:

Im actually very excited for them. Hopefully they release it on time. Competition is always better. Windows phone looks great, this looks great as well. I love it.I love my iPhone but if no one keeps Apple on their toes they will stop innovating like it happens to every company.

Vanti says:

I just hope developers get on board and support this thing with app's because as great as it may be or however much potential it has.... without a strong app foundation and ecosystem it will die.....

Spade says:

It's ironic that you would reference "CrackBerry Kevin’s smartphone hierarchy of needs", as (according to the New York Times) the prototypes RIM is handing out to developers are missing some key elements of the pyramid's foundations:
"Among the features missing on the prototype phones given to software developers was the ability to actually make phone calls or access wireless networks."
I realize this is an early alpha release and all, but how are devs supposed to do useful app testing on devices without wireless access?

Paunngaq says:

Actually if you watched one of the videos while a dev was signing up for the Dev 10 Alpha they were given a sim card with a certain amount of minutes on it and the dev was able to sign in to the wireless network at the Blackberry Jam event. So the New York Times were blowing smoke.

BruvvaPete says:

The Times grossly misrepresented the BB10 Dev Alpha by initially calling the device the new BB10. They later put up a correction but from reading the initial article it was clear the reporter not only did not attend the conference, but was making assumptions without doing homework necessary to write a proper story.

BruvvaPete says:

I might also add that wireless access is not a requirement to test apps

TiNuts says:

Would love to see blackberry be relevant again. Doubt it will happen though.

Drdanes1 says:

I will not switch from my iphone to anywhere for now. There's a lot more to make this move than just the beauty of a phone. But I would love for RIM to step it up and this seems to be a step in the right direction. I only hope they learned from the playbook release and do the right thing which is release on time and make sure you have a appealing software integration as this could be the last chance.

DarshOne says:

looks like theyre finally stepping it up, but that keyboard looks horrifically complicated. however i am biased as i feel the whole point of a keyboard is to type, not have the computer assume what youre going to say and hunt and pick for suggestions. the only thing stupider than that is using speech to text for sms conversations.

gquaglia says:

The iphone/ipad keyboard is and continues to be the worst when compared with Android, WP7 and now BB10. It's auto correct is terrible and they better get on fixing it now. It also doesn't help when typing on a tiny 3.5 inch screen.

ThePenguin says:

I have found the iPhone virtual keyboard, even in portrait mode, is much easier than any Android device. It is one of the main reasons why I have an iPhone and not an Android phone.

Analog Spirit says:

"Easier than any Android device?" I wouldn't say "any." Not all Android phones or their keyboards are created equal. I have my tried-and-true iPhone 4 and an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus, and I find the GNex's keyboard and overall typing experience to be way more user-friendly (for me) than that of the iPhone. Of course, people's preferences for keyboards will vary. Different strokes for different folks...
The iPhone's keyboard is actually one of the best touchscreen keyboards out there. But it's just a little too cramped and small for me. My GNex's bigger screen and keyboard are just far easier for me to read and type on with my big hands. Plus I can always switch to a different keyboard if I don't like the stock one. I don't have that option on my iPhone (unless I jailbreak it). I will still keep my iPhone, tho, as I like to use all the different OSs. I'd even consider using this BB 10 device in the video (or a later production version of it), 'cos I like what RIM did with the keyboard and the camera.

tlo07 says:

I will be anxious to see how BB10 pans out but I'm assuming thats not what the hardware will look like, right? That is about as attractive as a black shoe box with an LED light.

breadmanjp says:

I was a Storm I and Storm 2 user and got so frustrated and sick of "battery pulls" two and three times a day. I have a BB Curve issued by work and an iPhone4s personal phone and the iPhone blows away anything the BB could do. Storms had the worst browser ever and even Opera didn't help. I would need to be really impressed with their OS to ever buy another BB phone.

Mister-E says:

I too was a Storm user and was sick of the battery pulls and the limited amount of apps that could be put on the device due to memory limitations, and I moved on to the iPhone. However, I do own a Playbook and it is awesome, no need for battery pulls (which would not be possible anyway), and what was shown today is very impressive. They just have to get everything right at launch, and I get the feeling they know that.

Analog Spirit says:

Same here, I once had a BB 8320 (the original Curve); it was my first smartphone. I had to do battery pulls at least once a week; later on as my Curve got older, it became more and more frequent, and it got really annoying. But at least I had the option of doing a battery pull if needed. At least then I could put the battery back in and carry on. I would also have to be absolutely blown away by any future BB in order to ever buy one again. From what I've seen of BB 10 thus far, RIM seem to be off on a decent start and I'm actually kinda impressed with it; I hope they can somehow pull it off, for their sake.

peruboy63 says:

We can't tell enough from the video. The video just shows how fluid the gestures are. Will be interesting to see the home screen and app world. Not sure if it will be ground breaking but it will be good to see another competitor.

sockopen says:

This would have been neat in early 2010, way too little, way too late. No one cares, keyboard may only be effective if you're an incredibly slow and terrible typer who is slowly finger poking the keys, and while looking for your next key to poke finds the word you want to use. Absolutely terrible, it's no wonder RIM stock had a huge drop after they embarrassingly displayed this garbage.

men says:

Lol... Actually its probably the best time to buy Rims stock.who cares it has taken this long for a feature or better phone. Everything takes time to perfect. Hence taking so long for MMS,video,even 4G for the iphone. I remember when we finally could get MMS on the iphone. lol good times

Jim says:

It's basically an iPhone with no physical buttons and RIM's spin on the UI. The UI and OS still looks a bit dated but kudos to RIM for trying. Not trying to offend anyone, I'm an avid iPhone and MacBook user but I used to be on BlackBerry so please don't freak out. Just putting my two cents out there like everyone else.

Analog Spirit says:

I used to have a BB too (the BB 8320 Curve), so don't worry; you're not the only one. That old BB lasted me 3 years before it finally died (cellular radio stopped working), and it made me kinda sad to finally have to get rid of it. It also was sad to see RIM just sort of stagnate and get taken out pretty quickly in the mobile marketplace. This prototype BB 10 device in the video doesn't look too interesting by itself hardware-wise; I agree, it does look kinda iPhone-ish, but again, this is just an early prototype and I seriously doubt that later production models will look anything like this. Now if RIM would take a later, more mature and refined iteration of BB 10 and put it in some really solid hardware, with a build quality reminiscent of the BB 9000 Bold (now, that was a nice device in its day!), then they might just have something there. We'll see...

Smeird says:

Bet the video was made on a mac

Analog Spirit says:

LOL Wouldn't that be ironic!

Analog Spirit says:

I had a BB for 3 years (my first smartphone), and I'd actually consider using this BB 10 device in the video (or, rather, a later production version of it) just 'cos I like what RIM have done with the keyboard (with the words you can flick upward into the text) and that cool "time machine" thing they did with the camera. I was pretty impressed by that. I hope that this isn't too little, too late, and that RIM can pull this off and survive. 'Cos I'd hate to see a near-duopoly of just Apple and Google out there, and maybe MS/Nokia with WP as a distant third (I'm rooting for them too). More competition would be better for us all in the long run.

adam says:

apple is becoming so boring.. i owned iphone 2 3 and 4 but i want to switch it.. i'll back to my Blackberry.. i want to try the new os 10.. i owned a bb too..

Robert says:

I think the whole idea behind RIM's predictive text and the flick gesture to select it, is to better enable one handed typing. An idea that sits very well with me. I look forward to the new BlackBerry 10 OS.