WWDC 2012 Keynote now on YouTube: Retina MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, iOS 6

From live blog to stream to iTunes download to YouTube in 5 days flat.

That's right, Apple has now made the WWDC 2012 Keynote, including Tim Cook's bookends, Phil Schiller's Retina MacBook Pro, Craig Federighi's OS X Mountain Lion, and Scott Forstall's iOS 6 presentations, available in handy YouTube format.

Watch it -- or re-watch it! -- above.

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WWDC 2012 Keynote now on YouTube: Retina MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, iOS 6


Maybe Apple is still trying to lure new customers that haven't experienced their devices or assumes that a lot of it's customers are from last year but as a Mac & iOS user for the past four years I have to agree with every word written here - http://mashable.com/2012/06/16...
AppleLover or an average customer (with it's first iPhone in the pocket or not) will basically say the same thing about iOS 6. So this is the iOS that will be measured with Android 5 and Windows 8 for the whole next year ? For the first time I’m afraid what will happen because I thought iOS will be the future, mobile system that will soon replace desktop systems for most. Year after year I lower my expectations but it looks like with all that success Apple isn’t even trying anymore, the more devices they sell, the less they feel should be included/improved. On the other hand I can forgive iOS 6 (and the whole 2012) if Apple will focus on the new iPad and release iOS 7 in May next year, OS X 10.9 with redesigned iMacs in July, iPhone/iPod with 7.1 in September and combine Apple TV + Cinema Display = TV Display (iDisplay) in February.

WWDC 2012 summary - OS X 10.7.5 + iOS 5.5 + NextGen Macbook = disappointment. A minor iOS update with scant features and still Apple tries to silently fragment their lineup. Now it’s not even “the hardware reasoning” and if you check OS X they are doing the same thing – PowerNap, AirPlay only on new Macs, AirDrop on chosen machines but compared to iOS updates you are asked to pay for it.
iPhone 3GS gets an update but iPad 1st gen doesn’t even though it’s not that old. Apple forgot it’s not a phone but a tablet that costs $800. iPad 2 doesn’t get even that voice dictation from 5.1 even though it’s the same as iPhone 4S. Apple forgot they are the same generation devices (the same year, the same specs). For that kind of money those are hardly ‘free updates’ and the less features they develop the less is to divide around.
I have only one thing to say to Apple – if you don’t want to update your products yearly anymore then just say it and cut your device prices in half, I’ll buy them yearly like you obviously want me to. Those keynotes/events are becoming more stressful than enjoyable with "Apple lottery - see what device get what"

The reason the iPad 1 is not supported is because it is a discontinued device. The iPad 2 is still be sold new with a minor processor change at $399. The iPhone 3G S is still being, as well as the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th gen. These devices will receive some level of iOS 6 only because they are devices that are still in production. The second any of these are discontinued, most likely the iPhone 3G S this Fall with new iPhone revealed, you can expect that support will end for the 3G S at iOS 6.1 and get no iOS 7.

Another groundbreaking, incredible, unfathomable iOS that BLOWS my mind, Facebook and 200 tweaks ;-) All of this took only a year and my device will be completely different. How do you like them apples ? Joking aside I can only ask “is this for real ?”
Also iPad could use more innovation, if iPhone gets specific exclusive features, iPad should have more ‘tablet only’ options (like gestures). But they would rather pretend it’s the same and later take away a few things here, take some more there and proudly announce “our devices run only one version of iOS”. iPhone 3GS, 4 and 1st gen iPad owners unfortunately know it's only the same version in number.

It gets better and better ? Only not better than competition anymore. I remember there was a new iPad keynote and iOS always getting two major updates a year so does anybody know where’s that sweet 5.1 or 5.2 ? Looks like iPad got shafted this year because I don’t see different features added.

The number of updates obviously changed. When the iPhone released in June it would get x.0 and in the Fall iPod would come out with some new features in iOS in X.1, and iPad in march would bring X.2 release. Sometimes bug fixes and stuff would bring us X.2.1.
Now, the iPhone still launches with X.0, but the iPad launches with X.1. The iPods will also launch with X.0 from now. They streamlined the update process is all, but of course they will x.x.x releases for security and bug problems just no new features.

1:18:57 - When talking about Eyes Free, looks like Apple is showing the new form factor for the next iPhone...