Three month old iPhone reportedly combusts in Finnish man’s back pocket

Three month old iPhone reportedly combusts in Finnish man’s back pocket

A three month old iPhone has reportedly combusted in a user’s pocket in Finland. According to the report, the iPhone was safely stored in his pants back pocket when smoke started to appear. The phone was ripped from his pocket and thrown to the ground. The whole incident was caught on a security camera.

The iPhone, which looks like an iPhone 3GS rather than the later iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S models, ended up in a bad way. We have heard a similar story recently when an iPhone started to behave in the same way when on an Australian aircraft. After investigation, it was found to be caused by a third party battery replacement. This time however the iPhone is said to be only three months old and it's unknown what may have caused it.

While there have been legitimate battery problems in everything from laptops to mp3 players from Apple and other manufacturers, it's impossible to count out publicity stunts or other possibilities until more information is known.

Source: SK24 via 9t05 Mac

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Reader comments

Three month old iPhone reportedly combusts in Finnish man’s back pocket

  1. He was sat on the phone in his van. That could have caused strain or cracking on the phone/battery.
  2. A "three month old" phone could mean "I've only have it for 3 months" (ie bought second hand and repaired)
  3. Why would you walk over and touch something like that that is still smoking?

I call fake on it.

this is fake just by the way they reacted if you see something smoking you wouldn't go and touch it and the phone was smoking in the car before he came out

It seems not quite 'real' to me.They seem so calm. They are position just perfect for the camera to see the entire scene; and no one leaves the view... If my "3-month old" iPhone started doing that, I'm sure my chubby body would be more animated than they are. And a person before me is correct: who touches a smoking device? If you had to throw it away from you, would you immediately retrieve and pick it up? I'd not just leave it there for eternity, but I am sure I'd try at least fanning it to stop the smoke, or use some bag or towel, etc. to pick it up with.

Sorry, looks very staged. The friend comes over, and checkes out the phone, not the so called victim, to see if he was hurt. Time to call mythbusters.

sooo... fake... U can tell by the location and placement of the camera...
by the way how the victim walks to the middle of the stage... all very badly staged by some bunch of amateur Nokia freaks...oh DUDE

Funny how he's just waiting in the van and how the camera moves the whole time. what a prime location to celebrate the 4th with a smoke bomb.

Why would anyone put an iPhone in their back pocket. Put the thing in a case unless you just must make it visible for everyone to see.

I'm not gonna comment on the Video, but I have to say I'm amazed that all the iPhone experts here and no one can clearly see that is an iPhone 4 front he is holding in the photo... Where did this "which looks like an iPhone 3GS rather than the later iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S models" come from?

Looks like someone wanted a cheap iPhone (free - assuming they are free there) so went with the 3GS. Put this video up in hopes of getting a 4S as a replacement.

FAKE, besides what kind of idiot drives a van with their iphone in their back pocket. That thing is not exactly anatomically correct if you know what I mean. Its like sitting on a George Costanza wallet.
And a wire was still connected, who does that?
A little to convenient if you ask me.

totally fake! i mean, pure coincidence that he was around a surveillance camera and iPhone literally starts exploding. and just like they mentioned here, his reaction was not natural, you can see he was anticipating it to happen. lol, epic fail!
~For the Alliance!

If you were Finnish you could read the article... It says it's from the surveillance camera and they just filmed it from the screen (look at the left top corner, it's not hard to figure out...).
It's not fake... But nice try appleboys

I don't think anyone is claiming the video itself is fake, just the situation itself. It does look as though it is perfectly staged, and the reactions are a little less than what most would consider authentic.

Come on guys, this isnt news theres a report of this sort of thing for every new product, for example my lunch spontaniously combusted today so im starting a class action lawsuit against hovis...

While I don't necessarily think the video is fake (I would poke around a smoking phone myself), it certainly can't be blamed on Apple no matter how old the phone is. He was sitting on the thing.

I have a completely different explanation.
The phone's electrical components are sparking the methane buildup in this dude's pants from this person's flatulence.
Solution? Less Taco Bell.