Google Drive vs. Dropbox vs. SkyDrive redux

How does Google Drive stack up against other cloud storage services?

Now that Google has released an official Google Drive for iOS app, I figured it was a good idea to update our cloud storage head-to-head to get an even better idea of how the new, improved Google Drive stacks up against both Dropbox and SkyDrive.

When Google Drive launched there was no iOS app, and to access your information you had to use mobile Safari. Does the native Google Drive app make a big difference? Does its lack of upload capabilities make any differences negligible?

I you're still debating which service is better for you, head on over to our updated Google Drive vs. Dropbox vs. SkyDrive and check it out.

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Google Drive vs. Dropbox vs. SkyDrive redux


Otixo is probably the best. Combine all your services in one web app, with WebDAV server built in so it works with iWork for iOS. Just no iOS app yet :(

I chose the 3 apps that are most widely used and supported by 3rd party developers. While Sugar Sync is great these 3 are the ones I felt most people would be trying to choose between.

I can see that as a logical explanation. That said i'd think considering how long Sugarsync has been around and how short google drive has been out there would be more downloads of sugar sync. I have no way of knowing that for sure though, obviously. I mean I don't use google drive even though i use gmail. I however think it is an error to merely tell people about the 3 apps that are already "widely" used. Seems to me like telling people what they are already familiar with rather then a thorough discussion of many options. I'd argue should be in the discussion as well. I'd also argue that 3rd party support is but one characteristic to judge an app but not a reason not to discuss an apps merits. And honestly if the discussion always ignores all but dropbox, skydrive etc, of course there will be less third party support. Interestingly, one of the few apps i have that interface with my online documents, Quickoffice, doesn't support one of the "top 3". It does supports sugarsync and box but not skydrive. It says google docs but don't know if that equates to google drive as well. Sot interestingly, one of my few third party developers doesn't support one of the top 3 (does dropbox).

Regardless, it is your post. no hard feelings. It is only my opinion. It is no more correct then anyone else. Just an opinion. Thanks for you post and response. For the record, my main client is dropbox simply for the huge amount of storage it gives. It gives me headroom to store lots of images. That said. i also have the same content minus the space hogging pictues in sugarsync. I have dropbox but it's unused. Take care.

I think that is the Joule iPad Stand in Satin Silver. I saw it on elementcasedotcom. It says it's $89. I don't know anything about about it as i don't own an iPad. I merely googled silver iPad stand. Looks cool though.

Perhaps the Box network storage should also be reviewed, considering it does everything server side, it gives users 50gig of free storage and was recently updated in the AppStore (last week)

Cubby is new, but easily the best, even though it's still beta'ing. 5gb free, 1gb for each person you refer, and unlimited p2p. Also the fact its made from a company like LogMeIn.