Poll: Which next-gen iOS device do you want the most?

There will almost certainly be an iPhone 5 this fall, likely October, and it may well come with a 4-inch, 16:9 screen and an LTE radio for super-fast networking. But is that the next-generation iOS device you want most?

Rumors are also running hot and heavy about a new addition to the iOS family, the first new addition since 2010 -- a 7.85-inch iPad mini. With the same powerful specs as the iPad 2, but in a much smaller package, it could be easier to carry, cheaper to buy, and much more attractive for education and mobile business. Is that the iOS device you've been lusting over?

The iPod touch hasn't been updated since the fall of 2010, so if Apple gives their gaming handheld the same kind of 4-inch, 16:9 inch screen, and maybe a redesign, would that be your dream iOS device?

Some kind of Apple TV variant? A full on Apple television? A larger screened iPad? Or something else entirely?

Which next-gen iOS device is also next on your iOS shopping list? Vote in the poll above, and give me the details in the comments below!

Poll: Which next-gen iOS device do you want the most?

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Poll: Which next-gen iOS device do you want the most?


Looking forward to this fall's iPhone (6th gen). The trusty old '4' still runs perfectly (and gets spectacular battery life, even after 2 years) but I feel the need for speed.

The contract on my iP4 dies this month, so I can't wait for a new phone with what looks to be a great feature set. I'm happy with my full size iPad 2, and will be updating to the next full size version in 2013 (unless, of course, the Mayans were right). October can't get here fast enough.

The next iphone.

In the ipad department, i think the most anticipated feature already happened, the screen. A non retina mini ipad? Not if you have an ipad already. As mentioned then, future updates to ipad will pale in comparison post retina. The ATV3 was such a disappointment (from the ATV2) that it really sets the bar low from what I'd expect out of Apple there along with the awful UI changes.

I checked the "Other" in the Poll above because an Apple TV(a real TV) is my most longed for Apple product. However, since I do not believe that will happen this year, the 2012 iPhone is the device I want most right now.

I think BJones718 may be thinking the same thing, but I want an iPod Nano with Wi-Fi.

It can be the same sized device, maybe a little bigger to fit the radio, and it doesn't need a full-blown web browser or app store. I just want a Wi-Fi radio in there for iCloud syncing and iTunes Store.

I will be bummed if the only change in the iPhone is it's taller. And considering the stale/old/boring nature of the springboard, and the coming integrated features with Win8/Surface/Office, I'm seriously thinking about WP8.

It's time Apple stepped up their game and stop this incrementalization for each new phone.

Apple: please innovate again...I don't want to leave but will if necessary!

I want the iPhone 6th Generation. It sounds better than the so-called iPhone 5 from last fall that was never released.

Honestly, the iPod Touch is in serious (seriously) need of an update. The current 4th gen model is way behind the iPhone and iPad current models. When it comes to things like gaming, you can really see the hardware struggling with some of the new games.

So personally, I'd like to see a 5th gen. iPod Touch. Heck, I'd love it if apple would give us a new iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch!

Picture reminds my of the turtles all the way down image. ;)

Definitely a phone oriented audience here at iMore. Bet a significant fraction of iPhone 4S users will upgrade to the 2012 iPhone.

Anyways, my kids need some iPod touches. Apple ship an A5 w/512 MB with a new 2012 iPod touch, please. I'll be 3 or 4 of them.

Happy with the 4S, and have the new iPad. Really wish I could afford the Retina Mac book pro, but just way too much. I am using Aruia 48 track studio on the iPad, and depending on the project, wish there was more memory. It still is not bad, but the CPU meter on what I would call a medium project, is running at 47-50%. That would be my biggest wish for the iPhone, and iPad. More memory, and ram, a lot more.

iPhone5, please. I'm waiting to switch back to an iPhone, and my current contract is up this Autmn, and I'm eligible for an upgrade in a few weeks.