iPod touch rumored to get colorful at September 12 event

Back in July, iMore learned there'd be new iPods alongside the iPhone 5 at Apple's now-confirmed September 12, and later that the new iPod touch would also be getting the new 4-inch, 16:9 screen. Now reports are coming in that Apple might keep the old model around at the low price point, and introduce some new colors to the equation as well. That's according to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac:

We’re also told that these new $299 and $399 iPod models (which we assume are new iPod touches) will come in multiple variations. Perhaps, for the first time, the new iPod touches will come in various colors, but that’s just what we’re inferring, not confirming.

Apple has famously kept the iPhone 3G around for 2 additional years, and the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 for over a year, and they've previously kept older generation iPod touches around at the entry level as well, so no huge surprises there. Apple can't give the iPod touch a 4-inch makeover and keep a bargain basement starting price, so they'll go with the tried and true something old, something new strategy.

Gurman also says the iPod shuffle will be going to 8 colors, up from 5, and that the iPod nano sounds like a completely new model. Check out the whole story via the link below. Then come back and tell us which, if any, iPod touch is on your shopping list this year?

Source: 9to5Mac

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iPod touch rumored to get colorful at September 12 event


OMG! I am going to be so broke!!!! New iPhone, my current iPod is crazy old, my late 2009 iMac is especially long in the tooth...

I hope you're not thinking on getting a new iPhone and iPod touch because that would be stupid. Why? Because an iPhone has all the features of an iPod touch already and more...

I want a new iPhone so bad. I went to Android when I switched to tmobile and I miss my iPhone. Can't wait until next week to find out more!

"Apple has famously kept the iPhone 3G around for 2 additional years...". I think you're missing a "S".