*Rolls Dice*: 25% and #2 in North America

It's true, I did find the linkbait. Whatever the charts mean, the iPhone is selling well in North America. Whether or not it's beating Windows Mobile (which it appears to be) or behind the BlackBerry (which it appears to be), the relevant bit is this: it's a close race, it's anyone's game, and the iPhone is doing spectacularly given the amount of time it has been available.

If you'd like to talk about the numbers, I'll recommend this thread over at WMExperts, where the community is actively defending and disputing the numbers. The iPhone is the purple one in the charts. If you'd prefer to comment that this is a nice looking graph or that there is enough purple on the chart to satisfy you or that you just like purple, you can comment here.

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*Rolls Dice*: 25% and #2 in North America


Well how about this:
The horizontal size is also relevant - it's the relative size of each market. To Wit: the European market is gargantuan and the US market is puny. In fact, it may even be smaller than the last version of this chart that I saw.
So yeah, that's why I'm trying out s60 on the n95-3. That and the lightsabre app. (yes, with the 're,' as it was made by a Brit, natch)

Horizontal size isn't relevant to readers of this site as of yet, as the Euro sales data isn't factored into these charts -- Euro sales only started this quarter. The iPhone is barely available in Europe so far. Just 3 nations!
That was a nice looking graph, and I like purple.