iPhone Jailbreak 1.1.3

jailbroken iphone

Looks like our set of Native iPhone Apps articles are relevant again for a whole swath of people, as it looks like version 1.1.3 has not only been Jailbroken, but that Jailbreak is now live for both Windows and Mac. This comes after some drama yesterday regarding whether or not the impending Jailbreak release was some sort of prank. The Unofficial Apple Weblog, as is often does, had the last word and said they knew it was coming, and come it did.

So, 1.1.3'ers, will you be (re)Jailbreaking your iPhone?

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Dieter Bohn

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iPhone Jailbreak 1.1.3


Waiting to hear how/if this works on unlocked phones running on other carriers (legit German unlocks, of course, not desperate unloved Canadians resorting to whatever they can for some iPhony goodness...)

There is a entire sub-business inside of the area of the mobile cellphone market place location relevant to the jailbreak or unlocking of the cellular phones so that they can be employed on any cellular network, and latest Supreme Court selections in the USA handed down have confirmed that the jailbreak sector is legal and authentic. That is, stop-consumer consumers are really inside of their legal rights to do what they wish to their cellular telephone handset to allow the mobile phone to operate on other network carriers which is commonly regarded as jailbreak or unlocking the network block.
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