What do you think of iOS 6 Maps? [Poll]

So iOS 6 has been out for over a week now, and that means everyone has had a chance to test out the new iOS 6 Maps apps for over a week. So what do you think of it? Is it the best Maps app ever? Is it okay with a few rough edges? Is it bad but you hope it gets better? Or is it a totally mapping disaster?

Back before Apple even announced the new Maps app at WWDC 2012, Rene wrote a post on what to expect in terms of both potential features and problems. And I dare say it's turned out to be pretty accurate. Do you think people were expecting too much? Or do you think Apple failed to deliver too much? Should Apple have done a better job warning users that there might be growing pains?

Apple can make beautiful map tiles and fancy flyover views all they want, but if the core map data isn't accurate, it's a big problem. If it's accurate in some places and terrible in others, that's still a big problem. Especially since Google doesn't seem likely to have a Google Maps app ready for the App Store any time soon, and the Google Maps mobile website is a stop-gap at best.

I know you've got an opinion on this one, so vote up top and tell me how you really feel in the comments!

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What do you think of iOS 6 Maps? [Poll]


Please... If you've ever used any other maps app, you'd know Google on iOS was worse than NFL replacement refs. Navigon is far better than google will ever be on iOS.

I think Apple has done a great job with the maps app. The design goes by all of Apple's principles. Keep things simple. Friendly. Its aesthetically superior to what Google offers. Of course, it lacks details - which will eventually come as more and more people use it.

The layout is very nice. Going to be the best as soon as its perfected with data. Looks so Apple and so iPhone, upscale you know. Good job, just work around clock to make the data better than that terrible ass google maps we had!

As of now it's good. It can only get better. Just like anything else new, it takes time to perfect, especially if user input is being used to better the experience and correct any problems.

For navigation, I find that the new Apple app is beautiful and works very well. I also love to read maps, and for that I find Google far superior. However, for reading maps, I also don't mind using the web app, so for me, iOS6 is a better solution than iOS5 was.

For me the best part is that Apple is starting a "map war", and competition should result in better maps for everyone involved. Soon there will be a Google maps app for iOS, and Google will need to keep it competitive with Apple or no one will use it.

I wish the middle choice was more clear.....seems like this poll was made to make everyone select the 2nd choice basically....another iMore iFail.

People, this is NOT about the Maps app!

Well, the Maps app is sort of OK, yes. But the real problem, and I'm wondering why nobody's talking about that, is the Maps API that virtually is unusable right now!
So, everything bad about the Maps app, you will get in every app that uses Apple's Maps API, like many of those GPS app, for example.

I don't know how it works for you, but here the resolution of the satellite images changed from "I can tell if my neighbor is bald or not" to "I can hardly tell if there is a neighboring town". Resolution seems to get as low as 30m per pixel or even worse, sometimes with big clouds rather than clear view of the ground.

So, well, the Maps app itself may be nice, but the API became more or less unusable. I don't get how Apple could launch something like that. Mobile me all over again?!

I've seen first hand the comedic errors Maps/Siri can make but also experienced the brilliant elegance and simplicity that the pairing was designed to accomplish. I'm really happy with the app on the whole and see the errors in accuracy as something that can and likely WILL be corrected in an appropriate amount of time...

I like that I can zoom out while remaining in location-tracking mode (whatever you call it when the map scrolls automatically as you drive). And I think it's easier to see the names of upcoming roads. BUT, I can't believe the indicator for this is a light purple. It's almost indistinguishable form the inactive gray arrow in sunlight.

I haven't update to iOS 6. But from reviews I had read, I though the maps is so so bad, but after seing the result of this vote, I'm suprised that almost 60% people are satisfied. Hmm not that bad then.

I think there are 2 reasons for that:
1) The maps seem to work better in some areas than others, so where they are good people are satisfied
2) The whole issue is blown way out of proportion. IMO Google maps also got significantly worse when Google started using their own map data (instead of NAVTEQ for example). So for me Apple's bad maps versus Google's bad maps isn't that big of a difference.

I actually prefer the new maps to the old. As I use an excellent transit app, I don't miss that feature. Flyover is not quite as great as street view, but it has it's own advantages. I very much like the turn by turn which was a big fail in the old maps. One complaint (presumed lack of businesses on the map) appears to be a choice of what to display rather than missing data. Neither Google maps nor Apple's show all businesses when generally browsing and clearly they have different criteria. What is obvious is that it's not the old Google maps that many are intimately familiar with, ergo it's an automatic fail for many.

Contrast is not high enough, everything is pale excep the highways, parks and water. You basically MUST use turn by turn to be able to see the street names. People keep forgeting that Google maps were used more for the content than for the routing. Now I can't find what is close to me, like a restaurant or a school. For driving around I think that the free WAZE is much better, infast I still use Waze. The new maps are only cool to show to other non i-savy people to show off the 3D ... but that's about it. And you are right map app is simple, way too simple. Would it hurt Apple to put an advanced option in the app ?

The maps really do work great for me in Seattle. I think unfortunately the database is lacking in many other areas (I've heard it is particularly bad in London).

It's passable for US people, but in dozens of countries it's almost unusable where google maps was really good.

Some fanboys think we whine too much but the truth is that in many markets this new maps app is simply unacceptable. Huge step back for iphone users that have invested a lot into iOS.

The good: navigation is great (although I don't see myself using it much, since my truck has built-in nav)...
The bad: lots of incorrect locations. When looking for a store or business, the pin seems to fall "close" to the actual location, but not on the actual spot. A few times, it has placed the pin as far as a couple of blocks away.
I guess they are a work in progress, to say the least. Much like Siri was at first launch, promising, but not quite cooked to perfection just yet.

Like the turn by turn. I do miss street view. That gave you an idea of the address you were looking for. I still use MotionX which I like better, but Apple maps will improve.

I only used Maps for Traffic and Street View. After reading Maps as a hobby when I was a kid and taking public transit everyday, I pretty much zero dependent on maps. When I do drive, I just use maps to get a traffic view and I'm set.

While flyover is nice, I really do miss street view though, it was a nice feature I enjoyed playing with to get a better of cities I haven't been too.

I find it somewhat hard to believe that I seem to be the only one missing the old Maps' API - Apple didn't just change it for the Maps App, but for all the other apps that have been using the API...

Am I the only one who has ever used maps in an app other than "Maps"?

The only place I've noticed the Maps API failing horribly is in Maps+, which was basically a "better" Google maps app. Except now it doesn't have Google, so it is essentially useless. I haven't tried too many others yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if some of them were useless now too.

Turn by turn worked perfectly driving to SF and back. And it was a slightly tricky place to get to: Fort Point, under the Golden Gate Bridge. Driving off the suggested route caused no problems. It automatically and instantly compensated.

The vector-based drawing is smooth and awesome. No need for ultra-detailed satellite views when you're actually going somewhere. The satellite views are great, but they're more like a "virtual tour" of interesting sights (and they do take longer to load.)

Navigation: not great, angle is too high in the air, doesn't detect addresses that it has in the yelp database even though siri is referring to yelp pages, layout is needlessly confusing with buttons nonexistent or hidden, short of features other nav programs have. my cell service is spotty so i'm not that keen on not having maps on board. the maps suck at zooming in and twisting and turning. There's always a giant green sign in the middle of the screen obscuring the map. I've gone back to Waz a way way way better nav program and my primary standalone 5 year old Garmin as it's rock solid. Apple's directions are usually ok but usability sucks and waz and Garmin do both perfectly fine.

Maps: i honestly don't care about maps. i don't use them much. I don't care about transit directions. That said google simply is way way way better. But again i don't care and don't use that. Navigation i'd use. I really hope Google releases their navigation program.

Do we know HOW the maps will be updated as people start using them- does it use crowd sourcing (comparing roads that people travel down against the map, say, or altering a business location position or address if enough people submit the same information?) or does some poor sap have to verify everything that people submit?

Do we know HOW the maps will be updated as people start using them- does it use crowd sourcing (comparing roads that people travel down against the map, say, or altering a business location position or address if enough people submit the same information?) or does some poor sap have to verify everything that people submit?

Despise. Really, Apple, where is the public transportation option? I live in a city and rely on that info. Seriously makes me want to downgrade...

No public transportation or walking directions??? Epic fail. The new maps is great for drivers but for those who live in cities and depend on public transpo and even walking directions this app leaves you out in the cold :(

Due to the fact that I've been in China for the past month, the new maps are significantly better than what was on iOS5. Many people have reported the same, that in China, the new maps show many more POIs, are more accurate, more detailed, just plain better than what we had before.

I'm fortunate to be in an area of the US that has good map info so it works well for me. when I tried it on a business trip in France last week it was very light on POI info (restaurants I was standing in front of didn't show up on the map).

good but needs more info.

Ive used the new maps several time and they were actually to go places that were off the beaten path so to speak and have not been disappointed yet. Thats not to say that that has been everyones experience but since I used to own a Droid, I feel that this is definitely a step in the right direction with the potential to be a great navigation app. My opinion of course.

I'm happy with maps, google maps and earth isn't perfect either. Maps is more upto date when looking at house with 2D satellite view compare to google. That's way out of date.
I wouldn't be surprised if maps is like Siri and improve either by subtle amounts or by an update.
I have yet to see a perfect digital map.

I drive 100 miles a day and must say that Waze is the best hands down. It may not have all the features of ios6 maps but for driving and avoiding traffic hazards and speed traps its a clear winner. I encourage everyone I know who drives a lot to try waze. I just wish it wasnt on my iphone it sucks the battery dry in no time. Would be nice if someone would make a gps unit that tethers to the phone that has waze on it.

I use the TomTom app for nav, so I am going to be a little slow to adopt anything else. I think I tried to use the old Google Maps for driving directions once or twice right after I got my 4s and wrote it off.

The advantage the built-in maps has is in the API integration. Context based launching (from an address on a webpage, email, contact, etc.) is what makes it so important.

Apple needs to look at the tomtom app and make some of those features available. the apple navigation is kinda nuetered.

The app is nice and I like how I can play music while having siri direct me but many times I have had the app freeze when getting directions. Also today I was testing it for alternative route home to avoid traffic, I asked siri how to get home ( I live 3 miles away from where I was) siri gave me directions that was 8.9 miles total. So yea it needs work.