Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly thanks employees for hard work, extends vacation

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly thanks employees for hard work, extends vacation

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has reportedly sent out a memo thanking employees for their hard work and extending their Thanksgiving vacations so they can spend an entire week relaxing and recharging with their families. 9to5Mac's ace reporter, Mark Gurman, scored a copy of the memo, which includes in part:

In a little over six months we’ve launched outstanding new products in each of our major categories, starting with the new iPad this spring. The response was incredible, and continued to show Apple’s unrivaled leadership in this post-PC era. Over the summer we introduced the radically thin and light 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina display, and shipped Mountain Lion, the fastest-selling update to OS X ever. Today, iPhone 5 is taking the world by storm. And in the next few weeks we’ll ship the new iPod touch and completely redesigned iPod nano with innovative designs that our customers are going to love this holiday season.

Those products listed above have been released at a breakneck pace, even for Apple. Staff has been hunkered down, some working around the clock, for weeks if not longer leading up announcement events and launches. From executives to engineers, it's been a Herculean effort, and one not made any easier by problems associated with iOS 6 Maps. Hopefully this lets everyone take a break, take a breath, and come back better energized and better focused.

Retail staff, of course, will have to keep working, especially with Apple's only annual sale, Black Friday, immediately following Thanksgiving. Cook, however, says their extra days off will be scheduled sometime thereafter.

Read the rest of the memo via the link below.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly thanks employees for hard work, extends vacation


Meanwhile the workers at Foxconn recently had their weekly hours "limited" to just 80 hours per week.

Meh. I had a friend that made the same argument. I had him flip up the tag in his shirt to find a made in China tag. Clothes and shoes are classic sweat shop production. If you really cared about the people of Foxconn, I suggest not wearing clothes from China, Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, or potentially lots of other places.

I hear ya & agree is damn near impossible to avoid it. My point is Apple is worth $1 trillion (& pays very limited taxes I might add). Hanes isn't blowing the world up with record profits.

Point is though. If you are against inhumane treatment, you are against inhumane treatment. What you are saying is it's not okay for Apple but somehow okay for sweatshop workers making clothes because Apple makes more money? I've heard people complain that they won't buy another Apple product because they use Foxconn. Well ... then go hippy and make your own clothes instead of shopping at a store. Because not doing so, makes these complainers hypocrites.

rumors are mid October for the invites to a Apple revealing and it is said that the iPad mini is on the the invite list. Its going to drop like a bomb shell for the holidays