Rumored iPad mini event to be focused on iBooks and education as well as new hardware

Rumored iPad mini event to be focused on iBooks and education as well as new hardwareWe heard yesterday from some very reliable sources that Apple would be holding an event to launch the iPad mini later this month; October 23 to be more precise. Some more information is starting to slip out and it appears that the actual event may be focused on Apple’s iBooks store and of course education. The news comes from The Next Web who has now heard this from multiple sources.

In what will likely be completely unsurprising news to many, we’ve now heard from multiple sources that Apple’s as-yet-unannounced iPad mini event will have a strong focus on iBooks. Since an iPad mini would likely be squarely aimed at those who wish to partake of media on their tablets that would make a lot of sense.

The event will, of course, be primarily devoted a new hardware device, which iMore first reported would be a thinner, cheaper version of Apple’s iPad. But the primary purpose of such a smaller tablet would be to act as a conduit for Apple’s content, namely iBooks publications and movies.

When you think about it, the focus on iBooks does make a lot of sense. The iPad mini would be a killer device in the education market. The fact that it would be a much more affordable device as well would make it perfect for students to carry around with all of their text books stored on it. The iPad mini event is supposedly just around the corner so we will not have much longer to wait to see what Apple has up its sleeve. We would expect the invites for the event to start arriving for the chosen few in the very early part of next week. Who's excited?

Source: The Next Web

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Rumored iPad mini event to be focused on iBooks and education as well as new hardware


I currently use my iPad to read and study, and I think 9.4 inches is at the lower limit of usability. If the device has no e-ink and no retina display, it will not be a good e-reader. I think the main market will be ladies and people looking for a more portable tablet, not students or avid readers.

it will be exact the same resolution as new iPad... just in smaller size... its no brainer... DUDE

According to the latest rumors the iPad Mini will not be retina, it will have a 1024x768 resolution, same as the iPad 2. Dude.

We're still using an iPad which has no camera and no Retina Display and it works great. In fact, I've seen and even held one of those side-by-side iPad 2 vs. iPad 3 comparisons asking people to pick out the one with the RD and people cannot do it! It's only when you blow up the text to HUGE sizes that the pixels become apparent (or if you put your eyeball right next to the screen!).

The iPad mini definitely will not have e-ink! That's one of the most user unfriendly, reader unfriendly display technologies there is-- at least for many of us. It flashes horribly each time one turns the page--headache producing. With the LCD/LED displays--or whatever the display type is on the iPads, the page turning is smooth, fluid.

An iPad mini, with a smaller size, and non-retina, will still work great as an ebook reader, web browser, email reader, games player, etc. It will be a big hit.

i don't understand, with the cost of text books and the weight and storage burdens of them, how the iPad/kindle/whatever is not an obvious choice anyway. If apple can strong-arm publishers into a bulk rate for licensing of books, and get the prices down on the tablet, it seems only a matter of time before they become ubiquitous.

Apple needs to figure out their market audience for something like this. From what I've seen so far, everyone seems to be pushing it into a student market.

I'm a university student, studying Engineering and Science, but just because the stereotypes say we have heaps of text books doesn't make it true. In fact, I've know very few people throughout my degree who bother to purchase a text book when it isn't allowed material on an exam, and if this is the case, we'll certainly not be able to use a digital copy on an exam. This is also a market where price is paramount, and Apple likes their profit margins.

Again, with this market, Apple also needs to work out global licensing, and pricing for books. Outside of the US, text books are barely visible on the iPad. A few searches show that nothing that I've been prescribed in the last 12 months is on there. The next question to ask is, if they had been present, would they be priced competitively enough that it would be worth my purchasing digitally? So far, from what I've seen, they won't be.

I can, however, see this sold to people looking for an e-reader, who have the extra budget, as the current iPads do get recognised in this market, but people usually don't go for them, due mainly to pricing.

Whether or not you like an e-ink screen, there is no denying that it's an excellent technology for people who don't want to fell like they're reading from a screen, another factor that may work against a mini iPad, in combination with price.

Agreed. This isn't the market that Apple needs for the ipad mini...not right away.

I remember the excitement and positive feedback Apple got from their ibooks event. These are ideas that sound better on paper than in actual usage. It's good marketing to sell some ipad mini's by focusing on education and kids. It doesn't come across as another regular event focused on selling product.

I'd say they could make a killing in the games sector with the mini. The phone is too small and i imagine the pad is too big for a lot of games. Ergonomics and all that. Seven inches would put it right in PS Vita territory.

Everyone seems to "pretend to know" what the target audience for the iPad Mini is. The one thing that stands out for me reading the previous comments is that the target audience is much broader than most think.

The iPad has been hugely successful despite its high price tag. An Apple offering around the $300 threshold would only add to the bonanza. Contrary to what Steve Jobs stated a few years back about small tablets, there is clearly a niche there, and you can count on Apple to fill it.

I see it doing extremely well in education, seeing as the $500 price plus the licensing cost of books still pushes the iPad out of reach for many school authorities. Lower the price by $200, and now you're talking.

But it will also do very well with a broad variety of people: those who couldn't afford an iPad, those who want to stuff it in their purse, those who own a MacBook Air and can't justify the purchase of a 10-inch tablet, those who buy it for kids games, ... The list goes on.

It's hard to see it at a $300 price point and a reasonable storage capacity, seeing as the new iPod Touch starts at $299. It might sit at $349, but it's a pretty tight space in there.