Win free iPods touch and nano from iMore!

Win free iPods touch and nano from iMore!

We've just given away three new iPhone 5 handsets and now we want to celebrate the release of the new iPod touch and iPod nano by giving some of those away as well. They're funner(erer?) than ever, and totally renanoed, and we know you want them, so here's the deal!

We're giving away two (2) free iPod touches and three (3) iPod nanos to lucky iMore readers!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below telling us which color iPod touch or nano you want. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next Tuesday, October 23, right here on the blogs. Right in time for the next big contest!

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the iPod, any additions or accessories are the responsibility of the winners. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 5780 comments. Add yours.

Grantplace says:

Blue iPod touch! Thank you :)

Brentkd says:

Silver iPod touch please

Christ0f says:

I love the new Black & Slate iPods, especially iPod touch, but would be happy if I won any color of any iPod! Thanks, iMore!!!

renancostaalencar says:

I would like to win the red iPod touch or iPod nano! Good luck buddies!

claudiodaylac says:

Blue iPod touch, just like the one in the picture!

Coach Albino says:

Silver iPod touch OR nano. Thanks again imore!

iMike44 says:

Green to match my iPhone case and iPad Smart Cover. Please.

Danielgoldberg says:

I would like a yellow iPod nano. I am 10 years old and would love to own a great apple device. I am a big apple fan and love imore.
Daniel Goldberg

pajicleevang says:

I just started today and that I am a big fan of apple too and that I wish I can win a iPhone 4 and iPod 5 or 4 this is my only chance I love being on imore

dakodasara says:

Awesome, you guys are great for doing this!

Djn4ever says:

Product Red to help others...

pajicleevang says:

Wow me too red is my favorite color too

Godwithme says:

i would be glad if i could be one of the winners. If by any mean i win i would like a white ipod. Thanks God bless - Godwithme

Mr.A5 says:


pajicleevang says:

Wow me too but I never win anything on here

jayblazer says:

The black would be the perfect Christmas gift for my 9 year old son.. Thank you..

sbromagem says:

I love the Product Red plus it's for a good cause!

pajicleevang says:

The is my number one favorite color

The_Hungry says:

Black ipod touch/ipod nano please!

cbosdell says:

I would love a blue iPod Touch. :)

davion sales says:

I would love a blue i pod Touch :)

rimz808 says:

Blue iPod or nano would be cool! Thanks for your giveaways.

MattPoxx says:

The 'Product' red iPod would be nice :-). It would help support the fight against AIDS.

martinr80233 says:

My 5 year olds favorite color is red! So red ipod touch would be great! Thank you!

Rehartsell says:

Black baby!!! That would be phenomenal...

Kurt Wallin says:

A blue iPod would be great! Thx guys!

bjsamuel29 says:

blue iPod touch, please.

Setzer89 says:

I'd like a red ipod touch! I love that color!

johnowoss says:

I have been trying to get the wife to let me get one with no luck. So black iPod touch or nano. But preferably touch ;)

KJowers says:

Product Red Nano or the Green IPod touch . Nano is mine if I win. iPod touch is my wife's (I'm crazy about her!). Pick me! I'm begging!

custer99 says:

Hey, same as mine! Well, visa-versa.

P.S. There is no green iPod Touch :( If only there were!

Dozer78 says:

Ipod touch in Black would be nice thank you.

rtkirk says:

I'll take a red one thank you very much

niblux says:

I would lovvveeeee a red one please :) nano or touch i would be lucky to have either thank you imore

indie-android says:

I don't care what color ... it's free, I'll be happy with anything!

Prince_Basil says:

I would love the green colored iPod Touch. Please please please!!!

blyths says:

Black of course :). (Nano, if I have to choose). Please and thanks!

goudie12 says:

Black slate iPod Touch 5th generation! :)

henrymagnusrex says:

I'd love a black one. Thing is 100% sex.

stuntmonkey says:

Do want. Black looks nice for a nano or a touch!

Rasga26 says:

Can I pls get the black one? thanks in advance! In spanish: el Ipod touch color negro por favor, muchas gracias!!

iPhoneLover1 says:

Thanks for all the great posts Rene! I'de love a red iPod Touch to support the AIDS foundation in Africa! Thank you for the opportunity.

Nik007 says:

Black iPod touch or black iPod nano, you guys are the best, I've never won but I've been following from the beginning! Hopefully my luck will happen this time!!!! I'll keep trying if not

WildBill1941 says:

Black goes with everything. :)

applealgeria says:

Blue iPod touch! Thank you :)

jgabler5025 says:

"Black & Slate" iPod touch, please and thank you.

littlerocky2489 says:

Blue ipod touch please. ;-) Thanks.

Frito1224 says:

I would love a green ipod touch

Mscharosch says:

Love the new look. Would love a black IPod touch. Thanks.

Ben0rr10 says:

Blue iPod Touch, just what the daughter wanted for christmas.

tedgocal2 says:

Green, please. A nano would be fine!

beatkat says:

If I win, I would give it to my sister. she broke her 4th gen ipod touch.

south50 says:

I'd love the yellow iPod (nano or touch)!!! Thank you so much!

stephanegelinas says:

Product RED iPod Touch!
Thanks! :)

F34R says:

I'd love an "apple green" one! Thanks as always iMore!

ailpp says:

i want the blue ipod touch. blue touch
thanks in advance ;) (blue)

themoff says:

Product (RED) Please! If that's not available, then black. Hope I win!

vasaribm says:

Black touch / Yellow nano Thanks!

Psybir says:

Any device, any color but pink.

Thanks for the generosity!

not2lethal says:

Blue ipod touch all the way! Match my car.

gregg37 says:

Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen (or black or blue or yellow or clear or pink or paisley or striped or polkadotted or cloaked or covered in orange jello)

Slowhite03 says:

Black iPod or blue nano please

silverboy31 says:

Black ipod touch and red nano please !!!

mustang8918 says:

I'm all in for a Slate iPod nano.

Ryel414 says:

I want a (Product) RED iPod touch!!! I like helping others so it would be wonderful to get that one.

(If I don't win iPod touch I would like a Red iPod Nano)


aplw says:

iPod touch or nano. Nice!

pauley79 says:

Would love to have the gray/white iPod touch (next best thing to the iPhone 5).... But anything free would be great

Negaduck says:

Black please! You guys are the best.

jasonsway says:

I would love one of these! Your site is AWESOME!!! Any color would be okay by me.

t3ddigitalmedia says:

I want the blue color of the ipod touch or nano

DCMMID says:

I pod touch - Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen please

Faireyes50 says:

I would like a green iPod. I will be content with any color. T
hank you so much

Tony the Tiger says:

One black iPod touch please!

IBFastEddy says:

Silver iPods would match my greying hair, but Red would be a colorful alternative.

hanksmall says:

Green, of course.
Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

yorgo says:

Throw a black one my way please. Yes, this is for my kid. He's totally bored with his old iPod 4th gen and this will get him off my iPad. Oh, can you gift wrap it for me also? And while you're at it send a handful of nanos and maybe a shuffle too. Joking of course. Just hoping I win.


A Blue iPod Touch or Black iPod Nano would be amazing!!!!

chasnufa says:

yellow iPod touch, yay!

peterb77 says:

Blue, but any color will do.

techmusic says:

iPod Touch 5th Generation! Please! :D Any color but pink!!!

Brm5688 says:

A black iPod touch or iPod nano would be the perfect Hanukkah gift!! Thanks iMore!

haxrnick says:

Any color would be great. I'm not picky at all and they're free! Thanks iMore!

benc123 says:

I would get the blue iPod nano or iPod touch. I just wish that you could get an iPod touch with a black front and blue back!!

papaton says:

I would like black IPod touch or nano plz!

seanmercher says:

Blue/White ipod touch please

lyssa_fox says:

Red iPod Nano would be amazing. This is a great contest!


I would love to have the red iPod Touch.( that way some of the proceeds go to Fighting HIV/AIDS. A lot of my friends have relatives or are personally effected by HIV/AIDS so it's awesome that it's going to HIV/AIDS) anyways, i would love it if I won. Thanks for the offer.

JRICAN says:

military member currently deployed, would love to get my hands on one any color. thank you

Kpwarwick says:

I would really love an iPod touch please!

rvzz says:

Product Red Please :)

TheStrider says:

Black iPod Touch or a Purple Nano.

Or a Product Red of either if it's an option. :)

Ducimus says:

Blue. Or green. Or free... Free is my favourite colour.

SDBB_kick says:

Yellow please.

Thank you.

gperozich says:

If I win a

If I win a touch...yellow

Thanks! :)

jdhuttojr says:

Black Ipod Touch would be great right before Christmas.

barry144 says:

iPod Touch, the next best thing!!

ellemmiire says:

The blue one is gorgeous!

ALborntoride says:

I would LOVEEEEEE a red one please!!!

aqme93 says:

I would like to win a green iPod touch!

rockosauras says:

I came to bring the thunder. Yeah you read that right.

CMeyer2001 says:

(Product) Red please!! Great product, great cause!!

Bibojim says:

(Product) Red, looks great and supports a great cause!

Celticfrost1 says:

I would like the blue one for my son. Thank you

benz98 says:

I am happy with any ipod just let me win.. Thnks.

ksouza15 says:

I really dig apple's red products... Red and black (when the screen goes off) is always a great combo!

sdreelin says:

Need to replace an aging iPod....a touch would be sweet!

Stayce6 says:

Imore please award me with an early xmas gift, the red ipod touch :) or the green ipod nano. I adore the ipod touch, fingers crossed

slalomskie says:

Any color you wish to send me. Then I can get my i5 back from my 8 yr old daughter.

Jsnlcs says:

New iPod touch? Any color will do. Please and thank you!

thejimp says:

Sliver, please.
Looks sharp.

SaMaster14 says:

A blue iPod Touch would be awesome!

AAnimosity says:

I hope i win a red ipod touch!

profeddieb says:

I would love to win. Awesome

Pixellolis says:

Any of the two would it! In blue please.

I'm a fun of the blog for so long, actually since the beginning, and this did make me be a register user ;-)

Exynosl says:

Ouu, another giveaway, Thanks iMore!

24road says:

A blue iPod Touch wouldn't make me blue!

Bluenova1914#IM says:

Blue iPod touch please, but I wouldn't turn down a nano either. Thank you imore!

BMcBain92 says:

iPod Touch in Blue. it would be great.

ERNAU says:

The blue color look so nice, I will go for this color
Tks iMore
From @ernau

Rocco576 says:

I'd like the blue iPod Touch 5th Generation please.

walkingsad says:

blacky of course

amazing how these give aways bring hundreds of people otherwise it is only 10 people.

discotheque46 says:

I would love to have a red one!!

WhipeeDip says:

Would love the black iPod Touch/Nano. Thank you.

off95 says:

I leave comment here for you so I can win an iPod Touch...that didn't rhyme.

sandman369 says:

My son could realllly use a new iPod!

Jonsonta16 says:

A slightly less than vader black iPod nano. Please and thank you.

cdl0007 says:

I'd love a new ipod touch!

Juleehen says:

Any one of them would be cool !
Thanks for the nice contests :-)

chasemyprov1 says:

Black Nano would rock my world!

pchengye says:

i would love the ipod touch from product RED :)

pnmAndroidiOS says:

A red iPod touch would be awesome!

pootietang0429 says:

I'm a 23 year old male, and I don't care what color ipod you give me, I just want one please!

crackBerryTour says:

Silver/White iPod Touch please.

Cezar54 says:

I'll take a Blue iPod Touch, thank ya!!!

shinyaurora says:

I'd like to have the Slate/Black iPod touch! thanks iMore =)

teepeeayy says:

That cyan Touch looks awesome. I'll take 1 to go, please.

billharting says:

I like the Blue model. Thank you.

musichighc_2 says:

Hope I'm lucky this time !!!!!

jumare says:

This is so cool for people that can't buy them, because haven't launched yet on their country.
I would love a silver one. THANKS iMORE!

Julius888 says: iPod touch.

chris8sirhc says:

A Black iPod touch would be awesome !!

gte2000 says:

I'd love a red iPod Touch...or even an iPod Nano...or even an iPod get the point! :) Please and thank you!

c23rainman says:

I'd LOVE a silver iPod (touch or nano)'d be iMore-tastic!!!

trpdnabx says:

My daughter could use a pink one

as400man says:

Sign me up for Black! I need a new one to match my truck!

Appleluver23 says:

I would love to win a red nano. Thank you.

sethyC123 says:

Oh I'd love a blue iPod Touch. ^__^

lpiphone says:

Being a Huge Fan of iMore, I sure wish to win a new iPod touch ! Red or green would be awesome! Thanks a million for your Amazing podcasts, comments, editorials and reviews!

0pusX says:

Count me in, please!!

Cast3llon1 says:

Grey ipod touch ....please

spidey36 says:

Blue iPod touch would be awesome. Thanks

tamu_dr86 says:

Since I'm not getting a 5 series, then the next gen iPod touch would be nice

Littlefishchan says:

I was really hoping for a blue one! :)

heitorstifler says:

Black iPod nano. By the way, black color for both iPods if I have the same chance to win one of these two iPod models.

Bowlchamp4life says:

IPod touch white/silver please! Thanks imore!

cwiekajakub says:

green ipod please and thank you :)

madlion2 says:

silver or black for me please....thank you!!!

iombie says:

Green one would looks GREAT in my Green Hyundai Veloster!

Bcloutier says:

I'd love to have a blue or red iPod touch or iPod nano! My girlfriend's iPod touch is dying so she would get the touch, or the nano would be great for running or in the car. I'd be really happy with either!

tlimon says:

If I was lucky enough to win an iPod touch or Nano from you guys at iMore I would actually love to be surprised! I think you guys would be able to choose the best looking anyways!
-Tevin Limon

wildfirex says:

Blue... No yellow AAAAAAHHH!

Monty python references aside, seriously... Blue.

Burr510 says:

I'll take blue.
No black.
No green.
Um, I mean red.


Ok thanks!

Bandit#IM says:

Would love to get a new Nano to replace my 3rd gen "fatty".

briankeith513 says:

I'd prefer the darker grey color, thanks for the opportunity iMore!

Ultra50#WP says:

iPod touch any color is good....Thanks

mrtazdevil says:

a 'touch' of red would be nice ;-)

Jeff0575 says:

i would love to have a new BLUE iPod touch or nano. at this point in time i would love to win anything. LONG LIVE iMore.

Darlo98 says:

I like the IPod touch i dont care the color

emozdashietxp says:

ipods touch haha. anyways. i'd love one!

randomhero73 says:

Green iPod Touch or Black Nano... Thanks!! :-)

Andyjhay55 says:

Blue please, that would be great. Thank you.

fre12 says:

black ipod touch please :) or black ipod nano :)

Mortois says:

I'll take mine in black, please.

compuser says:

I like all the colors. Send one of each :)

Ozmodiar says:

I'd love a (product) Red iPod Touch!

sanjitdas26 says:

Sign me up for Red, please

FIDLAR says:

black ipod touch, please :D I'm currently an android user but I'm interested in what apple has to offer and I'm already amazed with the some of the features...just NEED TO HAVE THEM

Hobie2 says:

I,d luv one for my granddaughter

mans550 says:

Kool.. this would make very happy.. I wouldn't mind any one of them :-).

joseph9vi says:

Blue or any color ipod touch!!!!!!!!:)

azn_dude says:

I have not owned an apple products before. I saw my friends use them and I am envious, but I cannot afford one. Blue ipod touch or green ipod nano would be great, or any colors will be fine so that I can say I finally own one apple product. Thank you iMore!

flexy24k says:

I'd love to win the turquoise iPod! That's my daughters favorite color! Happy Monday! ^_^

09pmurg says:

Yes!!! A black ipod touch would be Killer

laprob says:

White iPod touch would be great or black

cdunn05#AC says:

My wife would like a purple iPod touch. I got an iPhone 5 and has an iPhone 4S. She wants an iPod so she can play her music in her car from her iPhone but she doesn't have enough room left. This would be the ultimate gift to start her holidays off right. THANKS!

rustymini says:

Blue iPod touch would be very cool. :)

Rob13 says:

Black & Slate Please, Please

LegoBoy says:

Darth Vader (Black) iPod Touch 5G please.

cc3d says:

purple is good for me