Shots of supposed iPad mini display leak

Pictures of what are supposed to be the display of the unannounced iPad mini have surfaced recently. The dimensions measure 162 mm x 124 mm, which works out to the same 4:3 aspect ratio of the full-sized iPad. According to the markings on the rear, LG is apparently the manufacturer of this particular part. The source of the pictures, ETrade Supply, also posted shots of the battery, which line up with what we had seen previously

Plenty of other rumored parts have shown up over the last few weeks, but there are few meaningful details we can glean about a finished, final product from all of these isolated parts. It's a good thing we won't have to wait long to find out what Apple's been working on. What do you guys think - does this look legit, or is it too early to tell, or even worth trying to guess? What are the odds that we'll see full Retina-grade resolution on the new iPad mini display? 

Source: ETrade Supply via MacRumors

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Shots of supposed iPad mini display leak


I think the iPad Mini is a great idea both as an apple consumer/shareholder , it's all gonna come down to price . That's million dollar question. If an ipod touch 5 is 299-399, and an ipad is 399(ipad 2)-800$ . what price range does this fit into to ? I really have a hard time believing they'll price this less than an ipod touch

I agree I see no way this is going to come in less than an iPod touch. They might discontinue the ipad 2 and add this into the $399 spot not sure what sense that would make but still. I guess there is the possibility that it might not even happen, kinda doubt it but its always possible I suppose. How do you price this and market this device, or better yet "cripple" or "hobble" it so that it doesn't canibalize your entire product line? I'm not sure about that but what I am sure about is that there will be a lot of "complaints" or criticisms once this is released. Specs, price, options etc etc.

What if the ipad mini is actually an ipad nano? And it runs the newer ios like OS that the new nano runs? Maybe only does simple web browsing, iBooks, email, and itunesU? Then I could see this device in the $2-300 dollar range and that would make sense. Seriously though who wouldn't gripe and complain about that?

I wander if the new iPad mini is going to have th same manufacturing problems as the iPhone 5. I would not be a good thing for apple to have supply problems with two products in one year.

I've been excited about an iPad Mini ever since I got an Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 is a great product but it doesn't have the build quality or polish of an Apple product. Plus I'm stuck in the Apple ecosystem so I've been looking forward to the thought of an iPad Mini but i keep hearing that its gonna be low cost and cheaply made product. I think Google and ASUS had to make the Nexus 7 low price because they had to bait consumers in but I think Apple is way past that. I think consumers trust in Apple's ability to make a quality product so it doesn't have to be $199. So I don't think Apple needs to build a budget iPad Mini. They should build the best iPad Mini they can because consumers are going to buy it because they want a smaller lighter iPad not an entry level iPad. With that being said, This is an new Apple. Steve Jobs lead Apple would have never changed to screen size of the iPhone without have a reason why it makes it better. So I wouldn't be surprised if we do get an entry level iPad