3G Rumor-mill: Vid Cap, HD Streaming, Real-Time GPS, Turn Lead to Gold!


Monday was analyst prediction day, as RBC Capital analyst Mike Abramsky and Banc of American analyst Scott Craig separately provided the following guestimates on Apple's next gen iPhone:

Abramsky predicts him some amped up CPU, more memory, and the faster 3G speeds that allow for higher def (HD?) video, voice capture, streaming HD video, real-time GPS, and other Trekkie goodness. All this would, coupled with a mid-2008 release, would let Apple blow past 10 million, and hit a potential 11 million unites sold by year end.

For his part, Craig skipped features and stuck to the money: "We believe that demand in the U.S. may have been impacted by the anticipation of a new 3G phone..." (Perhaps because of continued analyst bombardment of same?) Craig also sees a 3G handset in 2008 as necessary to complete the 10 million handset march.

Check out AppleInsider for more.

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3G Rumor-mill: Vid Cap, HD Streaming, Real-Time GPS, Turn Lead to Gold!

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