iPad mini site goes live

So, the iPad mini is a real thing now, and Apple has taken the covers off their brand new site showcasing the tinier tablet. It sure is looking good, isn't it? Just as a quick recap, here are the specs.

  • 7.9-inch 1024 x 768 display
  • Dual-core A5 processor
  • Lightning connector
  • 5 megapixel iSight camera with 1.2 megapixel Facetime camera
  • Wi-Fi and LTE models available on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon

Finding anything interesting on the new page? Pumped for the device? Who's getting one? At $329, it's hard to say no, even if you already have the latest and greatest. 

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Simon Sage

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iPad mini site goes live


$329 for US customers which currently translates to £206, however, the UK Apple store says that the iPad mini starting price is £269! How does that work?

I am so happy Apple has introduced a 7 size ipad. This fits better in my hand and purse. I have been waiting for this for so long and I am praying that I win one as well, now that would be a pretty nice gift for me!