Apple adds 'Introducing iPad mini' video to YouTube

Apple has added the iPad mini promo video that was shown during today's announcement to their official YouTube channel. In this video, Jony Ive describes the goals and design process behind the iPad mini and why 7.9" is the perfect size (and he of course says "aluminum" at some point!), Michael Tchao talks about why "mini" is great and some of the iPad mini's specs, Dan Ricco explains how to get all the same feature of the iPad into the smaller iPad mini, and more.

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Leanna Lofte

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Apple adds 'Introducing iPad mini' video to YouTube


People are still bringing this up? Steve Jobs said a lot of things. Like Apple would never make a phone. And people don't read anymore. And that no one would want video on an iPod.

Sadly Steve jobs as passed and is no longer the ceo so it was Tim cooks decision to make the iPad mini.

They wouldn't have made it unless they saw the smaller Android tablets as a threat. And with their pricing structure, they still won't wipe the Android tablets out.