Base European App Store prices rise from €0.79 to €0.89

Base European App Store prices rise from €0.79 to €0.89

According to numerous European readers, the lowest App Store price tier has just changed from €0.79 to €0.89 (to put that in rough perspective, imagine the U.S. base price going from $0.99 to $1.12). Whether that reflects updated exchange rates or other factors of doing business in Europe, including taxes and other charges, is unknown at this time.

If you're seeing higher prices in your local App Store, let us know what they are, and what the difference is.

UPDATE: Federico Viticci of MacStories has confirmed price changes in 15 countries, and a switch to local currencies in 8.

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Reader comments

Base European App Store prices rise from €0.79 to €0.89


I finally caved and logged into the App Store to buy Tweetbot for Mac and now instead of the initial price of 15.99 Euros (which is pretty much the equivalent to 19.99 US$) it's 17.99 Euros…! What the hell, Apple…?!?

Well, I see €0.89 as the lowest price on any app in the Bulgarian app store right now, while everything was at €0.79 just this afternoon. Not happy about it at all.

Same in Mexico...went from 12 pesos to 13...still about the same $0.99 as before, so...currency exchange adjustment...all price points went up so as to be in parity with the US price, in multiples of 13.