iPad 4 vs. Nexus 10: Spec shoot out

In addition to the new Nexus 4 smartphone, which we've already put up against the iPhone 5, Google and Samsung have announced the brand new Nexus 10 big boy tablet now as well. So experience vs. ecosystem, integrated vs. licenses, yadda vs. yadda, we're stacking that up against Apple's just-announced iPad 4 to get a sense of where exactly the different platforms are going, and what they're needing, hardware-wise.

And, of course, we brought the Microsoft Surface and BlackBerry Playbook along for the ride.

Check the specs up top, then hit the link below for our Mobile Nations sibling site, Android Central's, complete Nexus 10 coverage.

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Rene Ritchie

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iPad 4 vs. Nexus 10: Spec shoot out


At first blush, Microsoft's entry-level Surface tablet seems like a good value compared to the iPad and other tablets. That's because you get double the storage (32 GB versus 16 GB) for the same price as the iPad, $499. But the reason Microsoft started the Surface at 32 GB instead of 16 GB all just because its operating system, Windows RT, takes up approximately 12 GB of space.
For reference, Apple's iPad operating system takes up less than 1 GB. If Microsoft had made the entry-level Surface a 16 GB device, you'd only have about 4 GB free to play around with.

Still is hilarious that the big price differentiator between the different models of each device is probably the cheapest part.

After the "Copy Editing" article (Oct 28th, 11:08 pm) poking fun at Amazon's Kindle Fire vs iPad Mini ad, its probably a good idea to get the specs right.

Why does it say "None" for the Nexus 10, but "TBA" for the Surface under data speed, when they're both "Wi-Fi only (for now)"?

None seems harsher than TBA, and since they're "for now", not sure why they're different.

Spec shootouts are great. Thanks for that!

I'd really be interested in seeing some sort of standard bechmarks across the devices (time to display an image from internal memory, internet speed benchmarks, angry birds frames per second).

The devices are soo different in both OS and intent that I think it's hard to tell. You'd THINK the Galaxy would be the fastest. But my iPad gen1 ran rings around my brothers original Nexus pad even though his specs bested mine.

May as well change the SD card on the N10 to "never" as well, since Google hasn't included one on any Nexus device since the Nexus One, and probably won't in the future.

So it is better. I cannot believe this site just posted something that didn't bash a device that has better tech specs. Come on Applets, tell me android is gay or something. I do not know what to do if you are attempting to be professional.

I never thought that such a place could exist. For once an Apple site posted something, COMPLETELY true and un-biased, and it didn't spew crap about things that would make even a "that time of the month" girl want to slap someone. I actually have respect for these people. It's so weird to find Apple people with an actual intelligence o.O

What good is doing these? I really dont get it. When it comes to tablets, I'm NEVER leaving Google since I spent so much money in the play store. The same is true for some of those using iPads. I'll say one thing, if you are making he switch from Apple to Google, you could buy back all your apps and then some with all the money you'll be saving!