Review 1: The Future of Star Wars

Review 1: Star Wars and Disney

Earlier this week, Disney announced they were buying Lucasfilm, so we gathered Guy English, Matt Drance, Dave Wiskus, Dan Moren, and Rene Ritchie together for an emergency broadcast. Directors, cast, crew, stories, traps, heroes' journeys, timelines, themes, theatrics, dramatics, and dreams, no topic is safe when a bunch of tech nerds get their Force talk on.



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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Review 1: Star Wars and Disney


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You'd think that YOU would try this information if your buddy's mother-in-law was making so much. Odd that you'd instead choose to share the secret on a special episode Star Wars podcast comment.

Are you going to put this into the iMore iTunes feed, or is a direct download the only way to access this? I would really love to listen to this.

But seriously, this is a great move. We love George Lucas like a brother, but we're very happy that future Star Wars scripts will be written by professionals.

I think you are missing a word in your first paragraph after you talk about the 4 billion and change price tag you say "Thats roughly Disney paid for..." I don't mean to be a grammer nazi. I have to say I am kind of psyched about Disney's purchase of Star War's, maybe we will get a few decent movies to cap off the series, and the christmas special as well. It does worry me that now Disney owns no many of the various franchises that they do though.

About a year later and not a single comment about the casting of JJ Abrahms as the director of the next Star Wars film? I'm shocked.

Shocked, both that there's no comments, and shocked that Disney actually went with him. I loathe what he did to Star Trek, changing the look and feel, and inserting that Gawd awful time travel to explain his reboot.

I cringe at what he's going to do with Star Wars.