Facebook for iOS updated to version 5.1, causing issues for many

Facebook for iOS updated, causing issues for many

Facebook has just updated their app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to version 5.1 which brings with it updates to make chat easier to access, a way to add favorites to the top of your chat panel, multi-photo upload, and more. Unfortunately, many users are reporting multiple issues with the new update as well.

The update release notes are as follows -

Now it's easier to chat with your friends and share multiple photos. - Swipe left anywhere in the app to quickly see who's available and send a message - Add friends you message most to the top of your Favorites - Share multiple photos fast - Give real gifts to your friends using Facebook Gifts (US-only) - When sending messages, see who's active so you and your friends know how soon to expect a reply

While the ability to upload multiple photos at once may be cause for celebration for some Facebook users, others are wishing they wouldn't have updated at all. We've received several reports from readers claiming that after the update they were unable to log in at all or the "Recent Updates" section of the update was blank.

Some users have reported that uninstalling the app and re-installing it fixed the issue while others aren't having any luck. If you've updated Facebook for iOS to version 5.1, are you experiencing any issues? If so, let us know what issues you're having in the comments.

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Reader comments

Facebook for iOS updated to version 5.1, causing issues for many


I had the "Recent Updates not appearing" bug. It got fixed inside an hour after I did the update.

How is it people have all these different issues? If we're all running stock iOS on the latest version, wouldn't problems be more widespread?

I swear, if I have to go a day without facebook on my phone I'm switching to Android!! Do you know how many people look forward to reading my Facebook post!!!???

I hope that was sarcasm. Also, dont hold your breath on the Android FB App. It's MUCH worse then the iOS one. Hopefully they change that (I mean, 75 percent of these Smartphones are Android, and they all have access to FB. Makes sense for us to get updates with or before iOS).

I couldn't log in, I tried deleting and reinstalling, hard reset, and turning my iPad off. After turning it on and off a couple of times, I was finally able to log on.

If you really need to downgrade an app, just grab the old .ipa file out of the computer's trash (if you haven't emptied it yet) and drag it back into iTunes, replacing the newer version. But iTunes will constantly show that there's an update available which you'll have to ignore.

My Wife had major Problems and mine went fine....
We had to delete and reinstall about 5 time before she was able to log back in... I tried everything I could think of to make it work but it won't go at all... All is working now just fine and she is happy...

PS... We both have iPhone 5's

In the update you can now swipe left to go straight to a list of people who are online. With this you can't delete statuses or comments anymore because they use the same action.

Well there's another problem. As you aware, previous versions of Facebook for iPhone worked well with messages. You can either install Messenger or can activate chat in Facebook by simply clicking "chat" option. And your friends knows that you are active on Facebook via mobile coz Mobile Icon appears in front of your name in their chat lists. Now with the latest update, the mobile icon in the chat list has got disappeared. Your friends cannot see the mobile phone icon in front your name in their chat list. This is not a good news for Facebook users and this is not known to many of FB users since they don't check this with their friends.

I did it for many times. I uninstalled both messenger and Facebook. Then installed each one separately. But no change.. Problem continues. Seems this is another bug of new update. I saw one of a expert says "Install updates at least after 1 month". I think he's correct. Genius... Thanks for your support :)

I had the same problem. I force closed the app, then opened it up again and it works just fine. Without shutting off the iPad, or rebooting.

I had the same problem. Despite numerous intallations no such luck. SOLUTION (for my case that is): I went to Settings--> Facebook then re-entered my password. After that all is well. I hope this one helps as it did for me.

Not a single problem to report here. Only issue I have is wondering why Facebook wasted their time duplicating 2 of their other apps instead of adding more features that are not on any of the 3 apps. I don't want to have to access Facebook through Safari just to do something simple.

Thanks everyone... I agree with rdstryr. However non of the above mentioned methods are working with me. I did what "byronangelesmd" said. I am sorry it also not working... Seems that there are many issues to be solved...

I cannot uploaded photos without it saying upload failed, I cannot update my status because it either deletes it immediately or it says upload fail and all of my check-ins do the same thing or the local place nearby doesn't even show up. its just blank and says no places nearby... i clearly am having a lot of issues and it started last night after i updated the app...

The big problem I'm noticing with the recent Facebook update is that now there are huge gaps in the feeds for no reason. I'll see posts from the last 20 minutes and then it'll jump back to posts from hours, or even days ago. Not sure how to correct this, but it's extremely irritating because this didn't happen prior to my installing the update on Monday.

Facebook released another update (Version 5.2). Ohh... Nothing fixed. Same old format. Getting worse day by day.. I am really disappointed on Facebook app and iPhone too.. Coz when I was using Blackberry Bold 9900 I had no issues like this... It was perfect...

I need help! I have problems uploading photos to Facebook with iPhone 4S newest iOS update and the latest Facebook update. It always says "upload failure". Also using the app "camera" by Facebook gives me the same error. What's is going on?? This started happening about a week ago. I tried deleting Facebook and camera apps, resetting network. What else to do?
Thank you!

Do not worry. iPhone Facebook update makes so many problems. Follow these steps.
1. Logout from all facebook accounts. Eg. Desktop, iPhone, laptops etc.
2. Delete the Facebook app from iPhone and switch it off.
3. Then log FB using laptop or desktop pc.
4. Go to facebook "Account Settings". Go to "Security" section. Click on "Recognized Devices". Now find your iPhone and click "Remove" button to delete it from trusted devices. Click "Save Changes".
5. Go to "General" and change the password.
6. Now logout from desktop or laptop facebook app and log again to verify everything is OK.
7. Switch on the iPhone and reinstall FB app from App Store.
8. Then Login Facebook from iPhone with new password. You will ask to save the device as you have already deleted your phone from the Recognized Devices. Code generator may appear if you have already set it up. Otherwise it will not. Save your iPhone with a new name. Check now, this should work :-)

I had a massive problem with the app the small mobile icon against our name was missing on our friend's chat list. I sorted it out by logging out from FB app and switched to FB Messenger for the chat. Then google chrome to check my FB (It is similar to FB app) problem solved after 24 hours. However My advice is, never update any app once they released it. Take couple of weeks. Go online and see the reviews. Then go for the update.

I hope my answer will be helpful to you Maria. Cheers...!!!

You may have to logout first and uninstall the FB app. Try fully restore your iPhone. I know its very complicated since you have to reinstall all the apps and settings again. You can backup other apps to iTunes before restoration, except FB app / FB messenger. If this method is also unsuccessful and the app is really important to you, then use google chrome for FB and try. You can set the push notifications for chrome from iPhone settings. Or wait for the next FB update. Never update your apps once they released it. Let couple of weeks to go, check reviews and then install it. Its better stick to an old thing, rather than getting troubles with the latest.

I delete messages on laptop or desktop, but they will not be deleted from iPhone Messenger or Facebook app when I open them on my iPhone 5. Friend is having same problem on iPhone 4s.

For your issue, you can restart the phone and try. Do not forget to close all apps before restart the phone. Better if you can logout from both FB app and Messenger before restart. If not successful, logout and uninstall FB/Messenger apps. Restart the phone and re-install apps. It should work. Good luck...!!!

I recently updated Facebook app and now my pictures are 10x their previous normal size. I've tried the usual methods to shrink them to no avail. What will help correct? This is very annoying especially since I had no issues prior to this. Thanks.

I tryed to update fb but didn't work now I cant get into fb at all ! What can I do to resolve the issue have a S.E arc S and I really need to use my phone tomorrow it's v important !! Thanks x

My Facebook will never update the latest posts. I have to uninstall it and reinstall it every time I want to see updates....really sucks!

On Friday 11/8/13....a Facebook app update showed up on my iphone3 and I tried to update but the app won't download! It's Saturday now and it still won't download. I've uninstalled FB and reinstalled it and turned my phone off/on and the app still won't download!!!! I haven't been able us use FB at all!

I am not getting all the notifications that I used to get in my news feed. When I go yo a friends account I no longer have the drop down menus where you can choose "show in news feed"
On both my desktop and my ipad. Any help would be appreciated.
P.S. I no longer have a desktop only the ipad.

My chat icon has disappeared I have deleted and reinstalled the app and doesn't fix the issue. I can't even swipe to see whose online or not. Please fix now.

Recently sometime I am facing problem playing video from Facebook from my iPhone. I am using the latest version of Facebook. I tried to delete the app and reinstall it but with no improvement. Sometime it work and sometime it say unable to play video check your internet connection and try again.!!! Very strange

I did the update and now FB Messenger won't load! I can see the msgs but can't open Messenger via FB either. Any suggestions?

All of my apps that I get free coins or bonuses on for sharing on Facebook are not working. For example reflex slots you get an extra 500 coins if you let the app post once a day to your timeline. Now all I'm getting is "Facebook is not installed" yet I've got Facebook and Facebook chat both installed. It's very annoying.

I've tried uninstalling the apps but nothing has fixed the issues. Not happy one bit!!!

I've had an issue with Messenger telling me it needs updating but in the App Store when I press update the button flashes and nothing happens.
Today I stupidly decided to uninstall the app and redownload it. And of course have the same issue. I press 'get' it flashes and then nothing happens :(
If I could still message through the facebook app itself this wouldn't be as much of an issue :(