Delta: Fly like the 1 percent, compute like a chump with a free low-end MacBook Air

Delta Macbook Air Just got an e-mail from Delta, offering up a free MacBook Air if I buy a Delta Private Jets card for the low, low price of $100,000. You know, "perfect for those who prefer to travel light," Delta says. (Probably with a sherpa.)

But you've got to read the fine print, right? Here's where it really gets insulting. You just dropped 100 large on access to private planes. The least Delta could do would be to spring for the good MBA. Instead, you're stuck with 128GB of SSD space. You might be flying like the 1 percent, but you'll computing like a chump.

Phil Nickinson

Phil is a recovering print journalist, editor of Android Central, subtitles and street signs

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hurley999jb says:

Because every time I drop $100k+ I am thinking about the free sub 2k computer that I get...

angermeans says:

Nice to see a Phil Nickinson post on iMore. So I still come to AC and catch the AC Podcast and it really seems as if Phil is feeling the way I have over the past year or so about Android. Come on Phil you know you want to come to the Apple side of things you already use a Mac and an iPad whats an iPhone 5? LOL good to see your post Phil.