Apple offering select employees two week breaks to work on their own special projects

Apple is offering select employees two week breaks to work on their own special projectsApple has begun a new program which will offer certain employees time off from their normal day to day responsibilities to work on their own projects. The move is seen as very similar to a Google initiative where its employees can spend twenty percent of their time working on side projects in the hope that they may help the company in the future.

Apple's culture is getting to be a little bit more like Google, and other Silicon Valley companies, says Jessica Lessin at the Wall Street Journal. Speaking on today's News Hub video show, Lessin reports Apple started a program earlier this year called "Blue Sky" that lets employees take two weeks to work on projects outside their normal responsibilities.

While the idea is similar to Google’s it doesn’t encompass anywhere near as many employees; Apple’s "Blue Sky" approach is only available to a very small group of employees. The idea is to allow your most creative talent to express themselves outside of the normal working environment. This free time would hopefully lead to more creative thinking and hopefully lead to more innovation and better products that Apple may be able to use in the future.

Tim Cook is believed to be slowly changing Apple’s culture to be more like a typical tech company in the hope that it can keep its employees at the company for longer.

Source: Business Insider, Image: Wikipedia


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NickA says:

Love this idea. I wish where I used to work had done this, but they weren't very forward thinking. So now I work for myself 100% of the time. Anyway, most developers have something going on on the side anyway, so you may as well just give them the time to work on it.

mysnir says:

Something is wrong with this sentence: " more like a typical tech company...keep its employees at the company for longer."

aslowe says:

Is this like Google Fridays? Google employees are allowed to work on their own projects on Fridays.