So what do you think of your iPad mini? [Poll]

So what do you think of your iPad mini?

It's been just over a week now since Apple launched the iPad mini and while many of us are still waiting for our cellular iPad mini's to ship, others have had a chance to really give Apple's newest, smallest tablet a go. So what do you think?

Does the lack of Retina display bother you? Is it a deal-breaker? Do the things you do on your iPad mini make no Retina a non-issue, or a constant source of consternation? Is the smaller screen size a portability boost or a usability loss? Can you still read easily? Can you still tap easily? Does the smaller size mean you're carrying the iPad mini around a lot, in pockets or purses? Or does it just make it harder to get more serious work done?

We've given you our full iPad mini review write-up and iPad mini review podcast, and now we want to hear from you! Vote in the poll up top and tell me how you really feel in the comments below. Is the iPad mini for you, and why or why not?

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Reader comments

So what do you think of your iPad mini? [Poll]


It's funny. When I pick up my iPad2 now, I just can't handle how gargantuan it feels. It's just unbelievable that they crammed all of that down into something so small, yet so usable.

I'm not a fan of Retina, I just don't think the cost is worth the benefit. So, it is a no-brainer for me. Best iPad EVER!

Who do you know that does "serious work" on an iPad? Looks like the majority who voted in this poll aren't interested in the iPad mini.

With Photoshop touch for iPad I do a lot of graphics work for my company actually! We do a lot of detailed graphic artwork for scenery for Pixar

If you don't know how to do serious work on an iPad then you should not have one. Because for everything that needs to be done " there's an app for that" :-p

I type all my university papers on my iPad and have recently made a few songs (with vocals, not just fugging around with the tracks) in GarageBand. Not that those are particularly intensive, but I think it gets the job done very well, at least on the 9.7 inch display. I sure the same goes for the smaller one as well.

I'd love to own it but for what it is ... it's just too expensive. I've yet to buy a tablet & this was Apple's chance to win me over as a tablet customer. The thing costs ~$185 to make, yet it's still $329. It should be $229. Google, which I'm not a huge fan of, made a tablet with better resolution & only makes around $15. I might be forced to buy the Nexus 7.

My wife has always thought iPads were pointless, but the iPad mini has won her over. It's mainly the form-factor/size that she likes. Much more portable, fits in more places, is lighter, and not too small. We'll be buying one when we find one in stock.

I have owned each model of the iPad. My wife thought they were cool, but was never that excited about any of them. Until the iPad mini. I opened the box and she said "oooooh". Then I handed it to her and she was instantly in love. That's probably the biggest surprise I've had from the mini. Just how much my wife loves it. If she is any guide (and I expect she is) the iPad mini is going to be a huge hit with women.

In fact, she loved it so much she instantly claimed the iPad mini as "hers". Now I have to use the "heavy" iPad until my mini arrives in December. :(

Exactly. I'm far less concerned with retina and more concerned with the 2 year old internals. Not that it doesn't run fine now, but if I spend that much on a device I want it to be running smoothly for a few years.

It's never going to 'stop running smoothly' you know... If anything iOS upgrades make iDevices smoother! :p

You make good points. I bought an iPad 2 this year when the "new iPad" arrived, thanks to the price drop. I can't see spending close to what I paid for the iPad2 to get the same screen rez, slight camera upgrades, a lightening port that does nothing for me, and not much more. Had Apple priced it at $229 or even $249, it would've been a home run. It's just not worth it to pay nearly the same and get not much more than an iPad2 mini.

Honestly, it's not the screen that bothers me as much as the processor. I'm fine with the screen, I would have just prefered an A6 or maybe an A5 with 1GB RAM. I think that only having 512MB RAM is going to limit it's ability to upgrade to future versions of iOS more than the screen.

I love the size and I have to agree with the person who said the regular iPad seems so big - however.....for me the iPhone 5 seems so small now. Now that I have the Mini.....I only use the apps on my iPhone when I am without the Mini. Love it.

The results are interesting, but I'd love to know how many of the people who voted "Not getting it. No interest" would vote that way for any Apple product and therefore shouldn't be counted. On a similar note, discounting votes from the people who will buy anything and everything Apple would also improve the validity of the results. Too bad this kind of data cleanup isn't possible :(

For me, I'm NOT an Apple fanboy. I own an original iPad and it works fine for what I want a tablet for. I haven't seen a need to upgrade it yet. My first iPhone was the 4. I skipped the 4S and upgraded to the 5. (By the way, I also currently own two 7" Android tablets which I used as my eReader and for traveling when I needed the SD card expansion to carry lots of movies for the road.) I swore I wasn't interested in the Mini, but I became more and more curious about it so I ended up pre-ordering one to try out. I used it for a week and really liked the size and feel of it. For me, it was very portable, the non-retina display still looked very good for games, videos and eBooks, and it was plenty fast enough. I decided I was going to keep it until I saw the offer from AT&T for a $100 discount off any tablet with a 2-year commitment. I wouldn't pay an extra $130 for cellular on it when I could use my iPhone 5 as a hotspot when needed, but for an extra $30 I felt it was worth it to commit to a 2-year contract at only $10/month additional on my MobileShare plan. So I returned my WiFi Mini and now I'm waiting for the cellular Mini to hit AT&T so that I can pick one up with the discount.

Just my thoughts as a fairly impartial player in this game.

Agreed, the $100 discount on the LTE model is tempting. Tethering works, but it is a little annoying to turn it on each time, and it also eats up the iPhone battery.

My cellular one just shipped last night. Tell you in a couple of days.

...and yes, I'll upgrade it to retina when the choice is available.

I'll stick with the 4" iOS tablet version. It's got the faster chip, LTE, phone app, better camera, retina screen. Plus it's more more lighter and portable. Fits in my pocket.

So -- at this early stage in the poll, anyhow -- retina-lack seems not to be much of an issue for those who actually own one. This suggests to me that Mini sales may accelerate dramatically as word-of-mouth spreads, especially in the holiday buying season, but possibly in January as well, as gift-recipients spread word to their own circles of friends.

i bought it and love it. Size it why i bought it, travel alot and just fits everywhere. and the reason why i bought over lesser priced tablets? because its still an ipad. simple to use and quality.

I bought the iPad 3 in March. I don't really have an interest in the Mini. Not because of the lack or Retina, or the slower processor. But I like the size of a bigger tablet. For me, 9.7 inches is the perfect size. Especially when you get a little older and your vision is not what it once was. But what really surprises me is the number of people (not just on this comment thread, but in general) complain about the iPad 3 or iPad 4 being too heavy. It's a little over a pound. How weak are you people? I've read about people complaining that when reading an e-book they can't hold the iPad with one hand for very long. But really, when you're reading a hard cover book, how many of you hold that with one hand? Pretty much no one. When I read an e-book I'm usually sitting down, so I hold the iPad in my lap. I have no problem with the size or weight of the iPad 3, or the 4. And the Retina display is really quite astounding, especially when reading articles on, say, Flipboard. The text is incredibly sharp and well defined. And the colours you get on the Retina display is really something to behold.

Oh and one other thing about the Retina display. In the olden days when I'd download an iPhone app to my iPad it would be scaled to fit the bigger screen much to the detriment of the resolution. But with the retina display I can download all the iPhone apps to my iPad I want because the resolution is so much better that the edges of the images and text on the iPhone apps aren't pixelized when it's scaled up to the bigger screen.

My daughter bought the iPad Mini with her own money that she saved up. I have an iPad 3. She says she loves her Mini and uses it for school work and fun. It is a great size for kids and for travel. I looked at the screen and could see the difference, but I knew what to look for in the display. For a normal user (Non Techy), you really can't tell the difference. My wife looked at the screen and thought it looks great. If my daughter loves it, then it is fine with me.

It's exactly what it is supposed to be... a smaller iPad. I think it could use a higher resolution screen. The screen isn't "bad" but in comparison to other tablets (even other 7" tablets) the screen looks kind of dull and fuzzy by comparison.

If you think the tablet market has taken off, you haven't seen anything yet. I believe thin and light iPads will accelerate tablet adoption.

The first iPad was thin and light for its time. The iPad 2 got thinner and lighter, which was noticeable and nice. But then Retina iPad came out. It wasn't much thicker or heavier, but every time I picked it up I could feel the difference from the iPad 2. The screen was beautiful and LTE was incredibly fast, but your average joe didn't appreciate the Retina display. (Pearls before swine.)

And that was the state of the iPad until the mini. The iPad mini is incredibly thin and light, especially compared to other iPads. It's even thinner than the iPhone 5 and almost as thin as the iPod touch, a device famous for its thinness. My wife and kids will ALWAYS choose the iPad mini over the "big" iPad because it is so much lighter.

Because my wife and kids are constantly using the mini I find myself using our iPad 2 a lot, and I find that for a lot of things the larger screen is really nice! Now I want a "full size" iPad, but much thinner and lighter. It took apple a few years, but they managed to get a Retina Display into the full size iPad. I think their next major engineering challenge is to continue making it thinner and lighter. Until the 9.7 inch iPad gets close to the thinness of the current iPad mini (7.2mm) I predict the mini will outsell the regular size by a large margin.

That is what has me the most excited about the iPad right now. The current models are nothing to sneeze at, but imagine how popular a full size iPad will be when it's much thinner and lighter. And how popular the mini will be when it has a Retina Display.

If you think the iPad is popular right now, just wait until the next few iterations of it.

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