Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour teased ahead of December 6 release

Gameloft has posted a brief teaser trailer launch video just ahead of the release of its latest big name game Mordern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The trailer shows just over a minute of in game footage and it looks like Gameloft has done an excellent job bringing the latest installment to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The #1 mobile FPS is back with a new chapter to push the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour will be live on December 6th 2012 on iOS and shortly after on Android!

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour looks to take first person shooter gaming to a new level on the iPhone and iPad. Not only will you be able to undertake single player missions but multi-player gaming will be a massive part of this title too. Gameloft has even taken measures to prevent hackers cheating and gaining an unfair advantage on multi-player levels.

Gameloft has some serious competition on its hands right from the launch day tomorrow. Rockstar Games has also chosen December 6 as the release day for its 10th anniversary release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Both games will be vying for the Christmas top spot in the iTunes gaming chart; who knows which one will be the most successful. The problem for me is which one to play first when they're released tomorrow. What do you think?

Source: YouTube

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour teased ahead of December 6 release


If apple came up with some sort of dual analog iteration of a controller (or anything that works better than the touch screen really), I would be sold and could say goodbye forever to consoles and the pc. As it is, the touchscreen controls don't work in many traditional game types like fps's. They are passable enough to entertain you for a few minutes, but do not allow for any real depth to the game. The games that are really good on iOS embrace a control scheme that works for the gametype. IMHO, the current control scheme for FSP's isn't even close to there yet.

There's a duo stick controller from gameloft already available specifically designed for their fps,you can pick it up for $40 dlls.