iMore Weekly Contest winners: Ronin for iPhone 5 by Element Case and the first iOS dream device


If there's one thing iMore loves even more than iPhones and iPads (and iPods!), it's giving cool iPhone and iPad accessories and apps to our awesome readers. This week we have...

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!


You can enter this week's iOS Dream Device Giveaway here: 2012 iMore Readers Choice Awards!


Ronin for iPhone 5 by Element Case!



Congratulations everyone! Winners will be contacted via email with information on claiming their prizes. Looking for another chance to win? We always have a contest underway for something cool, so keep your eyes on the blogs for those announcements.

Michelle Haag

A nerdy little birdy and the Doctor's next companion. While I'm waiting, I do the dirty work for Mobile Nations.

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Nilesh Somani says:

I'm waiting for my winning day!!

ushertv4 says:

Congrats winners! Lol phillyboom you stole my spotlight

takiv says:

I wish for any IOS device to make my Christmas Merry and Bright !

Wlctttrue says:

Congratulations to both winners. Enjoy.

avelvethammer says:

Awesome!!! Thank you soooooo much.

ZkiZZoiD says:

Next would be me. Congratulations to the winners!

adeboest says:

Where are the other winners? i thought that imore was giving away 1 prize each week?? i have checked almost daily and have not seen any updates to this other than the 1st week's winner. Maybe i am just looking in the wrong places??
-- Let me know where to look please

bquigly says:

I was wondering this too...

shehan12 says:

Congrats to all the winners :)