1Password 4 for iOS, re-crafted from pixel to bit to keep your data conveniently secure

1Password 4 for iOS, re-written from pixel to bit to keep your data safe and more accessible than ever

Turns out you can have security and convenience. Long time users have 1Password, the password manager for iOS and Mac, have long suspected that very thing. But the latest version, 1Password 4, proves it.

I've already written extensively about 1Password 4's vault view, so if you haven't already, go read that now. All done? Good, because there's more. There's a wonderful web view that you can access with a tap of the globe icon or, more viscerally, pull open from the side. In it you can browse to any website you like, use 1Password to enter login, identity, or credit information, and go about your business. And then you can slide right back to vault view.

Given the limitations imposed by iOS, which includes no browser plugins or in-app communications beyond URL schemes, it's about the best way to maintain strong, different passwords across the web without locking yourself out of your own stuff.

Overall, 1Password 4 is simpler. It's more elegant. It's better.

And it's available now.

(Yes, it's a new app. Yes, it's universal for iPhone and iPad. Yes, if you bought the old version, you still have to buy the new version. Yes, it's on sale for 50% off at launch so everyone gets upgrade pricing. Yes, that's the only option Apple allows. Yes, I bought it immediately because I want to support great developers so they continue to make great apps. Yes, if you like 1Password, you should absolutely buy it as well.)

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1Password 4 for iOS, re-crafted from pixel to bit to keep your data conveniently secure


I'm not either. It's says not available in the US store. First I try to get the new Google Maps for iOS and it's been removed and now this? What the hell is going on with Apple and iTunes App Store?!!

App Store runs off multiple servers. Sometimes it takes a while to hit all the different ones in the content distribution network. It downloaded fine for me, but might not be everywhere yet for everyone.

Sorry about that :(

I JUST spent a fortune on this password. The NON sale price. And then THIS?!? I get that Apple doesn't have features for app upgrades, but there has to be a better way than dumping the old app and creating a new one. It's frustrating, and they could simply hide the deep charge under a simple IAP. But instead, they dump the old software, leaving it in the dust. And it's not as though the old software was great, I bought it with the talks OF the upgrade, which is a massive tick off.

In reality there isn't any good way to offer an upgrade through in IAP. The new version of the app is entirely new, and is also universal (iPhone and iPad for once price, where as before you could purchase the iPhone or iPad versions or the "Pro" version which offered both, at a higher price, but better value). The word that the old, 1Password 3 customers (like myself) would need to pay again for the new, 1Password 4 has been out for a number of weeks now, and most people (while possibly annoyed) understood it. The same version has to be distributed to those updating as well as those purchasing fo the first time, and there isn't anyway for Agile to verify that you purchased the old version through an IAP in order to offer that pricing, as far as I know.

I agree that having to pay again is annoying, and 1Password certainly isn't the cheapest app of it's kind on the App Store, but in my opinion it's one of the best. The desktop and mobile sync works beautifully and the user interface on all versions is extremely nice.

Agile is doing everyone a favour here via offering the app at a considerable discount, so existing users can jump on board at a discount, and those on the fence can take advantage as well. They're at least making an effort to help us out, which I appreciate, and is why I purchased the new version immediately.

Good question, Paul. This was addressed nearly a year ago when the paper was published:


And an update was issued within days to increase the PBKDF2 iterations among other things. The new version even has improved things even further. We will have more details about the specifics soon.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with: support@ agilebits .com
Khad Young, AgileBits

Watch out ewallet users. I just got 1password & can't import from ewallet. This is not a 1password issue, more ewallet's as they don't allow exporting to CSV.

Also the 1password windows software is shockingly slow and crashes all the time on Windows 8. use the trial before committing.

Thanks, This works !!!. However as I've setup lots of custom fields in eWallet, I'm going to have to tidy up the CSV file before importing. Not sure if its worth the effort though.

Not sure if its better. I just want to check it out, I've already noticed you can't create custom fields like in ewallet. that is quite a biggie for me.

Ok, I'm having an issue with 1P4 not being able to edit in the Saved File section. Because of this, I can't use the built-in browser to log into one of my accounts correctly.
Also, I'm not a fan of having to use the Master password every time I log-in. I understand this makes it more like the desktop version, but I like the other way better (with shorten unlock code) for the mobile.