BodyGuardz Pure offers strong protection, great glass feel

Plastic screen protectors are increasingly becoming a thing of the past, and just like how BodyGuardz went from wet to dry application on their traditional line of film-based products, they've gone from plastic to glass on their new line of Pure protectors.

With an H8+ hardness, ultra-clear, smudge-resistant finish, the coolest part is putting it on. Just line it up, pull off the covering, and then tap the middle and the adhesive spreads out like a nano-tech army, lightly but securely bonding the BodyGuardz Pure to your iPhone.

Check out the easy installation in the video above and let me know what you think, is glass the future for everyone?

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Reader comments

BodyGuardz Pure offers strong protection, great glass feel


So in other words, they just copied Spigen's excellent Glas.t. Let the competition begin and the prices fall (not holding my breath).

Maybe I am the only one, but a glass screen protector is of no appeal to me at all. I like my thin plasticine version that is easier to peel off and replace, and is cheaper and that if it scratches is less apt to show it.

Whatever the video was shot with had some pretty bad image stabilization. The BodyGuardz looks kinda cool though I might give it a look.

I use a case with a built-in screen protector. Maybe the next generation phone will come with a glass screen that won't need a screen protector.

whatever camera is being used for these interviews and demos needs to be replaced. im getting a headache from the lack of consistant focus

I think I'm going to have to get one of these glass screen protectors when my current one gives out. Glass feels so much better but the easy application looks amazing.

I'd like to see a comparison between this and the Glas.T and Glas.Tr. My first experience with glass screen protectors was pretty bad. It was a cheaper version sold in the Verizon store for like $29, and it lasted a month before something in my pocket hit the edge and cracked it from corner to corner. I then tried the Glas.Tr due to it's rounded corners that mitigated this problem a bit. I'm using it with a Spigen bumper as well, so that probably helps. Rene, are the edges on the Bodyguardz version rounded or straight? The adhesive thing was pretty cool. If my Spigen ever cracks or becomes too scratched I may try this. I'd also be interested in the "smudge" resistance versus the Spigen.