iPad mini vs. Galaxy Note 8.0 hands on!

Phil Nickinson and Alex Dobie of are on the ground at Mobile World Congress, and they've just gone hands-on with the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, a tablet that sits roughly between the iPad 4 and iPad mini in size, but boasts the Wacom-style digitizer-gone-mobile that Samsung's Note line is famous for. Since we're all one big happy Mobile Nations family, Phil and Alex also brought along their iPad mini so they could put the two competitors head-to-head.

As we’ve been saying for a while, we’re slowly becoming convinced that the 7-to-8-inch form factor represents the sweet spot for tablets. We've only spent a short time with it, but the Note 8.0 seems to be a promising entry from Samsung in this category -- though we've still yet to learn how much it'll cost. The device is due to launch internationally in Q2 in 3G, Wifi-only and 4G flavors.

So sit back, relax, grab a tasty beverage, and hit play. Then go check out all the rest of the Galaxy Note 8.0 coverage at Android Central, and tell me what you think. How does the Note 8.0 stack up to the iPad mini for you?

iPad mini vs. Galaxy Note 8 hands on!

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Reader comments

iPad mini vs. Galaxy Note 8.0 hands on!


I looked at both of these and bought the ASUS Google Nexus. It's a brilliant tablet, lightning fast, and has everything you need.

I know you're not supposed to feed the trolls, but.... The 8 inch note isn't even available yet how have you look at it?

Based solely on form factor, I'd say it's too big. I have owned full-sized iPads, a Mini, and a Nexus 7 and I say that the Mini is the largest a pad should be. Bezels are out.

I'm know you're Canadian, but seriously man, how fast do you drink? The vid is one minute and 14 seconds long. "Grab a tasty beverage"? And "sitting back" and THEN grabbing a beverage just shows that you keep a mini cooler next to couch or chair. I can get with that.

Why is no one capable of putting a camera flush aside from Apple? What's with all these slightly raised cameras? Are they just incapable of engineering a flat device?

Guess you never heard of the galaxy tab 7.7 which released over a year earlier than the iPad mini

The Note is a tenth of an inch bigger than the mini, and 1.7" smaller than the big iPad. How is that roughly in between?

No price or availability. Bah.

they both have their own pros and cons
love iOS and love multi windows, S Pen too
maybe if they are combined will be a great tablet... :D