AT&T flips the switch on LTE in seven more cities

AT&T flips the switch on LTE in seven more cities

AT&T continues the rollout of its LTE network, today adding seven more cities across the US.

  • Tunica, Mississippi
  • Athens, Tennessee
  • Lafollette, Tennessee
  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Salinas and Monterey, California
  • Lawrence, Kansas

AT&T continues its steady rollout of LTE, doing its best to catch up to Verizon. If you live in one of these cities, come on over to the iPhone 5 forums and show off your LTE speeds.

Source: AT&T, via Android Central

Joseph Keller

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There are 7 comments. Add yours.

Leanna Lofte says:

I'm from Salinas/Monterey and that flip was switched like 2 months ago! Speeds are great :)

tracym1471 says:

Speeds are good but still seem pretty spotty. Hopefully the coverage maps will catch up soon too so we can see where the coverages holes are. ....speeds are good when you can get them though!

west3man says:

Tallahassee, here. One day it was off. Next day, it was on. Weird not to have known beforehand, but very cool.

Just highlights the now extreme contrast between AT&T and Sprint speeds.

Dionte says:

They should text people a warning before turning on lte,
your data will run out quick at those speeds.

Dionte says:

Make a mistake and click download all in iTunes instead of downplay a song, good luck stopping the downloads before it chugs through 250 - 500 Meg's of data.

raymond18 says:

Didnt have 4g lte in tunica so ill try again tomorrow

raymond18 says:

Nope I guess they still haven't turn the 4g lte switch on today