CONTEST: Win an all-new Element Case Soft-Tec for your iPhone 5 or iPad mini!

CONTEST: Win an all-new Element Case Soft-Tec for your iPhone 5 or iPad mini!

Element Case has unleashed a new line of iPhone and iPad cases called Soft-Tec. Instead of hypercar racing, this time it looks like special forces gear was their inspiration. I had a chance to see the prototypes earlier this year, and they're absolutely badass. What's even more badass is that Element Case is giving away one of each, a Soft-Tec for iPhone 5 and a Soft-Tec for iPad mini.

All you have to do to enter is check out the features for each case:

Then come back here and leave a comment below telling us which one you want, iPhone 5 or iPad mini, and which feature you like best about it! We'll pick one winner for each case, and Element Case will send you your prize.

That's it! Enter now!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 445 comments. Add yours.

Mykole03 says:

Id like one of those cases. they are epic! and i can plug it into my car without taking the case off =D

Mykole03 says:

Id like one of those cases for the iphone 5. they are epic! and i can plug it into my car without taking the case off =D

loanhighknight says:

The iPhone 5 one for sure, mostly because I don't have an iPad Mini. But it's the ability to angle the thing so it sits upright is its selling feature for me.

jcb18 says:

I would like the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 - the credit card slots and lanyard make it more reasonable of case for my wife to use than the Speck SmartFlex Card Case.

Jrags5 says:

Wallet for iPhone 5 please. Please be me!

dmullinsesq says:

I would like the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5. I love the idea of the credit card slots that are available and the stylish suede that protects the screen.

Elad Abargel says:

For iPhone 5 please :)

The feature that i liked the most is:
That it Stand for adjustable viewing angle

albarghouthi says:

I'd like the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 please. As for the feature I like best: the adjustable viewing angle stand. Thanks

oddworks says:

The iPhone 5 case. The integrated stand looks pretty sweet!

WreakingHavoc says:

I checked out the features for the one for the iPhone 5 the feature that I like best is it also acts as a stand for your phone in addition to the protection that it provides.

maximilian50 says:

I would like the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 it is ideal case for a college student. Thank you!

dubie76 says:

I like the ipad mini case. I love how it wraps around the ipad mini like a glove and yet is fully functional as a protective case and stand for viewing movies!!! A++++

dheckler587 says:

Would love the iPad mini case. Love a case that doesn't take away from the tablets slim form factor!

li0nic says:

If i win, i'd like to have the one for the iPad Mini. It fits very well my thoughts about having a real cool n solid wallet for it!
Second reason for choosing it, is i travel alot around, so this is also an eye catcher as well. :) Regards

jjacobs095 says:

Would be proud to carry one for my iPhone 5. Great product!!

IceDree says:

Awesome !
The Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPad Mini is soooooo cool !!! would make an awesome gift for my kid brother !

mousebrat2006 says:

Wow! These are cool! I'll take the Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 please. And ten additional entries. Lol

hggs says:

I would love the iPhone 5 one, for my wife. The lanyard and cc holders are a nice touch.

John Wade says:

Would love either, but could really use the iPhone 5 case. I have been in need of something more protecting, with some style and that I can use in the office. Also something that can make my phone stand for those long trips. This is one of the slickest I have seen. Would be happy to review it for you if given the chance. Kind Regards!

floydstyle says:

I am interested to the ipad mini version of this case. That would be a wonderful case for my wife's ipad mini as she always wanted to be able to keep the ipad mini almost vertical while on a table. Real nice cases!

wolfman-fu says:

I still have no case for my iphone 5 since I have not found a case I would even consider until I saw this one.

djayme7 says:

ipad mini, the stand is killer

DJ G.MAC says:

Either one would be good for me, but if I HAD to choose, I guess it would be for my IPhone 5! Thanx in advance!

sshih says:

The Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 please. I like the adjustable viewing angle stand. Thanks

Bill_Johnson says:

iPad Mini.... Looks light weight and gives protection on both sides and stylish. Thanks for the chance to win one!

seadweller16600 says:

I want the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5. I like how it covers the screen and it can be used as a stand.

RainbowishABE says:

I would absolutely love the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for my iPad mini because I'm an English teacher that enjoys using technology in the class so a lot of my students use my iPad. I would feel a lot more relieved is this case would protect the most fun toy in the class.

jazzyjoesig says:

I'd love one for my iphone 5!

Enzo83 says:

Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPhone 5 because of the way it embodies the phone.

traveling2 says:

I'd love the iPhone 5 version. Looks really modern and professional while not adding much bulk.

jyoung says:

I really like the iPhone 5 case and the flip cover with the card slots for drivers license, credit cards, etc

Precious Semu says:

I would love the Soft-Tec Wallet for iPad Mini. I love the Slim, lightweight design. That would make my iPad Mini feel less bulky than with any average case.

deeptali says:

Once again Would like to try my luck here. These cases are really good. Thanks iMore.

thedoublebarrel says:

I would love the iPhone 5 wallet please. The card slots would be so handy and is such a practical feature.

beastcmg says:

iPad mini I like the Durable Tech-Grip covering and Plush synthetic suede interior

IcantCanything says:

I want the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5. ID/ credit card holder lining and it's phone stand also. Yes I want one

koolguy442 says:

I'd take a case for iPhone 5, as I don't have any sort of iPad. That kick-stand feature is kickin'!

Tim Shaw says:

Ipad Mini - Very nice looking case and looks like it would really protect the ipad. Would be great to travel with.

Smokesignals says:

What a cool case. I'll take one for my iPhone 5 please!

James Brown5 says:

I would love the iPad mini case. It has great style & would great protection.

ejz28 says:

love the wallet for the iphone 5, i'd like a case that i can keep an ID or credit card in for when i dont want to carry my wallet around. looks like a very thin/low profile case that wont be too bulky in my pocket, and it looks awesome!!

MiguelCh says:

I'd love the iPhone 5 case! Sometimes I just leave without my wallet and the card slots for my ID and credit card are so practical!

apaulo_11 says:

The iPhone 5 case - the wallet/card slots and magnetic closer? Amazing.

rsd22 says:

They both look sharp. I would prefer the iPad mini case. When I am out I like my iPad to be protected and to look nice in my hands. Moreover, the suede interior is a bonus for feel and screen protection.

topgear48 says:

I'd choose the iPhone case. Kickstandability, stylish and a lanyard, what else do you need?!

Premium1 says:

iPad mini because I can still use it without taking off the case when in car

BeyondtheTech says:

Both are fantastic and I have both devices. I'll take either!

njlovold says:

If I had a choice, I would get the Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPhone 5. My favorite features are: Slim, lightweight design and Durable Tech-Grip covering. The whole wallet concept is pretty neat.

vayda says:

I like the way the iPhone 5 case protects the screen.

wood11cr says:

I would definitely like the iPhone 5 Soft-Tech Wallet. I love the looks of this case plus the functionality and protection it offers. It seems to be an all around good case.

hostesscakes33 says:

iPhone case looks sweet. I like that it has a place to store cards eliminating the wallet. The lanyard option makes it easy to tote and find.
Looks very functional. Wanna try it out!

fish1856 says:

iphone 5 case, I really like the way it attaches and the kickstand feature.

joeyhalls says:

I'll take an iPhone 5 version. Love the feature to plugin without case removal

sortingitout says:

The cases look great. I opt for the iphone 5 Soft-Tec Wallet. Unique, Stylish, Protective, and Added utility of the Wallet. It's a fantastic accessory for my iphone 5.

Joshua Massre says:

I love that iPad mini case. I've seen one before and they feel absolutely amazing. The texture is a lot better than that faux leather you find on so many cases.

mikez00 says:

The iPad Mini Case - I like that it's made for high impact in case my daughter drops it.

neeraz369 says:

iPhone 5 case pls. Awesome design. Kickstand.

Zak8022 says:

Would love the wallet for iPhone 5. I like the integrated stand!

El Hache says:

I'll take one for the ipad mini. I like the way it folds together. Love imore!

NinjamusPrime says:

I'de love one for my iphone 5, then i could stop using my wallet and use that instead

MrDJL says:

I'd love the case for the iPhone 5, because it doubles as a place to store ID/credit cards.

weez333 says:

iPhone 5 - I like the stand for adjustable viewing angles.

sbatwater says:

I'd like that case for my iPhone 5. Actually digging both the material and color.

dnmavs41 says:

I'd LOVE the case for the iPhone5! The feature that I LOVE the most is "Stand for adjustable viewing angle!"

fidelvan says:

Definately the iphone 5 case. case looks both futuristic and hardcore. The fact that it also has a place to put your cards and could be used as a stand is an adder.

czechoslovakian7 says:

Wow, the case for iPhone 5 looks great! I've been looking for a nice wallet-like case for a while and this one is the best I've seen! I would love to wrap my iPhone and credit cards in this beautiful case!

enmanuel leon says:

Awesome case I would like the iPhone 5 case if possible. All the features are great but the best one in my opinion is the plush synthetic suede interior. This feature looks like it would give great protection to my iphone 5.other than that great case. Great job!!

LaDon08 says:

Iphone 5. I have been wanting a case that can double as a stand and I definitely couldnt go wrong with one from Element Case

MacBipes says:

I'd like to have one for my iPad mini to protect it and provide a stand.

viinsanity says:

iPad mini case for its suede interior!

chris.lenderman says:

I like the ballistic material! I was hoping Tumi would make an in iPhone case using it, but the functionality in Element's case seems to be a winner here.

jzgut9110024 says:

I like the iphone5 for my wife.

Cares says:

I'd like one to protect my new iPhone 5. I like the sleek look and the ability to carry my cards and cash with my phone.

jabon13 says:

Love to have the iPhone 5 one.

iDeadly says:

I'd like an iPhone 5 one. This case looks awesome, it's slim and I like the fact that it has a lanyard. Not many cases have the option to put a lanyard on them.

VinWin5 says:

iPhone 5. This case would be awesome to have! Being able to take my phone and my important cards with me would be ideal. Hope I win!

kennerknecht says:

I like the iPhone 5 case with the card slots.

Vic Nowoslawski says:

The iPhone 5 Case, and I like the folding design.

Chris Flowers says:

iPhone 5. Lanyard...LANYARD!! Also practical for carrying debit/credit card and ID card. But...LANYARD!!

Vox says:

I want the case for the iphone 5...the best looking wallet case I've seen! :)

James McDaniel says:

I've always wanted to try one of the wallets for my phone! that would be awesome!

bbstarr says:

I'd like to have the iPhone 5 case. I've been looking for some kind of wallet case that wasn't leather.

Julian Leo says:

Hi I really would want an ipad mini element case so my little brother finally will have a case!! Thanks!! :) :)

gammills08 says:

I want the iPhone 5 one. so awesome and sleek looking. Great protection and some simple but great features.

jldad says:

iPhone 5 case. The non-slip synthetic coating because I don't want to drop this jewel and it just looks good.

Kyle Jurassic says:

I would love to have of of these for my iPhone 5! I love that the case fully encloses the phone and that I can get rid of my wallet!

aelmore says:

iPhone 5 case. Favorite feature is the card slot; I can carry everything I need in one package and leave the wallet behind!

makya53 says:

Ready go for iPhone 5, I like pizza also.

CharlesCFD says:

I would like the Iphone 5 case, I love the slim lightweight design!

mattoaks says:

I would love the iPhone 5 case!! Thanks!!

crilund says:

IPad mini case please. Best looking case for the mini I have seen, like the suede interior and how slim it looks. Very classy.

Citadelsix says:

I'd love to have the iPhone 5 case. I tried the Twelve South Surface Pad and though it was beautiful, I can use it with my windshield mount and know I'll ruin it taking it off and on repeatedly. Having used other Element cases with my previous iPhone 4, I know this is a high quality case, it can be easily removed, and it has a cutout for the speaker so you can talk with the cover closed. Great design!

Eric6151 says:

Would enjoy a new wallet style iphone5 case!!


i like the iphone 5 because of the slots for credit cards also the color ouside looks nice

DDS0728 says:

Loving the iPhone 5 case!!!

RevJar says:

Liking the iPhone 5 wallet. Nice to have a case that has a viewing angle to it.

forsurftoo says:

Would not purchase. Overpriced. says:

iPad mini
The overall look is fantastic!

markhaley100 says:

I would love the the soft case for my iPhone 5 very elegant and stylus

nsis88 says:

def iPhone 5 for the credit card slots.

lcargile says:

BOTH!!! I would honestly be completely thrilled with either one.

TypeZero3 says:

This IS the case I've been looking for on my iphone 5. I love the two-tone colors, the wallet functionality & the fact that it has an integrated stand! Love your cases & would love to write a review on them too!

William Willever says:

I would really like the one for the iPhone 5 if I had an iPhone 5. Great looking and I really like the idea of the slots for cards. Both are sharp looking and seem to be great on protecting either device. I would be happy with either of the products.

ckillam3 says:

I especially like the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 as it would make my device look wicked cool.

davjaxn says:

I would love the one for iPad mini. The best thing about the case for me is the material it is made from. Love the slight texture clean modern look of it.

troystaylor says:

Really like the iPad mini case, especially with the Tech-Grip covering.

Nycbgall021 says:

I would like the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5. I love the idea of the credit card slots that are available and the stylish suede that protects the screen.

AD1CTV says:

iPhone 5 case please :) I love ID slots and strap. Def a phone case for the girl that likes to go out and not have to carry I purse or wallet ;)

dannyb1301 says:

WOW - obviously we all need the Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPhone 5 - at that price point it will sell out

BhamBB says:

Iphone 5 case please kind people!

chicagomatt says:

iPhone 5, please. I love the suede interior.

Kenneth Hagist says:

iPad Mini Please, the built stand would be very handy.

Jib McClary says:

iPad Mini, please. I plan to buy iPad Mini.

John Andersen1 says:

iPhone 5 Please! I like the fact that it has card slots, so its like a wallet and and iPhone case always wanted one of these. Looks like high quality material too!

abaggy says:

iPad mini case. Like the external material and look!

Hassler4 says:

I'd love the iPhone 5 version. I've been on a hunt for an iPhone wallet that was slim and functional.

ParadigmUSA says:

iPad mini case for me. I like how there is an adjustable stand. From the picture it seems to be better than the official apple cover.

bookimdanno says:

iPhone 5 case would be fantastic! Love the adjustable stand!

baloghjz says:

iPad Mini case please - I love the look/feel of fabric and protection of the polycarbonate shell.

ngc says:

IPhone 5!! Love the way it folds and use it as a stand!!!

sunhou says:

An iPad Mini one would be good. The case looks fairly thin but thick enough for some decent protection, and I like the texture of the cover.

XInateIX says:

The iPhone 5 one looks awesome! I like how it protects the screen when you're not using it in your pocket, as well as the badass look to it! It almost looks like carbon fiber.

pendragyn says:

It's about time someone came out with this style case that didn't include leather. I would prefer the iPhone 5 case.

hondaalpinestar says:

The Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 please? I like the card slots, could be useful when I do not want to carry a wallet around if I go somewhere.

cyberdon83 says:

This case is awesome looking!! High end materials, the fit and finish looks spot on (very closely resembles the Tumi case for iPad mini). I think my favorite feature that I can tell from the description is the fact that because the outer edge is rubberized, it provides enough friction against the soft suede lining to allow for an almost infinite amount of adjustability when it comes to viewing angle. That right there makes this case far superior to the couple of cases I have already purchased for my mini. I believe I would very much enjoy the iPad mini version of this awesome looking case!!

redvett says:

pick me for the iphone 5 i like the wallet design it looks compact and very clean. please pick me pick me

mohawk apple says:

iPhone 5 please, looks like a great product!
Thanks imore

asggold says:

This looks like a great case. Please add me to the entry list for the iPhone 5 case. Always nice to have the protective outside with the interior softness protecting the screen.

kidoco says:

awesome case, love to have one!!

RCruz7 says:

I've always wanted element to release a case like this! Would look great on my iPhone 5 :)

jasonprice says:

iPhone 5 please. Been eying this since it was released. Looks unique to anything else on the market.

graphiccraze4 says:

I can't decide which I would like. They are both pretty awesome! If it came down to it i would pick the case for the iPhone 5! Element cases are the best!

drewmarasco says:

I would love the elemen case for my iphone 5. I have always wanted a case that folds into a nice video stand. I love to watch Netflix on my dinner breaks at work, and this case would be the perfect companion!

phil9o says:

iphone 5 case looks fantastic! id love one of the credit card slots. can replac my wallet

csierra72 says:

Card slots and synth suede lining and a lanyard!! I'll take one for the iPhone 5 please!!!!!!!!!!

thefivetheory says:

I'd love the iPhone 5 case. I'm not usually a fan of cases, but this looks like it'd actually protect the phone without adding a ton of bulk, AND when you aren't using it as a case, it can function as a stand without a dumb kickstand piece that'll break off.

It's like Mitch Hedberg said: "I like a escalator, man, 'cause an escalator can never break. It can only become stairs."

chaoticbuddhist says:

For me, the card slots would make this a must-have. I'm in the market to replace my wallet right now and currently BookBook is my number one choice based on experiences and recommendations.
I'd love to have one of these to change my mind.

Penique says:

Love the color. Goes with my other Apple product accessories. Looks like it would protect my mini very well. Pick me!!

305mp07 says:

The iphone 5 element case looks fantastic. Put me down for one please!

henrymagnusrex says:

I'm partial to the iPhone 5 case. Would double as a wallet. And beyond that, my iphone takes much more of beating than my iPad.

josephk71 says:

I like the Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPhone 5 cause it is thin and anything made by Element Case is super high quality. Plus it is a great wallet case to boot. Hope to win.

Ronno971 says:

I like the iPhone 5 case because of the card slots and the fact that it is protected inside the case instead of out in the open like other cases.

pink2 says:

I would like the one for the iPhone 5. I like two things the best - the soft insides and the fact it doubles as a stand!! It looks like the perfect protection for this device.

MAGNUS says:

Those are really slick. My wife would love one for her mini. It's going nude at the moment.

vinc87 says:

i would like Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5. It just look amazing!

J_Skates says:

iPad mini. Adjustable stand would be a plus.

petworks97 says:

beautiful case, I would love it for my iPhone 5!

vsingh99 says:

I would like the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5. I like the ID/Currency/Card Slots feature. Very handy!!!

samsin92 says:

I'd like one of those for my iPhone 5. It's all round protection and convenience while carrying my phone around is awesome. Plus the stand of sorts it sports for watching videos is brilliant! Btw, you can reach me at my twitter: @samsin92

jdkurk says:

I'd love the iPhone 5 case! Please!!

auriculogenesis says:

I like the feature for the iPhone 5 case where there's an insert for a lanyard or any keyring accessory. Very few cases have that and I have to resort to Japanese or Korean cases for something like that. Very cool! I hope I can win one! :D

TheCrazyWolvesFan says:

I would love one of these sleek and beautiful cases to protect my iPad mini. This case if by far the best I've seen in quality, style and uses. Please may I have one?

Gene Cook says:

I'd love this --> ID/Currency/Card Slots
that's an awesome feature for a traveling sales guy!

David Underweiser says:

I love the iPhone 5 wallet case! It looks beautiful and according to Larry Greenberg's review, is one of the best cases! Love the magnetic cover!

NAMISH says:

In my opinion that looks superb overall!! The detail and the design... If I had an iPad Mini, would have looked for this cover for sure. But honestly, I'm not a big fan when it comes to flip-covers for mobiles.

Columbo_sen says:

iPad Mini! Looks great, limitless viewing angles

PhilUp says:

iPhone 5 case. I like the wrap around feature as it gives better protection for the screen.

Canaan Allen says:

iPhone 5 case. I like the credit card/Cash holders on the inside and the wrap around design.

Yell0w says:

iPad mini version please, great all around protection.

Yannick Maenhout says:

iPhone 5 Soft-Tec Wallet, the ID/Currency/Card slots are brilliant!

gonzotwins says:

The grip and the card slots do it for me! Would love the iPhone 5 case. Thanks for the opportunity.

Kathleen Charles says:

Element cases are all about protection. My old iPhone 4 has a Element Black Ops case that I love and really miss. So I'd very much like to protect my new iPhone 5 with this latest case. I take very good care of my electronics and this looks like the perfect case to protect it in style. :)

mhleung says:

Mini version. I'd like a slim case to travel around with!

cbalcom03 says:

Have to go with the ipad mini. I'm much harder on my phone but that adds character. The ipad mini on the other hand needs to stay as mint as possible since i probably wont be upgrading for another two generations.

gtprina says:

This is one of the few wallet cases that I would consider purchasing, as it looks great! I love the slim design, and really love the bright orange/red liner. It looks fantastic! If I don't win one, I may pull the trigger and buy one anyway.

Frost Forged says:

The iPhone 5 case looks amazing!

Gators625 says:

The Element Case Soft-Tec for the iPad mini is my choice! I work in education and will have my work desktop PC and my iPad mini side by side for office work and then stand would be a tremendous asset to my work! Being able to easily see the data on my iPad mini and work on a variety of files on the PC would help my work flow. Also being able to close it up and carry it with me to meetings as I walk across campus is nice. The material itself looks high quality so the added wow factor is there too. Looks like a great product all around and would help my work flow so, yes...I'd love one! Thanks guys.

bergman says:

I like the lanyard feature on the iPhone5 case

nathanislast says:

The iPhone case is sweet! Love the card slots and the stand is perfect for watching Hulu!

n8felton says:

Ooo, I like the fact that it comes with card slots. It'd be nice to leave the wallet at home! I'll take one for my iPhone 5 please!

mndbndr3d says:

Iphone 5... From the looks of it, the material seems to be high quality and I like the texture. I also like the color combination of red and black (very sleek). I also like the lanyard- hard to find a case that has lanyard attachment. Lastly, I like the Card slots on the cover.

juanc723 says:

so i own both an iphone 5 and ipad mini. i think i would like to have both to match both my idevices. but if i only get to choose one i would take the iphone 5 one. its different. i like the design. i like the fact that i could set it up in portrait mode and watch videos while i place it on a table. so yeh, good luck everyone!

Dex Devaney says:

I'd like the Iphone 5 version, and I like the fact that you can also hold your ID or credit cards in the case as well making it a lot less that you have to carry around with you.

Barrett Falter says:

I'd like the iPad mini case.

The fact it uses the magnets for the display turn on feature coupled with the soft lining back to protect the mini from scratching are great together.

thedzfamily says:

iPhone 5 case....lanyard looks pretty slick.

toddfsu says:

Very cool... I have an iPhone 5, would love this case.

Jean Szarek says:

iphone 5!! the case looks amazing love the stand option!!

twtcad says:

I5 case please and I like all of the features to be honest......but if I had to pick one it would be - Plush synthetic suede interior

TxGoatHead says:

I have an iPhone 5 and would love this Element case for the slim, lightweight design that still protects the screen and body of my device from scratches. Besides, I live in Lubbock, Texas, home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders and Lady Raiders! I bleed red and black!

Johan Gull says:

I love the way they combined the sleek design and functionality for the iPhone 5 case. The two credit card slots in the case is also an awesome feature.

Kristof Wybo says:

Oh nice, I want that iPhone case so bad. It would be awesome to be able to go out without having to take my wallet with me. Just my iPhone + wallet. It would also be a good way to hide al the dents on my iPhone 5:(

Coert Notten says:

That iPhone 5 case looks amazing :-).

Erik Carvajal says:

I love the red background, it makes the product feel open and inviting. iPhone 5 is sick!

David Peterson says:

I would opt for the iPad Mini Soft-Tec case to give to my son when he graduates from the University of Minnesota in May after paying his own way. I won't be upgrading to an iPhone 5 (or 6 or 7) anytime soon, because I am so in love with my orange/silver Element Vapor Pro case on my 4s. I don't want to give it up!

Cool Jay Cooper says:

def like the iphone 5 case.. however not sure how wallet and phone works for men!! so would liek to win and see if it can change my view on wallet cases for men.. ive only seen women use these types of cases.

Thomas_U says:

I love the overall concept, the ease and especially the lanyard and the reinforced holes that it´s fastened at!

I´d have my iPhone_5 hanging from a tree during garden work or from on a hook in the kitchen or bath.

Maybe I´ll be lucky.

pthompson913 says:

I'd love to win an iPad Mini case. I like the textured grip so I don't drop it and destroy the screen.

GLa'DOS says:

In my opinion the iPhone 5 variant is awesome, the card-slots and the standing ability are very handy!

jtatge12 says:

I would like the iPhone 5 case, it is perfect. Credit card slot and the ability to angle the screen for media is just awesome!

nino63004 says:

I would love one for my iPhone 5.

ALmusAL says:

Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 please! Thank you...

Tonylukes3 says:

Element Soft-Tec Wallet for iPhone 5 here. I'd like to carry my phone and a couple cards at night without a wallet.

noahbloom says:

I would be grateful to win the iPad Mini Case. My favorite feature is the Plush synthetic suede interior which gives it a classy look.

jjcasillas15 says:

iPhone 5 case please!! Best feature: It's an Element Case product... Had one for my 4s and absolutely love their quality.

daveeastman says:

iPad mini for me. I really like the formfactor. Minimal and fully protected but able to access everything you need. Thanks!

stevenlue says:

I like the iPad Mini case. The adjustable viewing angles would be a nice upgrade from the Apple Smart Cover.

fakiesk8r333 says:

Would really like the iphone 5 case, the red matches my ipad 4 case and the kick stand is exactly what i need for watching videos while working on homework :)

polygonwindow says:

A snickers.

An apple.

An upturned bowl.

A packet of crisps.

Cleverly folded socks.

Whilst these objects try VERY hard to participate in holding up my phone for FaceTime'n...

It is time this nonsense ends.

Now I see a Tech Grip™, stable, folding and tilting FaceTime'n magical wondrous wallet case!

Removing current case in anticipation ;)

No seriously. I need this case! Please help me!

rufflugz says:

I'd like one please. Best features I think: card slots and adjustable viewable angle

rulzdaniel says:

iPhone 5 case please! Thank you guys ever so much :)

Keep it up.

scotwharton says:

I have to say I like the outside texture (the Tech Grip) for the iPhone 5

Irishguy798 says:

the Iphone 5 would be fanstasic...

rozinagul says:

They both look amazing but an iPhone case would just make my day!!!!!

racerdude55 says:

IPHONE 5 omg its beautiful *_*

Robert_021 says:

First of all I have an iPhone 5 16Gb and I am a maniac with the care and manteinance of my phone, the phone has with me about a month and is super clean, I never drop it, or I did a minimal scratch. The "Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPhone 5" have slots to put into credit card or ID, that is what I love of the case, of course the capacity of stand it's another feature very helpful, the design it's very beautiful.

dnalevelc says:

I love the all around protection and easy access to the iPhone5.

luckyfingers88 says:

Please guys iphone five pleaseeeeeeeee...

jamesdpearson says:

I'd love a Soft-Tec Wallet for my iPhone because the difficulty of finding a good quality cases for left-handed users is too damn high! I've yet to find one that fits the bill properly but I am actively looking as I really do want to protect my 5 from getting any more 'dings' on it than it already has. :( But seriously, this case looks really great for all sorts of reasons, including the slots for a couple of credit cards in there too. :)

andrew202 says:

I would love this case for my iPhone 5. My favorite features are pretty much everything about this case. It is a wallet case which is useful, it has a great design to it, and it has a built-in kickstand from folding it. I would get this case either way and I haven't seen a great wallet case like this one before with an attractive design to it.

spektakle says:

I really like the credit card slots so I wouldn't always have to carry around my wallet with iphone. So I'd take the case for the iphone 5. Thanks

Iulian Cristea says:

I'd like the Soft-Tec Wallet for iPhone, because it features a Durable Tech-Grip covering and it has a nice, lightweight design.

idelgado007 says:

Soft-Tec Wallet for iPhone 5 is awesome. Love the foldable stand that it includes. Like a 3 in 1 case.

bachc1987 says:

I love the iPhone 5 case. My favorite feature has to be the quality and styling of the case of the case. The materials look top notch and attention to detail is very obvious. The compliment I'd be sure to get would make this an even better case. Love all the products.

VicDiMoneJr says:

I want the iPhone5 case! The ID/card slots and lanyard will come in handy!

cmrecinos says:

Wow that is exactly what I have been looking for, a High Tech wallet case for my iPhone 5. I love the synthetic cover is so techy and the inside red suede is outstanding, it will look so good with the slate of my iphone 5. Thanks.....

BG89 says:

The ipad mini one for me please. It'll look good on the blue mini which I'm getting from you "imore". :)

dbarnett says:

I need one for my iPhone 5, please! It's beautiful and the kickstand feature is great.

RoxanneIsNumber1 says:

i would love the iphone 5 case

ddsmyers says:

I could really use an iPhone 5 case. The wallet function looks awesome.

metllicamilitia says:

iPhone 5 version, favorite feature is probably the stand, love the way it's done.

elderwin says:

iPhone 5 case simply because: "Durable Tech-Grip covering" that looks awesome!

Trappiste says:

iPhone 5 version: Design. Looks wearable and original.

SciTeach3 says:

The iPhone 5 case rocks!!! It looks like a great, safe way to carry around the phone but then it also opens up to be its own stand to prop the phone up so there is no reason to ever take it out of the case. Looks like a great product.

unvme says:

Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPhone 5 - that thing looks awesome!

NotHomer says:

I like the fact that it is so slim. The lanyard is a nice plus too.

NotHomer says:

The iPhone 5 works for me. Slime and the Lanyard is a plus

greentj says:

Love, love, love this case, in both looks and functionallity.

Ventus221 says:

I would love a new case for my min i :D

mmartinet says:

The iPhone 5 case looks well designed and I would have it. The slots to hold ID/Credit card are nice. I could throw my Drivers License and a credit card in the case, run out to go for a bike ride and stick just one thing in my rear jersey pocket. Simple, clean and nice.

thekrayze says:

i would choose for iphone5. I like the colors and the way it acts as a kickstand in a way.

tannera54 says:

Ipad Mini Fo SHow--- SHibby

SpacePsych says:

iPhone 5 and to Actually protect my phone so I won't shatter my screen again!

tristumb says:

iPad mini please, looks like a nice fit and material.

sgillila777 says:

iPhone 5. The ability to use it as a stand is a nice feature. Something I can't really do with my Pad&Quill case (also very nice).

garamer says:

iPad Mini.
for the simplistic design, the stand for adjustable viewing angle, easy access to buttons and jacks and the camera lens opening

btitus says:

Can a brotha finally win one of the contests?!!! Iphone 5

maccauk says:

hi id like the iphone 5 case,im using a snugg pouch type case at the moment which i like,but this
case looks sexy

phreddyl says:

ipad mini case please- the case is really cool looking and doesn't seem to add much bulk to the mini.

Pablo Gomez1 says:

Ipad mini of the cooler cases i saw until now

TheBladeOfGrass says:

The iPad mini please. I like the suede interior.

g_diddy says:

iPad mini! Adjustable viewing angle-yes!

Alex Pigeon says:

I'd love an iPhone 5 version of this case :D