Spotify for iPhone and iPad updated with new interface

Spotify for iPhone and iPad updated with new interface

Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has updated its iPhone and iPad with a brand new interface. Now you can navigate around the app with a new sidebar, always see what you're listening to from the Now Playing bar along the bottom of every screen, and a new Track menu.

This update to Spotify also fixed a few issues including the "track only available online" bug, the lock screen no longer displays the incorrect track, and shuffle now turns off after you've used "Shuffle Play" on an album or playlist.

A basic ad-supported account with Spotify is completely free and an ad-free subscription is $4.99/month. A premium account with Spotify allows you to download and listen to music offline and will run you $9.99/month.

Spotify users, what do you think of the new update?

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Reader comments

Spotify for iPhone and iPad updated with new interface


Can you use Spotify ad-supported for free on the iPhone nowadays? It used to not work on the iPhone at all unless you paid for a premium account (which i then subscribed to).

No, and the author should have been clearer considering the post is talking about an iOS update. You need to pay $9.99 to listen on mobile devices and computers, otherwise you are limited to 4.99 computer only no ads, or computer only ad supported for free.

Not completely true... even on a free account, you can use the radio function (think Pandora) that will sync with your computer radio "stations."

My mistake then, the websites graphic for free service only shows and describes it being a computer only feature. Maybe spotify should be clearer then..haha.. Sorry leanna.