iPhone SDK: Take 2


Literally every source on the interwebs is reporting that Apple has just released Beta 2 of their universe-denting SDK (Software Developers Kit). This new version now sports a working Interface Builder and an update to Xcode 3.1.

Warm up your downloads then get yourself a tasty beverage, because at 1.4GB and with $100 million on the line, even Apple's servers may take a little while getting it to you!

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iPhone SDK: Take 2


I may be a glutton for punishment, but I actually prefer coding the hard way (without interface builder) for iphone Well, I think I do. Haven't tried it with IB yet.

THey definitely changed some things. Both of my programs no longer compiled. In fact, if you start a new project using at least one of the three templates, it won't compile. They changed toolbars to "tabbars" (and changed the way they render and some of their properties), and changed the UITouch locationInView method to require a reference view. Was able to get things running again, but one of the two programs now looks funny - I'll need new toolbar graphics or something.
Also, the on-line documentation seems not to match the headers now. Looks to me like there are enough changes that development is going to be a bit of a pain for awhile.