Last chance! Comment to win a FREE iPhone!

iMore app contest! Comment away for your chance to win a FREE iPhone!

Leave great comments during the month of March and you're entered to win a free iPhone!

Like we announced at the beginning of the month, the iMore 2.0 app is here! That's right, in 2013, iMore re-revolutionized our app, and we're thrilled to finally get it into the App Store and onto your iPhones! And it wouldn't be Mobile Nations if we didn't celebrate with a contest. So... We're giving away an iPhone!


Here's how!

How to enter!

  1. Download the free iMore app from the App Store - iTunes link
  2. Leave a comment on this post (or the original post, either is fine!) telling us you want to enter
  3. Start leaving high quality comments on all the other articles that interest you

How we'll choose the winner!

  1. We'll randomly pick an entrant from the comments on this post or the original post).
  2. We'll check their iMore profile to see how often and how well they commented this month.
  3. If they're awesome, with tons of high quality comments, they'll win a free iPhone (technically a $500 App Store gift certificate).

Why Step 3? It removes spammers, trolls, litterbugs, and people who simply post "FIRST! ZOMG I WANNA WIN" on every article from the mix, clearing the skies for awesome community members like you!

Contest ends March 31, 2013 at 11:59pm PT, and our usual rules apply.

So start commenting!!

That's it, that's all! Get the new iMore app, comment often, and comment well, and you're entered to win a FREE iPhone!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Last chance! Comment to win a FREE iPhone!



Hahahah. Yeah, I was thinking that myself, too. We'll see. Contest has been over for a few days and still no winner has been announced yet. I still have hope.

An iPhone would be excellent! Also, you mean $500 Apple Store gift certificate, not App Store gift certificate... That wouldn't get anyone an iPhone. :p

The way you guys run this web site and all is amazing. This is the first web site I check everyday! Keep up the phenomenal job.

It will be nice to win a card!!! This my first contest... I do listen to Rene every Monday while a drive at work... Good job keep the good work!!!

I do consider Iphone have great things, and to wait for something unexpected can be great, perhaps I can win and iphone after I had to return my iphone 5 because signal issues, I for sure can have a great second chance for it

I have had other apps apple news app installed on my phone and I have to say that this is the only one I use now. The funny thing about it was that I found out about this app accidentally while searching the web for entertaining articles related to Apple and others. As soon as I downloaded the app I was amazed by the app layout and the fact that I could listen and watch podcast within the app. I'm on this app couple of times a day everyday. Really cool looking interface and clean. Hope you guys keep improving. Win or loose this is still an amazing app.

I would love to upgrade my iPhone via your contest. Thanks! Plus, I just love the site and Mr. Ritchie's input on MacBreak Weekly.

My goal is to teach my mom how to use an iPhone! She is turning 57 soon. I would absolutely love to surprise her with one so we can iMessage each other! She said it looks over whelming me help my mom jump on the Apple iPhone train! :)

I'm glad to see Apple fixed the security of the password reset. Might give Samsung something to point out as a Apple flaw since they are gaining on Apple.

I have been visiting this site since last year; I really appreciate all the hard work and attention put into writing each articles by the editors here. I'd love to participate in this contest :)

Since I currently have a White iPhone 5, I would love to have a Black one as well. I have been following this site since inception and have not been disappointed at all with its content! Thanks for a great app!!!

I have to admit, I'm excited by the idea of a curated commenter community. The gift card incentive doesn't hurt either.

hi there i'm from poland and i love your site...i always recommend this site in my country[ my enlglish is bad sorry]
iMore i love u :]

Love apple to the core! Ipod....Computer....Dream of a tree loaded with beloved apple iphones and one would fall just for me.

Use the app everyday. A lot better then trying to use the mobile web version. By the way, an iPhone would be an added bonus.

Just got the BlackBerry Z10, with a contract no way of getting out. Should of got the iphone 5 . Please let me win

Well, i always participated on staff on
Imore and i never win, so i really hope i can win this time, thanks guys you are the best

I'm actually leaving a comment in-app. I actually like it, interface is nice, article page is great and the navigation is pretty well laid out

Not only does iMore give us intelligent stuff to read everyday they're also super generous with the giveaways. #kissingbutt #alsotrue

Wow you guys are awesome with these contests. Keep up the great work guys. iMore definitely takes the case as the best iOS site out there.

Just heard about the iMore app on Thursday's episode of Mac Break Weekly. So far its the first thing I check in the morning and also started listening to the podcasts as well. Want to say thank you for the awesome job.

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue.
iMore is great
even better now Two.
You've given us so much, over the years,
but a new iPhone would be so awesome to my ears.

Need iPhone 5 more storage. So getting this one would upgrade me to 64 GB one. Will give my 16 GB to my sis. :)

The best thing about you site is you have great give aways, and you have great content, and lastly you are on MacBreak Weekly!

This would be awesome. I have entered about every iMore giveaway, except photo competitions, and I would give this to my wife.

I know that everyone is going to think this is crap, but it isn't. I also know it doesn't have anything to do with this video, but I don't have any other idea on how to notify people about this website. It's called FreebieJeebies (yeah, I know, but if you look it up you'll see that it's legit) and you can basically get any free item you want (phones, etc). If you follow the link, you can sign up and also help me out by giving me a referral. Thanks! apple.freebiejeebies.c­

I commented on the original, and this, and all others I actually had product or opinions to speak to. Good luck to me. Thanks in advance.

Enter me. So glad i found this app. So many things i had no clue my phone did. This app is so helpful, from learning how to take screen shots to anything else you wana know, this app tells you

Ahhhh what the heck. Websites like this are only made even better by a great community to support the forums and comments. It's about time I started contributing more anyway. I read this site often enough.

And yes, I'd love to win :P

I sure hope this post works, been having trouble posting to this site. I would love to have the new Iphone 5. also win or lose this is the best site for Iphone info. Plus many other article"s
beats out Apple Insider & Cult of Mac for info. Keep up the great work.

iPhone5-The best iPhone launched by Apple. With LTE the fastest network connection and improved 8mp camera. Great quality apps from iTunes. Exclusive video calling with iOS and iMessage. Great Siri command and fast processor. What more could ypu ask for?

Well Normally i comment on things on crackberry, but i've been considering switching one of my lines over to an iPhone, and well this might be a perfect way to get me to switch. Ive found tons of valuable resources on here for other iPhone users in the family, Maybe i'll be next?

I could use a new iPhone. Thanks guys. Haven't been too active lately but I always read the articles and listen to the podcasts. iMore rules! Wish I had some writing skills, I'd love to work for the best iOS apple product news site in the webiverse.

It would be great to win an iPhone. I've been wanting to get one for my brother so we can communicate from long distance.

I really need to win my dog ate my phone really need a new one my dog eats everything he chews my $300 shoes he chews off his leash and he chews out of his mettle cenaile he can eat anything!!!!!! OMG he can eat me lololol just kidding he would not eat me he's a gentle giant

I would like to win the iphone . But i never win hopefully I win cause so me and dad could talk and see each other . He can't afford a iphone

Free iPhone!!!! Yay!!!!
Kinda surprised about your other article touting Rush Limbaugh... Lol I guess a reader is a reader...

Btw... If you try to leave a comment with emoji in it with the imore app, it will give you an error message.

I give you a ton of crap Rene, but you guys do provide a good service with App reviews and how-to's. Keep it up and I'll keep pushing you guys to be better ;P

iMore is the site I go to for apple tech news, I'm so happy they're are giving an iPhone away! I need a new phone will definitely be a great way to look more of iMore.

I would love to have an iPhone. I started on a Blackberry then to Android and now I'd love to have an iPhone 5.

I would love a iPhone , I don't even have a smartphone , just an old fashion flip phone , a upgrade would be wonderful.

Apple is all about doing new innovations. Iphone is not just a device it's a Revolution.
Iphone is what we all love to use, and imore is making us love iphones even more..:-)

"you want to enter". I technically want to enter, but I thought I would type exactly what you asked for in case this was some strange mind game contest.

All I can say is that I really need to win this phone. I am fresh out of high quality comments.
So, please give me a chance to return to the mother ship of IOS.

Imore is just amazing, it's bringing a new revolution in the iphone world, as well as motivating individuals towards apple products. Imore would be surely moving ahead and get a great success by starting such a mindblowing contest...:D

Posting this from my Nexus 4, but I am very interested in other competitive devices. Android and iOS are both very distinct platforms but as a consumer, I always win and wouldnt mind exploring both options.

Thanks for another great contest. I like the third rule for this one! I read your blog daily...will definitely be commenting more now that I know I stand a real chance to win

Wife's been begging me for iphone for years, hope to come through for her. Women love the small form factor and one handed typing. I found it very interesting that on a recent iMore poll, most people still text two-handed in most cases. I thought that seemed very weird on such a small phone for the most part.

My kid just got his second AppleCare+ replacement on his iPhone 4s. I'm sure he's going to break it again any day now so I could use this for when that inevitably happens.

I just came back from the Note 2. Now I need another iPhone to get my wife over from the dark-side!

This is the app that I must visit everyday (multiple times), to see the newest updates in the world of technology...mostly for apple stuff
This site is so useful that I told my dad about it and it became his daily routine to check on this app too! Thanks iMore for all the help and info provided :)

Just downloaded the app to my IPad, don't have a iphone that's why I need to win this one. :-) wish the app was optimized for my iPad though, I guess it will look good on the new iPhone. ;-)

imore has really become my to go website for all things Apple. Just registered as a user and I'm looking forward on sharing thoughts with the rest of the community. Great job guys. Keep it up.

I would love to win a new Iphone! Always enjoy Imore, source of great information, news, and trivia like behind the scenes of Apple Store employees.

I would love to win the iPhone 5 but beside the iPhone 5, I love this site cause it keep me posted on what going on in the apple world.

I want to win! Unfortunately I've been unable to comment this far since my only Internet access is through my iPhone and I use this app to comment. Updated recently, so I hope this comment goes through!

My name is Burak and I'm in high school in San Antonio.I was surfing on this site then I saw the post "Last chance to win an iPhone and I created an account to comment.For a long time, I have been watching the reviews over couple months about iPhone 5 and going to apple store to look at the phone but It does not change anything because my family cannot afford to buy one for me.Hopefully,you guys are my chance to have one and in that way I will be able to develop more apps and follow "imore" news from the app.If I don't win, that's okay because I always say to myself "everything happens for a reason" but If I do, you guys will be an enormous inspiration in my life.

iMore gave me more chance to get to Apple more than just products, official announced news, and a brand which kind of matters, iMore really provides a lot of information that I couldn't know from any where else which is one of the reasons I love to follow nearly every update of iMore about Apple since I am personally a super Apple fan. Hope you guys could do better and better!

I really love this app and its sooo informative it helped me with my ipod's jailbreaking by explaining it so simply to me which was greatly appreciated

Here's hoping I finally win something. If not, I'll just have to keep on enjoying and commenting on this awesome site. :)

hope I win! This is my go-to source for apple news and love that y'all reward your faithful community, hopefully I'll get lucky sometime with one of your awesome giveaways! Thanks!

I never knew about this contest , i really want an iPhone in my pocket to show my friends how great and wonderful discovery had been discover by Apple but i never hold any Iphone in my hand ever i wish i could win this.

Well, I commented on the original post, but one more comment couldn't hurt! So count me in on the contest!! I'd love to win an iPhone!

I just downloaded the app. I usually like getting my news all in one place like Flipboard, but I like the feedback feature and being the best rumor site around, I like getting that news faster.

Not eligible for my upgrade for a while. iMore is my go to spot for all my news and info for my iPhone, iPad mini, and Apple TV. And hopefully my Mac Mini in the near future